How to wear “beam guard pants” this winter is more fashionable? One match is simple, two shoes should be picked right


If ordinary people want to know what is popular this year, as long as you look at the bloggers wearing and street shooting, many tide people have a sensitive sense of fashion and know how to grasp the trend. Like in winter, many people have one after another. Use a bouquet to create an avant -garde -style outfit to win comfort and elegance.


At the same time, their combination also presented the public about how to wear more fashionable ideas about “beaming -footed pants”. One match is simple, and the two shoes should be picked up. Let’s take a look together!


1. The simpler the match, the more fashionable

No matter how fashionable items are, if you want to play your own texture, it is important to match it, especially if you do n’t pay attention to the matching of leisure pants, then the overall dress may not have a highlight.

1. Coat+beam of guard pants


This is why many ordinary people have a large gap with many bloggers when they use footwear pants. For example, using too heavy lamb hair jackets or big red and green tops combined with footwear pants, the overall feeling of bloated, fancy and not good -looking.

However, replacing the cashmere coat near the knee is very different as a whole. The pendant simple coat full of elegant flavor to the elegant breath, and the bouquet of guards add a sense of leisure, which is simple and high -level and comfortable.


2. Sweater+beam guard pants

Like a bouquet of guards with clear style, simple dressing is the secret of wearing a good temperament. In addition to combining solid color coats, ordinary people can also try sweaters.

The sweater made of soft materials is given a sense of gentleness. It is fresh and gentle with the sneakers, but it will not be too strenuous.

3. Down type single products or windbreaker+beam guard pants

On the basis of ensuring simple matching, ordinary people can also use down products or trench coats to replace coats and sweaters, such as down jackets and down vests, which are more suitable for small girls.


However, it should be noted that down jackets are best to use short models to replace long models. If it is down vest, then you must pay attention to the inner choice.

Second, the shoes should be selected right

When combining the common jackets in winter, you can add leisure and comfort to the dress, but the overall style is still not very clear. The general public also needs to use shoes to emphasize dressing style.

1. Bid -footed trousers+daddy shoes


When you meet your daddy shoes with comfortable leisure pants, you can easily shape the style of dynamic dressing. Dressing yourself in winter not only highlights the youthful state, but also disappear the sense of dullness.

Like young people, Baoma, or middle -aged people, they can use this method to create unsatisfactory fashion.

2. Bid -footed trousers+short boots

In addition to Dad’s shoes, short boots can also be used to connect footwear pants, but pay attention to a few points. First of all, the style of short boots is not recommended to be too fancy. Choose a classic model mainly black or earth color system.

Secondly, it is best to choose round -headed models, such as round -headed chimney boots, Chelsea short boots or Martin boots.


3. Bid -footed trousers+pointed shoes/pointed boots

Generally speaking, it is recommended that everyone use the age -reducing round -headed shoe combination of pants, but if you pay more attention to the elegance and mature femininity of the dress, you can use pointed short boots or pointed light -mouth shoes with a bundle -footed pants Essence

In this way, a solid color coat can be used to add elegant femininity to the dress.

3. Skills of Bid Sweet Pants Skills

The simple and practical method is adopted, and at the same time pay attention to the choice of shoes, you can present the texture of the beam guard itself in a simpler way, but you also need to master some skills.

1. The style echoes

The so -called style echo mainly refers to the leisure items that can echoed with the beam guard pants when choosing the inside and accessories, so that the dress is more coordinated.

For example, use a hooded sweater to connect casual footwear pants, or use a baseball hat to embellish the shape.

2. Echo color

The color echo is easier than the style echo. As long as you adopt more smooth colors or the same color system, you can also use the inner and accessories to echo the brings of the pants to create a sense of coordination.

For example, in the dress on the right, the pants and hats and shoes are used in the same color, which can shape a tall and slender figure.


3. Reasonable exposure

When the overall matching or color matching is relatively simple, properly adding the skin area, which is an effective way to enhance the sense of detail. Especially when connecting the sneakers with a foot -footed pants, the small area will not be too cold and fashionable.

In winter, as long as you wear a bouquet of guards, you only need to make subtraments in matching and choose more shoes and short boots to create a stylish and comfortable personal image, so that you will cross you younger!

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