2021 text comprehensive selection questions answer skills


The college entrance examination includes three subjects: political, historical and geographical subjects. There are many topics. It is not easy to go to high scores to go. In the comprehensive, the choice questions account for a lot of scores, but when answering questions, you can take some skills to improve our accuracy.

Text comprehensive selection questions answer skills

1. When making a comprehensive selection question, read the questions carefully


Generally, we must believe in the first impression and avoid spend too much time on a comprehensive choice. When you cannot judge the first time, choose a answer first, and then marked the title. After completing the entire test paper, you specifically check the question of marking. Even if there is no time, it will not miss it. Pay special attention here. Generally, do not check the problem of not marking, because after two hours of exams, students’ judgment may not be better than the first judgment. (Time is generally 30–45 minutes)

2. Course objective test questions (single selection) emphasize 4 links

① Examine the limbs ——- The error method (error method)

② Examine the question ——– the subject, subject, object, who is related to whom

③ The relationship between the comprehensive questions and the limbs of the exam: The difference between the more correct options; with the difference in the main purpose of the problem, pick out the best options.

④ Anti -generation, reading, and the smoothness of language and language from the middle of the body. This is a necessary means for objective verification.

3. Care for answering the comprehensive selection question

Usually develop good questions for questions. Some precautions have been involved in the previous narrative, and the following emphasis is emphasized:

① Carefully read the comprehensive test papers, don’t browse in a hurry, and answer it without seeing it clearly.

② We must seriously consider, do not have low eyes, and eager to answer the questions.

③ Cleanly, do not drag mud with water, entanglement.

④ Grasp the rhythm and master the time.

⑤ Be accurately marked, do not paint randomly.

⑥ Pick up the card in time and check the check.

Suggestions for the choice of text comprehensive

1. Grasp the often wrong words

This is the most headache. It is a low -level error made by someone every time! It is not that we can’t do it, but we often ignore a few words. For example, the word “no” is either ignored it or added it in the topic at will. These often wrong words should be drawn with strokes, and finally check. Don’t think that you don’t need to check it. Often wrong is simple!

2. Learn to use exclusion method

There are several choices that are used for multiple choices, and there are several types of exclusion. The commonly used is to find the wrong option. Of course, you can find a correct one to eliminate (must be correct, you can’t guess). Assuming (1) is correct, then there are no (1) ones that are wrong! There are also comparison exclusion methods. In ABCD, there are usually three options that mean the same meaning.

3. Grasp the theme of the selection of material questions

The material problem is a very time -consuming question type, but it must be patiently read. Remember: What is the material test? What is the material, not which one is right. Therefore, we must first grasp the main purpose, and do not blindly look at the options!