Just take Zhang Zhiyao, people are so energetic in middle age, and they look handsome in casual suit


Compared with young and young, the mature men are more dressed

Mature and stable

This is not only due to the low -key and simple style of choosing the clothes, but also because they choose the color, they are more inclined to choose

Dark color


The dark coverage is very wide. Although the skin color of the people without light colors is very bright and rosy, it will not play the effect of someone at a glance in the crowd, but it is undeniable that the dark color is really true.

Very versatile

Not only can it be matched with any style, even people of any age are very beautiful.


Academic style

, Full of literary and artistic atmosphere

British style

The most used color is also dark. Since the benefits of dark colors are so many, how should the dark colors look good, and how to match it? Next, follow the editor

Dark world



Just take Zhang Zhiyao, people are so energetic to middle age, wear

Leisure Suit

It looks handsome. It is said that the suit is

Successful man

The symbol of Zhang Zhiyao has a sense of vitality. The leisure method is quite fashionable.

Gray -black grid suit

It looks really attractive.

Zhang Zhiyao is too skinny, wearing it

Grid suit

There is no “burden”, selling cute is pretty cute. It is said that a man is a teenager to die. I believe Zhang Zhiyao. Although it is middle -aged, it looks a little cute. What’s going on?

No matter how old the boy is

They all have an inexplicable love, but it is true that dark clothing can show the maturity and stability of men, but don’t blindly

Indulge in black

Look at the others

Dark clothing

It also has good results.


Analysis of casual wear

. Recommended wear: black hooded sweater

Hooded sweater

It can be said that it is a very common item in casual wear. The hooded sweater is not only very convenient to match with various types of pants, but also

various colors

You can choose. Here I recommend black. Black is a very cool and handsome color. Not only are young people wearing very handsome, but for middle -aged people, they also have very

A young

When you match

Very convenient

It can be paired with sports pants or casual pants. Many people will make blessings when they reach middle age, so the black sweater is very helpful

Be covered with flesh

Even in middle age, you can easily wear a sense of youth. The little fairies are about to recommend them to their dads.

. Recommended wearing: Kessing sweater

Curdine sweater too

Casual wear

One of the avant -garde, wearing it is very young, and it is also very good -looking with pants, but relatively speaking, the cock sweater is more positive, and it is easier to put people out of the plate. It is very good -looking or inside, which is very suitable for autumn and winter with a thick solid jacket.


When the coating sweater is worn directly, you can pair it with loose jeans or sports pants. The most important thing is that wearing it is very comfortable, especially

Solid clothes

It is easier to wear when paired with solid pants

Simplicity of Japanese

It is very suitable for daily leisure wear of men. It has a simple and simple



, Right

Youth route

The young boy is also very suitable.

. Recommended wear: dark suit

The common suit is black. Although the black people are very handsome, the atmosphere is a bit solemn and serious. For warm men, the suit is obviously not desirable, but it should be when

Suit and dark grid

After combining each other, it is more suitable for warm men, and also adds a gentle bachelor’s atmosphere on the basis of solemn and solemn.

It can be used as a

Formal wear


You can also be in daily life

With casual pants

Whether it is black casual pants or khaki casual pants, it is very suitable, and you can also choose a T -shirt as an inside to wear a casual fashion style.

If you wear a casual fashion style, for the handsome guys who are still studying, the matching is also very convenient. Small leather shoes can be worthy of reference.

Snow -white sneakers

It is also worthy of reference.

. Recommended wear: leather clothes

For middle -aged men, they can be called handsome in their eyes.


Leather jacket


It is, the leather coat can be said to show a man

Mature temperament and charm

The excellent dress, especially the brown leather clothes, can give people a kind of old and confused feeling, or give people a kind of denim.

When matching, you can choose



As an inside, wearing a very temperamental feeling. In addition, you can also match some beaches in appearance, which can be more manifested

The charm of hormones

It is also very convenient to match the pants, and the black suit pants are simply lined.

Very tall

, Also can match it


Wearing casual handsomeness.

. Recommended wear: wide -leg pants

Wide -legged pants are really a very magical item. Not only are they wearing girls very beautiful, but also very good -looking on boys. Whether for men or women, not only

Very thin

And it is also very beautiful, and it is very versatile when matching.


Combined sweater

It can also

Combined shirt

You can use the striped shirt with the color of the wide -leg pants that echo each other, which not only visually extend the line, but also feels very fashionable.

The overall feeling is also very like

Clean and simple

Because the softness of the fabric is also after the upper body

Very comfortable

For boys, no matter what age is suitable for summer wear.


. Recommended wear: cotton and linen shirt

The colors of cotton and linen shirts usually have yellow tones, giving a very old feeling, but when

Cotton shirt


Combination of black

When it is, it will reduce the black visually and turn into a very good

High -force gray tone

Don’t be too suitable for middle -aged men who go to academic style.

It is also very suitable for young little brothers who take the academic style. When matching, Xiaobian is more recommended

Black-rimmed glasses

, Don’t look too literary, full of art, full of art, full


A sense of vision



Fashion summary:

When darling in dark, dark color can be done except

Pure color wearing


You can also combine some comparisons

Novel elements

For example, checkered, wearing a very British fan. Dark color is more suitable

Mature wearing

In order to show this mature sense of atmosphere, it can be used


Wait for small items.

Dark color