When saving the crab, you should not put the refrigerator directly. Old fishermen teach you a trick. It will be delicious and delicious for 7 days


Introduction: When saving crabs, avoid the refrigerator directly. Old fishermen teach you a trick.


Hello everyone, I am a silly sister’s food. In my life, only food and beauty cannot be disappointed. In the season of eating crabs, I would rather not eat meat nor the deliciousness, hairy crab fragrance, brucer crab, all fat, really enjoyable. This big dish is indispensable on the holiday dining table. Eating crabs for the holidays is really luxurious. Why do you say that? Because the price of crabs on holidays is several times the price, it is not guaranteed, and the quality cannot be guaranteed. It ’s really more money to buy it. Usually 20 yuan a pound of barracuda crabs will be 50 yuan per catty. In this way, every time, smart people will buy the refrigerator in advance and save it, which can save a lot of money. When it comes to preserving crabs, many people put the refrigerator directly. If this is done, it is wrong. Let’s take a look at the little tricks of the old fishermen. Learn to do so. It is delicious and delicious for 7 days.


When saving crabs, it is wrong to put it directly in the refrigerator! Old fishermen teach you 1 trick and eat like you just bought. Hairy crabs are different from sea crabs. Its survival time is relatively long, unlike sea crabs, it is not fresh overnight. In addition, hairy crabs are more fragrant, and it will be tired when eating too much. A box of crabs can eat several meals. At this time It seems particularly important, and the preservation is wasteful.

Because it is freshwater crab, soak it with water for a while before putting the refrigerator, let the crab suck the water before putting it in the basin, cover the wet cloth on the surface, and then put it in the refrigerator for freshness. Lost. Take it out every two days and soak it in the water for about half an hour, and then put it in the refrigerator.


The surface can be covered with a wet cloth or a wet towel. This can ensure a moist environment, and the crabs will be very comfortable inside. Another method is to use the newspaper to wrap the refrigerator and refrigerate. Do not touch the water in crabs. It is also lively for a week. This is what a friend raising a crab told me. Both methods are very practical. Select according to your needs. Can.

This is the hairy crabs that I have preserved for 7 days. After taking it out, I vomit bubbles. The weight has not changed. Some people say that hairy crabs will lose weight for a few days. This does not exist. If you save it, it will not be thinner. After all, it will not be stored for too long, and it does not exceed 7 days. Except for the festival, you will buy more in advance, and you usually eat it now.

So how should Issus crabs be preserved? Sea crabs can not be placed in the refrigerator alive, and they need to be cooked before frozen and stored, because its survival period is short, the fishy smell of the refrigerator will be very heavy, the meat is dispersed, which affects the taste. This is a 30 -pound canar crab I bought the day before yesterday. A large pot is full. There is no problem at the end of the holiday.


Steam the shuttle crab, dry it in a fresh -keeping bag, and tighten it. In order to avoid skewers, you can set more bags, and then put it in the refrigerator to freeze. This is freezing. It’s as delicious. I share here about the small tricks preserved in crabs. Do you do the same as me? If you also have tips for preserving crabs, please leave a message in the comment area to share it, so that more friends learn to benefit.