How to make children wear short pants last year? I never freeze my legs in winter


Today, the child wearing short pants last year became longer. After lengthened, the pants could be worn for another year, and they would never freeze their legs.

1. Prepare the appropriate needle line, and the sleeves of the old top that adults do not wear. Of course, you can also buy this knitted rose loose down jacket, children’s sweater cuffs, side necklines, and threaded pants.


2. Dispola the child’s short pants.

3. Remove the header. You will see two fingers longer than before disassembling.

4. Remove adults and unsatisfactory jackets on the front of the child’s pants.

5. Be careful with the appropriate color needle line.


6. Soon a pants have been sutured.

7. Use the above method to disassemble and suture another pants.

In this way, the child’s pants will become longer.

In the same way, organize another pair of pants.


Look, this one is also longer.

Look, is this red pants the same as new?


Even better than the original!


This time, the child will never freeze his legs in winter.


You can try it too quickly.

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