The 51 -year -old popular queen is sexy! Wearing a triangle swimsuit show career line, a pair of long legs super grab mirrors


Recently, a group of sexy photos taken by Jennifer Lopez, a popular queen, flowed out on the Internet, and his figure aroused heated discussion among netizens.


In the photo, Jennifer Lopez has a blond hair with a silk shirt on the upper body, and the neckline is open to the navel eye. Wheat -colored skin looks very healthy.

In another photo, Jennifer Lopez was vacant and replaced with a meat -colored conjoined triangle, which was very cute to the camera.

After that, Jennifer Lopez tried another style. In the picture, she was sitting on the beach. She only wore a shirt skirt all over her body. A pair of beautiful legs was looming, adding a little temptation to intellectual.


Jennifer Lopez is very popular due to his strong business ability overseas. She has also been rated as the most influential celebrity in the world, but it is necessary to know that few people’s fame will be smooth.

Jennifer Lopez was born in his family. His father was an insurance company technician and his mother was a housewife. It is said that she has been very active since she was a child. Not only did she like to sing and dance, she was also a sports general in school, and also participated in the national track and field competition.

Later, due to the dream of entering the entertainment industry, Jennifer Lopez left his parents and stepped on his dream after graduating from high school. But everything has not been so smooth. A few years before her debut, she has been dancing in a few years.

Turning to 1997, her starring movie “Selina” burst into fire worldwide, and she was also known by everyone, but what she did not know was how much she paid for this role.

In an interview, Jennifer Lopez told that he did not know the character, but in order to be close to the role, she watched a lot of videos about Selina, immersed in her voice, and talked to her family every day. And also learn about her singing state, etc., these efforts finally exchanged for her success.


Such dedicated attitudes made Jennifer Lopez’s film in good response. Not only in the film and television industry, but also on the stage, she also captured the hearts of many people.


During a certain event last year, Jennifer Lopez was invited to perform the show. As soon as he appeared, he shocked a lot of people. Although it was only 15 minutes, it was accompanied by screaming and cheering. Essence

Today, Jenny Fletez is over half a year old, and many people have asked if she is anxious about age. However, she had confidently responding to the age in the interview. She also said that how women had a certain age were an outdated idea, and she had always passed the values ​​to the public.

Now Jenny Fletez has a career he loves. Although he has not found reliance so far, it is not important for her. Judging from her social platform, she also work out from time to time to maintain her charming figure after work. She also hopes that she can keep this way and look forward to her more good works.