“New Chinese Store” helps the aerospace business, Senma, the lunar -exploration researcher, “change the new outfit”


Source: Yangguang.com

After 23 days of “travel”, at 1:59 on December 17, 2020, the “Chang’e 5” rising device landed smoothly in the scheduled area of ​​the Sizi Wangqi in Inner Mongolia. After the “Chang’e 5” was sampled in the moon, the lifter carried the moon soil sample to the lunar orbit, and then returned to the earth against the aggregate. The “sampling return” task performed by the “Chang’e V” is hailed as an unmanned version of “Apollo Latest”, which has laid a solid foundation for the in -depth promotion of the manned moon landing in my country in the later period. The successful completion of this aerospace mission is undoubtedly due to the majority of aerospace people who can be able to suffer, fight, fight, special research, and special dedication, thanks to all witnesses, participants, and supporters behind all the scenes before the stage. It is the actions that work together in the country that brings together the grand coexistence of the Chinese people’s “nine days to take the moon”.

When you meet the event, and you are honored, every drop of beauty in major events is worth remembering. At the “Long March 5” Yaozhuo Rocket launch scene on November 24, the test team scientific researchers in the “Senma X Long March 5 Yaozhuo Test Squad” left a deep impression that this ” The new warfare “design and sponsorship from Zhejiang Senma Clothing Co., Ltd.. At the moment of the rocket’s lift, the research team researchers were shaking, and it seemed to pierce the sky like the Rockets, fly towards space, and explore the vast universe. Such a “pilot spirit” is perfectly in line with the spirit of “New Topping”, which has a glorious brand history and continues to break through the design development and fabric innovation. The same Chinese intelligent manufacturing, the same spiritual spirit, “Huaxin” encountered “Hua clothes”, playing exciting.

“Out of circles” aerospace career, other clothing sedimentation national aerospace spirit spirit

The “Senma X Long March 5 Yaoyao Five Trial Squad” is a “tailor -made” for the test team who really launched this time. After referring to the operating environment of the test team personnel and daily work, the co -branded clothing has been targeted on the styles, tailoring, and fabrics, and strives to meet the convenience and warmth of the test team personnel. At the same time, Samma also specially designed the joint LOGO containing special meanings for the monthly exploration task. It also carried the precious memory of the experimental players while commemorating the monthly exploration experiments.

The wonderful appearance of the test team has attracted the attention of many consumers. Many fans leave a message on the Senma e -commerce platform to express their love for this clothes. To this end, the “Senma X Long March 5 Yaoyao Five Pilot Team joint jacket” will be sold on the e -commerce platform of Samma. At that time, this special significant co -branded product will also be shared with more young consumers and more young consumers and more young consumers and Aerospace enthusiasts. This joint jacket is no longer just an ordinary clothing, and it will also become a mobile “gift” that carries the pride and commemorative significance of the Chinese aerospace nation. Aerospace’s memories and spirit.

The young people who suck fans, “keep up with the trend” become a new strategy for Sema

In recent years, Samma has successfully circled young people with a lively, young, innovative, and cross -border attitude. From the launch of cultural non -heritage IP (rare character series), traditional national tide IP (Shan Haijing series), fun IP (Disney Princess, Gao Fei series), etc. The fabric and ultra -light “cloud” down series, from signing the Funplus Phoenix e -sports club to the joint model of the Long March 5 Yaozhu Test Team, is based on the precise grasp of the hot spots of young consumers and the in -depth exploration of its psychological exploration For mainstream people with quality requirements, Samma is constantly launching ultimate functional items.

Not only does it exist at the product level, Samma also tries to explore new communication channels and communication modes. From the spiritual level, it is close to the youth in the new era. Through the younger content, the distance between the brand and consumers is closer.

“新国货”助力航天事业 森马为探月研究员“换新装”

After the brand upgrades, marketing upgrades, and service upgrades of the brand’s comprehensive “younger”, focusing on the new inspiration of “Guo Chao”, Samma also achieved good results: Double 11, which ended not long ago, Senma e -commerce company e -commerce companies not long ago, Senma e -commerce commerce company The omni -channel still increased against the trend, and the final performance exceeded 1.718 billion.

Senma marked the new coordinates of the times with “new domestic goods”

How to combine the general concept of patriotic theme with the daily life and spiritual world of young people in the new era? This is a problem that every ethnic brand is facing in the case of supporting the national cause at the same time. Starting from the “meaningful, design” products as the main axis, the products and publicity channels are young and diversified, and the main energy of the positive energy has become a member of the national aerospace business supporters. Create an excellent case of “double -pronged approach”.

“As the industry -leading domestic goods and clothing companies, Senma and Senma are proud of their ability to contribute to the Chinese space industry.” Qiu Guanghe, chairman of Senma Group, said that this time, in addition to providing Chinese astronauts with better -quality and intimate equipment, Samma Samma In the incident, the improvement of its own quality has also been achieved, and the value of corporate value is successfully integrated into the “Chinese dream” of the country’s prosperity, national rejuvenation, and people’s happiness. This award is unforgettable.

The title of “new domestic goods” is both glory and mission. With the “pilot spirit” of China’s aerospace industry, Morima will continue to not forget his original intention in the future and continue to explore. Together with the youth in the new era, with the spirit of “innovation, confidence, and sharing”, it will help build a large domestic cycle as the main body. The new development pattern of mutual promotion of the domestic and international dual -cycle is marked with the new coordinates for the times, and applauded the prosperity of the motherland.