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Figure ①: Datong City, Shanxi Province, to help the elderly to accompany the elderly to travel. Reporter Qiao Dong Photo ②: The elderly Zuo Jinyan, an elderly person in Li Jinyan, Li Jinyan, Jinan City, Shandong Province, introduced the emergency call device in his home. Reporter Li Rui Photo Figure ③: Elderly people in Wuhou District, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, “brush their faces” in the community Changshou Food House. Reporter Wang Mingfeng Photo ④: Datong 398 Smart Pension Call Center. Data picture

The seventh national census data shows that the population of my country 60 and above has reached 264 million. It is expected that this number of the “Fourteenth Five -Year Plan” period will exceed 300 million, and my country will enter the stage of moderate aging from mild aging.

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: “Let the elderly have old -fashioned, old -fashioned, happy, and peaceful, and social harmony and stability. We must vigorously advocate respect for the elderly, care for the elderly, and support the elderly in the whole society. Vigorously developing the cause of aging, so that all elderly people can have a happy and happy old age. “

The implementation of the “wisdom to help the elderly” is an important task for the work in the new era.

“With the rapid development of information technologies such as the Internet, big data, and artificial intelligence in my country, intelligent services have been widely used, which has profoundly changed the production lifestyle and improved social governance and service efficiency. But at the same time, the number of elderly population in my country has grown rapidly. Young and elderly people will not access the Internet or use smartphones. They encounter inconvenience in daily life such as travel, medical treatment, consumption, etc., and cannot fully enjoy the convenience brought by intelligent services. “In November 2020, the General Office of the State Council issued the” Implementation Plan on Effectively Solving the Smart Technology Difficulties in the Elderly “, which further promoted the solution to the difficulties encountered by the elderly in the use of intelligent technology. Provide the elderly with more comprehensive, more intimate and more direct facilitation services.

In November 2021, the “Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on Strengthening the Work of the New Era” and issued a comprehensive deployment on strengthening the work of the aging in the new era. Service methods, accelerate the adaptive transformation of Internet applications, mobile terminals, and APP applications commonly used by the elderly. Implementing the “Smart helping the elderly” action, strengthening digital skills education and training, and improving the digital literacy of the elderly. “

The “Fourteenth Five -Year Plan” National Aging Career Development and Pension Service System Plan “was released on February 21, 2022, and deployed 9 specific tasks. Smart society for the elderly “.

In September 2021, the General Office of the National Development and Reform Commission issued the “Notice on Promoting the use of intelligent technology to serve the elderly’s demonstration cases”, which announced the first 14 use of intelligent technology to serve the elderly’s demonstration cases, Lixia District, Lixia District, Jinan City, Shandong Province, Shandong Province The “Family E -Union” smart pension platform, “398 intimate protection” in Datong City, Shanxi Province, and the comprehensive information platform of the “Yiju Tong” community pension service comprehensive information platform in Wuhou District, Chengdu, Sichuan Province are on the list. Not long ago, our reporter went to Jinan, Datong, and Chengdu to hear the story of several elderly people telling the story of “wisdom to help the elderly”.

Create a smart pension platform in Lixia District, Jinan City, Shandong Province

Intelligent technology guards the elderly living alone

Reporter Li Rui

A call terminal, an infrared induction device, and a 24 -hour service platform, allowing more and more Jinan Live Lone Live Live Live Live Live Live Live Live Senuine Home Pension Service.

In October 2020, the “Family Eling” service project in Lifeng District, Jinan City, Shandong Province, incorporated all the elderly over 60 years of age in the jurisdiction, and all of the elderly in the age of 60 into the guarantee scope. Methods to install smart devices for them, and provide remote monitoring services such as emergency calls and abnormal warning.

Recently, the reporter followed the “Family E -Union” smart pension platform operating manager Zhang Jing in the lower district. Zhang Jing returned to the three elderly people she had served.

One -click call, “Save” around you

After a sudden illness, Zuo Jinyan, the elderly in Lixia District, had a personal experience on the “little bit of a small call”.

At more than 5 am on March 17, 2021, Zuo Jinyan got up and got out of bed.

Both sons lived far, and it took more than an hour to come. In a hurry, Zuo Jinyan thought of the “small square box” on the bedside -the emergency call device installed for her for free for her. Zuo Jinyan trembled and stretched out his hand and pressed the red button, and the call device immediately issued an alert.

After receiving the help signal, the three seats of the “Family E -Union” smart pension platform operated simultaneously, and contacted Zuo Jinyan, 120 emergency center and community grid personnel respectively.

Within 10 seconds, the platform staff asked the phone to understand the physical condition of Zuo Jinyan, and feedback to the emergency center as soon as possible. Within 5 minutes, the online rescue process was completed, and the grid staff and ambulances immediately set off and rushed to the whip finger alley where Zuo Jinyan was located. The mesh member Sun Yingying took the lead to guide Zuo Jinyan to keep her half -sitting posture and breathe as smoothly as possible. The Civil Affairs Bureau of Lixia District has previously carried out multi -phase assistance to the old skills training to help grid members master emergency rescue skills.

When the old man was placed, Sun Yingying rushed to the alley to meet the ambulance. The old streets and alleys are curved around, and there are many narrow roads. Under the guidance of Sun Yingying, the ambulance diameter is opened to the door of Zuo Jinyan’s house. After Zuo Jinyan was taken to the hospital for treatment, he was diagnosed with asthma seizures, and the systolic pressure was as high as 200 mm Hg. After careful treatment by medical staff, blood pressure quickly fell to the scope of safety. Two hours later, Zhang Jing, the platform operation manager, went to the hospital to visit. The elderly’s family thanked him again and again: “Little calligator plays a big role, it is a blessing!”

So far, the “Family E -Union” Smart Pension Platform has handled more than 11,000 emergency early warning information, dialing more than 12,000 inquiries, and implementing more than 10 emergency rescue assistance.

Online consultation, not to go home

Gently twist the bottle cap and take the capsule according to the particles. Yan Zhongxing, 82 -year -old citizen of Jinan City, according to the prompts of the phone, with several drugs that need to be taken one by one, and swallow the water cup. “At the end of the phone is the pharmacist of the” Family E -Union “platform, and guides me to take the medicine correctly every day.” The old man said.

Yan Xingxing suffers from a variety of chronic diseases such as heart disease and hypertension. It has many types and high frequencies, and the dosage must be adjusted regularly according to the results of the hospital review. He was worried about taking medicine: “The eyes were spent, and the prescription could not be seen clearly. In addition, the age was poor, and he often took less.” Yan Xing’s cerebral infarction recurred last year.

In October 2019, the eight departments of the National Health and Health Commission and other eight departments jointly issued the “Guiding Opinions on Establishing and Improved the Senior Health Service System” stated that “strengthening the guarantee for the elderly, the monitoring of the use of medications for the elderly, and strengthening the guidance of medication for the elderly.” During the return visit, Zhang Jing learned about Yan Xingxing’s worry, and proposed the idea of ​​relying on the “family E -Union” platform to conduct medication guidance services for the elderly, and was supported by the civil affairs department of Lixia District.

Regulating medication guidance is the key. Shortly after Yan Zhongxing’s cerebral infarction was healed last year, the free consultant brought a healthy machine to check the body for him. After the real data was uploaded to the “Family E All” platform in real time, an electronic health file was formed. The platform also cooperated with pharmacies to introduce 33 practicing pharmacists through volunteer services. The elderly make an appointment in advance when the elderly have demand. After receiving the order, the pharmacist will call for the first time to provide a comprehensive medication guidance in combination with the elderly’s health file.

“Heart rate 68, blood glucose 6.8, systolic blood pressure 150 …” Yan Xingxing helped the old flower mirror, and the fingertips were gently slipped on the screen of the mobile phone. This is the WeChat Mini Program developed by the “Family E -Union” platform. It regularly analyzes the heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar and other indicators of the elderly, and gives the results to the elderly and their families in time. “The system reminds me that I have high blood sugar and blood pressure. I suggest that I have less salt and less oil on the diet and restricted sugar.” Yan Xingxing said.

Since August 2021, Lixia District has helped nearly 400 living alone to establish a health file.

Intelligent monitoring, cloud guardian

After going out for a long time, Cheng Yufen, who lives alone, will receive an inquiry call from the “Family E -Union” smart pension platform.

“Auntie, where did you go? I haven’t seen you for a few hours.” Zhang Jing closed on the other side of the phone.

“Don’t worry about me?” Mrs. Cheng laughed, “Come out to buy some dishes, and talk to sisters by the way …”

Farly from the elderly. How do the platform staff know that there is no one in Cheng Yufen’s family? This is due to the infrared human perception instrument installed in the elderly, which can immediately sense the human heat source and actively monitor the vital signs. If the trajectory of the elderly’s activity is not detected for a long time, the equipment will automatically issue early warning information to the platform, and the staff will contact the disposal as soon as possible to ensure the safety of the elderly. At present, the Civil Affairs Bureau of Lixia District has installed infrared human perceptions for the 2315 elderly people in the jurisdiction to monitor hidden dangers in real time and reduce the risk of accidents for the elderly.

During the Spring Festival, many elderly people arrived at their children’s house for the New Year, and the infrared perception instrument failed to detect the trajectory of indoor activities. Zhang Jing and the platform staff contacted to confirm one by one and sent the New Year blessings.

Construction of “Yiju Tong” community home care service comprehensive information platform in Wuhou District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province

Swipe your face is convenient and fast

Reporter Wang Mingfeng

Lift the brim of the hat, take off the mask, and align the lens. Guo Bowen, a resident of Wuhou District, Chengdu, 83, stood in front of the window of Longshou Food Square in Longteng Community. , Consumption amount and package content are clear at a glance on the display.

“Do not pay cash, do not need to swipe the card, settle the value automatically in advance.” Guo Bowen praised the “brush” dining method, and the waiter immediately handed out a steaming soybean roast meat and tomato scrambled egg set meal.

After the seat, Guo Bowen held a small ticket from the payment terminal to “vomit” to carefully check the bills: this time, the government subsidized 3 yuan, paid 12 yuan, and the balance of 522 yuan. Confirm that the bill is accurate, and the old man is satisfied with the meal.

“Now the payment method is becoming more and more diverse, but considering the consumption habits formed by the elderly over the years, we still have retained a small paper ticket.” Wang Yunjing, the head of Longshou Food Workshop in Longteng Community, said that since 2013, Wuhou District has encouraged streets to encourage streets Community and catering companies cooperate to establish a community longevity food workshop, and subsidize subsidies in accordance with the standard of 3 yuan per meal per meal for ordinary elderly people. In the past, in order to accurately check the identity information and subsidy types, the elderly needed to bring the ID card on -site to verify and sign to confirm. During the peak of the meal, long lines are often lined up in front of the window.

“After getting old, forgetfulness is getting bigger and bigger.” Guo Bowen often couldn’t enjoy dining discounts because he forgot to bring his ID card. The same trouble has encountered many elderly people. In Wuhou District, there were 146,200 elderly people over 60, accounting for 21.93%of the resident population.

How to keep the Changshou Foodwood warm the stomach and warmth? Wuhou District Civil Affairs Bureau organized a team relying on face recognition technology to develop a food assistance information management system. “For the elderly, ‘face -brushing’ is a very convenient intelligent service.” Said Yang Hongjiu, Chief of the Pension Service Section of the Wuhou District Civil Affairs Bureau, said that after the community entered the basic information of the elderly, uploaded to the “Yi Yi in Wuhou District” Yi The “home care information platform of the community home care service is shared by the 36 parent life food workshops signed in the area to achieve” one end and multi -end sharing “. The elderly can enjoy the” face brushing dining “service at any meal assist point. In 2021, Wuhou District provided a total of more than 29,000 “face brushing” food aid services.

In November 2020, the “Implementation Plan on Effectively Solving the use of intelligent technical difficulties” issued by the General Office of the State Council requirements, “Focus on high -frequency matters involved in the daily life of the elderly, and do the work that serve the elderly. “”. The application of face recognition technology of Wuhou District will expand high -frequency matters and service scenarios such as the comprehensive information platform of the “Yiju Tong” community home care service to the elderly allowance survival verification, various subsidy conveniences, etc., and focus on solving the ” “Digital gap” problem.

“Swipe your face, hand in hand, and do your fingertips. Old man and I have three, and now I will do it with one click.” Guo Bowen took out his mobile phone and demonstrated to reporters to obtain the verification process of the elderly allowance: open and “Yi Yi The “Pension Assistant” mobile client associated with the comprehensive information platform of the community home care service, click the verification button, shake his head and blink according to the voice prompts, and the face verification is successful.

At present, Wuhou District relies on the information management system of an elderly allowance, and has opened up all the links from the application to distribution from the application to distribution, and realizes the process management of information collection and verification, review and approval, and subsidy distribution of elderly elderly. After the elderly complete the portrait of portraits, information verification can be completed through mobile applications or community self -service terminals, breaking the space regional and working time restrictions. At the community day care center and the pension service point, there is also an intelligent integrated vertical screen machine, which is convenient for the elderly who do not use mobile phones to complete the elderly allowance certification, appointment for pension services, and viewing policy announcements.

Intelligent technology allows more elderly people to enjoy convenient services on fingertips. So far, Wuhou District has invested more than 10 million yuan for the construction of intelligent and healthy pension informatization. It has established more than 90,000 information files for the elderly by relying on the “Yizhitong” platform to serve Internet food assistance, health and safety management, home security supervision supervision 13 smart pension application scenarios such as Caring for Paragraph Management and Elderly Skill Online Examination have accelerated the popularization of data support.

More than 15,600 elderly people in Pingcheng District, Datong City, Shanxi Province use smart wearable devices

Poor rescue second -level response

Our reporter Qiao Dong

“This small gadget, don’t look at only the slap, the effect is not small.” Gong Cuilan, a citizen of Datong City, 87 -year -old, pointed out the “398 intimate protection” fingered by the intelligent wearable device tied to the waist.

In August 2021, when Gong Cuilan bent in his own community, he fell to the ground, and “398 intimate protection” immediately responded -automatically identified the fall in 1 second, 30 seconds of rescue responses, 3 minutes rescue personnel arrived, 11 minutes of ambulance cars, 11 minutes of ambulance cars At present, the elderly won the precious rescue time to the elderly.

In June 2019, the “Joint Tips for the Fult of the Elderly” jointly issued by 7 institutions including the China Disease Control and Control Center Slow Disease Center pointed out that falling is the first reason for the death of the elderly over 65 years of age due to injury. In December 2021, the National Disability Prevention Action Plan (2021-2025) issued by the General Office of the State Council stated: The level of rescue and treatment of children’s harm and the decline of the elderly. “

The “398 thoughtful protection” intelligent wearable device was developed by Datong 398 Smart Pension Service Co., Ltd., and its main function is to prevent falling. “You can capture 100 sets of human action data per second, and the fall recognition rate is more than 90%.” Liu Chao, the research and development director of Datong 398 Smart Pension Service Co., Ltd., wielded “398 intimate protection” in the air. The area fluctuates up and down.

With the help of artificial intelligence technology, mobile communication technology, and cloud computing technology, “398 thoughtful protection” achieved a fall intelligent judgment and automatic alarm, and formed a response process of “falling prompt -background alarm -manual confirmation -nearby assistance”. Considering that many elderly people are accustomed to speaking local words, Datong 398 Smart Pension Service Co., Ltd. has formed a local customer service team with dialects, and more than 500 elderly call seats with synchronized wiring.

Step into the 398 Smart Pension Call Center, the keyboard knocking and the phone response to the phone, the leader Li Ning is communicating patiently with the old man. At 14:14 on August 24, 2021, a rushing ringtone sounded on Li Ning’s ears. On the screen, the name, age and other information of the old man Gong Cuilan appeared on the screen. Positioned as “the northwest corner of the Tian Shengya Garden in Pingcheng District”.

服务智能化 便利老年人

“Auntie, can you hear me talking?” Li Ning had encountered similar emergencies several times before. She was experienced to go straight to the theme with Datong dialect. “Gong Cuilan, Gong Cuilan, did you fall?” The screen asked. After more than 10 seconds, the earpiece moaned, Li Ning Changshu breathed a sigh of relief: there was an echo and consciousness, which showed that he had autonomous consciousness. But the information feedback from the old man is not optimistic: “I have been” slipped “, and the legs can’t be bomb.”

Just because the steps did not step on the steps, Gong Cuilan accidentally fell when he went out at noon. She lay down on the ground, trying to stand up but couldn’t move. Half a minute later, Gong Cuilan faintly heard someone calling her name. At noon, the sun passed through the treetops and shook Gong Cuilan’s eyes. She looked up subconsciously, but did not see anyone. After a while, she realized that the voice came from the “398 intimate protection” on the waist.

“You lying on the ground and don’t move, our rescue staff will arrive soon.” Li Ning was sure that the positioning error of “398 thoughtful protection” did not exceed 3 meters. While coordinating the contact service station of Gong Cuilan’s community, she dialed 120 emergency calls, quickly transferred the Gong Cuilan health file stored in the system, transmitted it to the hospital as soon as possible, and finally notified the elderly children through the platform.

3 minutes later, the staff of the Yunquanli community in Yunquanli, where the Tian Shengya Garden was located, rushed to the scene; 11 minutes later, 120 ambulances rushed to the scene, and the doctor’s history recorded in the car with the hypertension in the health archives for the hypertension and other medical records in the health file. Gong Cuilan conducted an electrocardiogram. After timely rescue and careful treatment, the old man was out of danger.

From August 2020, the Datong Civil Affairs Bureau took the lead in piloting in Pingcheng District, for the elderly over 80 years old, the elderly over 75 years of age and the minimum living allowance family, and the minimum -living family over 60 years old. Concern. ” At present, more than 15,600 elderly people have used the “398 intimate protection” in Pingcheng District, Datong City.

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