The 10-bit new red in 2021, and some accounts were sealed for 630. Some people became a prisoner.


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In 2021, it can be said that it is a big day of the entertainment circle. As a star continues to pull down the bottom line of the industry, the relevant departments have been going to horses, and the traffic stars, rice culture, mother P culture, sink artists, etc.

At the same time, the network red circle in recent years, the relevant departments have also shot, put forward the plenty of entertainment of the low-key network red and no bottom line trial.

Many net red stepped on this red line, outside of this, even there is a road to illegal crimes.


Today, let’s talk about 10 net red, which is dead in January this year, they have a population of people, some accounts have been banned, some people become prisoners, and they are not worthy of sympathy.

I hope that the net red is a net red of the correct value of the net red.

01. Shen Wai

Shen Xiao was born in 1998. Before becoming a net red, she is an actor, but it is a avatar or l.

Shen Yilong entered the executive industry to do L, she served as a Golden Lock, Yin Tao, Li Liya, Xu Qing, Zhao Liying, Yang Mi, Huo Si, Xiao Song Jia, Xu Dongdong, Zhong Chuyi and other actresses.

However, because I can’t look for the face, there is not much to make money, and Shen Xiaoyu embarrassment is not returned.


She imitates foreign R-class films, and the self-directed self-showing a lot of “large-scale” films, the most famous plot is her love past and the 73-year-old uncle.

In addition, in 2019, Shen Yilong also “self-directed self -formation” has been speculached by the infringed drama, eventually detained 25 days by Shanghai police.

After coming out, Shen Wong has issued a message on social account: I don’t dare to hang a circle of friends again. In 25 days of detaine, I deeply reflect on myself, the network is not a way, nothing can come out public I will pay attention after I will pay attention.

However, she did not repent.

She continues to guide the self-playing large-scale film and sell it to netizens with a price of tens of dollars. She also broadcasts a live broadcast in a video platform, as long as “fans” can pay, she can do L chat and L shoot with “fans” point.

In this way, she accumulated 100,000 fans. However, after 100,000 fans, because of some reasons, her account was banned.

To this end, Shen Yilong also said that it is said that the account is sealed, she is very emotional, but also said that she is suspected to suffer from depression.

Just what is done in Shen Qi, is it just the end of the title?



In June this year, a courier company reported the case to the Jinan City Public Security Organs, said there is a net red female anchor and counterfeit courier to shoot indecent videos in a hotel and spread on the Internet, causing serious damage to the corporate image.


In the end, the public security organs passed the technical investigation, confirming that the net red female anchor is Shen Yilong.

The French network is restored, and it is not leaking. 12 people in Shen Yilong and related personnel were arrested.


According to the news currently reported, Shen Yilong sells obscene items in the income of RMB 160,000, L chat, about more than 200,000 yuan.

Have to say, Shen Yun successfully killed himself.

I have a lot of ways to make a living, and she has chosen means of illegal means.

She is 23 years old to go to the end of today, not worthy.

02. Clear party girl

The party sisters of the wit, is a well-known US Makeup UP Lord, and has become a hundred large UP main and fans nearly 7 million for three consecutive years.

As a large UP master with nearly 7 million fans, the party girl of witty is full. She also boarded this year’s CCTV Network Spring Festival Evening, with Wang Bingbing, Yang Chao Yue and others have cooperated.

However, in July this year, witty party sisters will die.

On July 2, the witty party girl released a video on the account, and one of the video was in the door of the Lolita skirt in the door of the Lushun Museum.

As the video is on the line, the behavior of witty party sisters quickly caught the hot discussion. After all, as long as people who have a little bit historical knowledge know that the Japanese army is in the Massacre, it is an unforgettable national pain and humiliation.


The canned party girl is at the door of the Lushun Museum, wearing a Japanese-style dress, jumping in Japan’s second dollar culture.


Her behavior caused netizens’ discomfort and anger.

I know that I have a witty party girl, and I will have released two apologies. She said that she is deeply guilty and sorry because of her ignorance.


However, for her apology, many netizens do not buy. Some netizens said that the history of the Sushima massacre, there is a junior high school history book, how can she not know. There are also netizens who say that the university in the party girls of witty will arrange students to go to the Lushun Museum to make social practice, so questioning the party sisters of wit witty don’t know this history.


In addition, netizens questioned her, she deleted comments to pull black, which made a lot of netizens more questioning her apology.

So, is the hardcore party girl really lost? Xinhuanet published this incident:

1. The Lushun Museum carries the ethnic pain and humiliation of the bones, and is never the tool of the net red eyeball. It must not be joked.

2. This kind of thing is not the first time, this phenomenon must be attached and thought.

3. Net red apologies said that he is ignorant, whether it is really ignorant, or I want to use ignorance, I hope that such a thing will not happen again.


Have to say, witty’s party girl lacking the fear of history, she touched the bottom line that the least touch.

In the end, the party girl of wit “pays a price for his own behavior.


On August 5, 2021, witty party girl deleted the entire network account, all the video, officially returned.

All this is to take care of it.

03. Tie Mountain

Tie Mountain is red and red by red pole.


According to his self-reporting at live broadcast, he was born in a rural family in Binzhou, Shandong, 8 years old, has passed the class in the factory, and has done some small traders.

Before becoming a big net red, he took some soil segments in the quick hand, but there was no response.

He ushered in the turn until he turned to the trick.


In June of this year, he and the net red anchor “Tiantin” Lien. In the process of Lai Mai, “Tiantin” self-introduction said “I am Tong Tian Bin, why?”


Tie Mountain did not reply, directly said: “I am tender”, I hanged the wheat.

Subsequently, Tienshan rely on “I am a tender”, “两” and other sharp words, to insult others’s special style, rising 12 million in three months, becoming a big head Net red.

He also has a fan, and the fans claim to be “rely on Jiajun.”


However, there is a fan, a famous, Tie Mountain still chooses to walk the old road, no active transformation, still keep the style of others.

This style does not have a fans without a fan, there is a lot of affected. But he became a big net red of 10 million fans, will have a very bad impact.

Unfortunately, Tienshan does not know.

In the end, he paid a heavy price for this, and his account was banned.

Tienshan is one of the fastest-level nets red.


Tienshan is sealed, causing “relying on home army” and some netizens dissatisfaction. To this end, in September 7, the official special description of the blind-rooted Tie Mountain was released.

The official revealed that Tienshan has a long-term existence of local dialects in a long time, with a vulgar content, malicious opinion, etc. Interrupt and above penalties 102 times.

John, officially mentioned that the fan group of Tienshan rely on mutual torn, control evaluation and other malformed “rice culture” phenomenon, which has caused great adverse effects on the network ecological environment.

According to the relevant regulations, the hanging is permanently banned against Tienshan.

Have to say that Tienshan relies on such an ending. He does not understand that the greater the traffic, the greater the sense of responsibility.

04. Teacher Guo

Teacher Guo was a top traffic anchor in “selling ugly earthquany anchors”.


She was originally known for Guo Wei, born in Zhangzhou, Hebei in 1994.

Before becoming a net red, she is just a general rural woman, but the contact live has changed her life.


Before January 12, 2020, she was a constant aquent anchor. She has tried the anchor of the live daily life, and she has done a funny play.

During this time, her account is suspected of involving pornography, but also being banned.

Teacher Guo can be famous, but also in a certain UP master “former friend”. “The past friends” carefully edit the video of Guo, and named “Guo Teacher’s ghosts: gathered to learn to learn.”

After the video is released, the fire also allows Guo to come out. Since then, her account fans have risen, and a single platform fans reach more than 7 million, and the “Mane Hotel”, “Jimei”, “Jessora”, etc., has also become a network pop.

After huge traffic, Guo Teacher who tasted the sweetness was getting farther away on the road of “selling ugly”.


She will carry out the nose, smell, and fart. When he losed Mai with other anchors, she would ask the other party to turn off the beauty, not only the other party, but also call himself to go to the other live broadcast.

For female stars, she doesn’t “let go”, when live broadcast, she is blunt to let Zhao Lyn will give her feet.


For male stars, she is not positive again. When Luo Zhixiang was in the case of a girlfriend, when the private life was disappointed by the netizens, she said that Luo Zhixiang did not do something wrong.


Mr. Guo, this series of vulgar, without a lower limit, so that she is controversial.

However, she doesn’t care. Instead, she has harvested a lot of traffic because of this kind of behavior, and some netizens have already earned tens of millions.


For a rural woman, this is simply a change in the sky.

Just Guo Teacher’s way of making money by “selling ugly”, walking on September 2nd.

This day, she was sealed.

On this day, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television issued the “Notice of the General Office of the State Administration of Radio and Television on further strengthening the literary program and its personnel management”, which mentioned that the vulgar net red, boycotted no bottom line trial.

Undoubtedly, from the ways of Mr. Guo, she is a vulgar net red. Her account is blocked, it is completely self-take, and it is not worthy of sympathy.

After Guo, Teacher Guo was sealed, and some netizens had always bid farewell to Guo’s pollution, and the network environment finally became a fresh.

05. Guizhou teeth


Like Mr. Guo, Guizhou’s teeth is also a female net red, who is “playing ugly”, and even she is more than Guo teacher.

Fang rumors, in order to better play ugly, Guizhou’s teeth deliberately knocked out their own two front teeth.

Like Teacher Guo, Guizhou’s teeth is also very popular with the public’s “trial”, she wants to use this psychology.

Therefore, she has built the “Guizhou Wuji” team, she is self-living in “big blame”.


As a “big monster”, she is infected with colorful hair, and has a bad weird dress, photographed a large number of hang-up, low-level fun video of ugly.

She is in the video, “If I am your wife, how do you go home?”

Because of the word of Guizhou in your account name, there is a friend of Guizhou that her behavior has been black, I hope she can go to Guizhou two words. They don’t want other netizens to think that Guizhou is present in Guizhou’s teeth. Then.


For such suggestions, Guizhou’s teeth did not adopt. She continued to play ugly, spoof, with “Guizhou tooth sister”, with hundreds of thousands of fans.

However, like Mr. Guo, Guizhou’s teeth have been banned in the September account.


For her, the official comment is:

Publishing online evil, playing ugly, etc. “Causing misleading.

06. Xu Qingen


Xu Qungen has burst into red this year, but it is only one month, because his account is banned after a month.

Xu Qingen released a consultation video on the Internet in July this year. He claims to be “human high quality male”, but also said that he graduated from famous university, engaged in the investment industry, and working in Hong Kong, Shenzhen. He also said that he can give women a lot of financial support and luxury support.

But truly let him go out or a tap pose of his oil head, windbreaker, and sideways.

Xu Quangen’s style has caused a lot of net red and star imitation. He is full of fire all net, “human high quality male” has become “fun” stalk.


After the traffic, Xu Qungen opened live, ads, earned a lot, but he did not satisfy this, he opened a paid fan group in a social platform, and the annual fee actually reached 75,000 yuan.

Xu Quangen’s act was questioned by many netizens to cut the leeks. It was a media to contact him to understand the interview. He actually opened 200,000 interviews.


At the same time, many of his black materials are pulled out. His degree is fake. His name is fake. The many assets he say are also fake, and even the identity is fake. He is just a general foreign exchange. manager.

There is also a female netizen broke the news. Xu Qingen and them are not like normal counsel, and always want to send photos, and send a new expression to the woman.

In the end, Xu Qungen, a sketch spot, was banned in the end of August.


For Xu Qungen, it is banned, no netizens feel that he is innocent.


For his all kinds of performance, CCTV network issued a comment called Xu Qungen’s type of net red “In order to pursue greater traffic, they will choose more greasy ‘, more hunting way to dig everyone’s nerves, until the’ trial ‘ Volume, hurting the publicquence. “

At the end of the comment, CCTV network blunt: a “human high quality male” oil does not have the whole sea, but the imitation effect can “pollute” part of the sea water quality, or not to hold him, push him, the platform also needs from industry ecology At the beginning, take care of it.


For your own kind of behavior, Xu Qingen apologized on September 5th, he frank his values ​​will bring young people.

07. Feng Yifang


Feng Xiaoyi is less than a month this year, and it is accompanied by him.

The wind is a videos that he released a yellow peach. In this video, he wears the couscous pajamas, and the mouth sells Meng. In the process of eating peach, he uses the very young tone “to eat a peach” “cool”.


The video of Feng Xiaoyi makes most netizens discomfort, disgusting, and the past video of the wind, Xiaoyi will find that he has been going this route, standing “mother P” people, he also draws more than 600,000 .


For the behavior of Feng Xiaoyi, many netizens have no endurance, and report to the platform.

In the end, the famous wind and small accounts that have just been famous are banned, the reason for the officially given the long-term rendering and promotion of bad breath, inducing minors, causing adverse social impact.

After being banned by a video platform, Feng Xiaoyi is very unwilling, he runs to other platforms to try to return, and apologize to the public.

It’s just that his apology is not sincere. He continues to take the path, he put his head P on the online beauty map, then release, let everyone think that his male is very stunning.


Even in his own account introduction, “eat a peach” is his most successful case, he is not ashamed, and it is not proud of his face.

There is such a bad guided net red, which should be completely cool and can no longer pollute the network environment.

08. Yin Shihang

If it is not too greedy, there is no bottom line, Yin Shihang may become the positive energy of the inspirational.

But he only has money in his eyes.

For money, he can do not ask for a means.

Yin Shiyhang was born in a rural family in Lishui, Zhejiang in 1999. His family conditions are very bad, parents are divorced when he is 14 years old, and he has had to go out to work, and he has done a barber shop apprentice, a soldier, micro business.

Yin Shihang walked around the red road from 2018.


This year, he and a woman named He Wei in love, the two in the video platform registration account show, Yin Shihang gave himself a “Overbart President”.

However, Yin Shihang and He Wei did not enter the marriage of the hall, August 2020, they broke up. Soon, Yin Shiruna’s video announced that the news of the net red set.


After the two officials, I took a lot of videos together. Their video content is very dog ​​blood, mainly quarrel, breakup, compound, suspected pregnancy, break up, and these contents are Yin Shihang.

Yin Shihang did, only one reason, is suction powder, with goods.

With these vulgar content, he also reached his purpose, and a single video platform fans reached 7 million.


With these fans, Yin Shiyhang earned a lot of money, and he used the model to “false marriage, and really sell goods”.

But he finally planted in this mode.


On May 15, 202, Yin Shihang was broadcast to the routine, and I invited an unknown actor to play his father.

On this day, Yin Shihang lived for more than 5 hours. As a result, it took only half an hour. Other time he used to sell, selling a product worth 461.18 million.


However, this netizen really can’t bear it. During his live broadcast, his live platform received 230,000 users.

On May 17, Yin Shihang was sealed and was also sealed for 630 years. The reason for the platform is that Yin Shihang has violations such as speculation, low-value play, false propaganda.


Yin Shihang was sealed, and netizens bow hard.

09. Second

Like Singba, it is a big net red. At present, Singba has 9193.2 million fans in one hand, and the second donkey has 44.132 million fans.

With Singba last year, because of the fakes rumored, this year, I also rumored in fakes.


In May of this year, I brought a live broadcast on the 12pro mobile phone.

Let the netizens who bought this mobile phone is that this is actually a cottage phone. A netizen also deliberately released the video on the Internet, and the netizen’s mobile Internet access license information sold by the III was inconsistent with the Industry and Information Technology website. This phone has problems in the camera, memory.

This thing is also alarmed by the career punk in Sinba last year. Wang Hai passed the text of the social account: II Peaceful was exposed to the cottage, the mobile phone, and the consumer can be retired and three.

Under the various real hammers evidence, the II’s account was banned, and a hand officially refunded a full refund for the consumers who bought this mobile phone, and conducted 9 times compensation.

But what interest is, there is such a big event, and someone has not given up the second donkey. In August, the account of the Second is universal.

Today’s II still live in the goods, only a lot of low-key.

Just I don’t know how much I have now, how much is the conscience?

I want to walk in this way, I can’t lose conscience.

10. Side Cylinder

The Sid’s is called Zhao Long, graduated from the Yangchun Normal University. He reached 10.214 million fans in the shake of the fans, became a big net red.


However, such a big net red, but died in its own professional field.

On the evening of this year, the Sid’s cylinder released a video of “When my fans is a World Olympic champion”.

In this video, the Sid’s Cylinder Fang Olympic Championship is concerned about her, and I hope he draws a picture.

The “efficiency” of the Sid’s cylinder is also very high, and the painting related to the whole redness will be released the next day.


But very quickly, netizens found that there is a greasy painting of the Sid’s cylinder. Netizens found that the picture he came out did not draw itself, but put it out of the original picture PS, plus a few pens.


This discovery of netizens quickly triggered the hot discussion, and the Sid’s cylinder is also called “printer small energy”.

For your own “honor”, the Sid’s Cylinder has made a response. He said that this thing is the speculation of his team. He said that he and the whole redness have been mutually exchanged, in order to make a video, special desire Focus again.


He also said that he took the initiative to be full red, not all red, and he took him to draw him.

Interestingly, he does not admit that PS and printing, he emphasizes that he is hand-painted.


However, he did no longer use it, his reputation collapsed.

In the end, he did not respect the Olympic champion, and the account was banned for its own interests. The account was banned until September 7 was decosed.


Since 解 封 至, the company has only issued 4 videos. The video point Zoning and click quantity and the past day.


Many netizens ridicule him in the message area, and some netizens hopes that he will change the mistake and go to the right track through this event.