Are you teasing me? “Bathing slippers” is a super popular model this summer


You can wear sandals and liberate your feet again! To say that the type of sandals is a dazzling category, but this summer’s super shoes are a pair of style that looks like “bathing slippers”.


When Isabel Marant launched this pair of cross -stacked leather slippers, the market may not be so hot that the market would not be so popular. The stars think that this is a pair of shoes that can be installed X and relaxed. Then they stirred thousands of waves, and overseas purchasing was instantly squeezed by the order.


Don’t think that slippers can only be worn at home or classify it as home items. In fact, many brands have launched slippers with both fashion and comfort. On the right occasion, a pair of fashionable slippers are not only relieved. A comfortable service can also earn the return rate in one second ~


In addition to the basic sports style, the design of metal and mirror elements can make your fashion feel more like a level. At the same time, there are more choices in the matching of clothing, which can be matched with some more fashionable items.


Since it is summer, of course, you can play some tricks. Elements such as feathers, rhinestones, and pine stones appear on clothes and other shoes. Essence

If you are a pattern control or texture control, of course, you can also use slippers to reflect! A pair of pure leather slippers can even wear some formal occasions, or choose some wild animal texture, which can also become a bright color of your overall shape.

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