150 square meters of modern minimalist, full of wooden texture, simplicity and natural high -end high -end


In this set of 150 square meters of modern minimalist style decoration cases, a large amount of wooden surface materials are introduced in the hard installation of the space, and the simple and comfortable furniture soft furnishings are arranged. The overall simple and generous layout creates a simple, natural and comfortable living The sense of atmosphere.

living room

▲ The living room is designed with a smallpox without a main lamp, a combination of wooden noodle TV wall+hard -packed sofa walls, gray carpets on the floor of the wooden floor, and the overall simple and comfortable sofa, sofa chair layout, creating a simple and natural living room atmosphere. Essence


▲ The TV wall is based on the foundation of wooden texture. The black open bookshelf is added to the right, and exquisite books, ceramic arts are arranged, and large pots of green plants are also placed in the corner, creating a dignified and artistic spatial atmosphere.


▲ Khaki hard -packed sofa wall, a gray fabric sofa, and an elegant pillow, making the living room space particularly relaxed, comfortable and natural.


▲ The minimalist square double -pairing tea table, with the simple gray sofa chair of the metal frame, the entire space is mainly simple and simple, giving people a calm and comfortable experience.



▲ Under the decoration of the texture of the wooden decoration, combined with the floor of the wooden floor, the aisle space is also simple and generous.


Dining room


▲ Behind the TV wall is the restaurant area. The smallpox is decorated with wooden texture. The ground is a marble texture floor tiles, with dark solid wood dining tables and chairs.

▲ A simple and exquisite metal chandelier, a glass bottle vase is arranged on the table, and the flower branch also brings a dignified and gorgeous dining ceremony.




▲ The kitchen is based on a gray marble texture. The cabinet also adopts the texture of the lime, plus the elegant wall surface, the design of the embedded electrical cabinet. Cooking space experience.



▲ The study room is designed with a custom cabinet+desk combination, which provides a practical study room with both storage and work. Loading a leisure coffee table and cushion at the window position, which also allows the study to become a comfortable space for leisure and chat.

▲ The lamp belt design is added at the bottom of the hanging cabinet above the desk, which also makes the desk area bright, warm and comfortable.



▲ The simple and generous bedroom, with the white and woody wall surface and the cabinet, arrange the gray -pairing sheets, also makes the bedroom space appear comfortable and natural.


▲ The dark wood -colored small bucket cabinet is arranged at the end of the bed, and the design of the wall lamp is added to the wall, showing a simple and dignified comfort.


▲ The bathroom adopts an elegant wall tiles, equipped with a clean and white bathtub, and the side wall shape is also equipped with a hidden light band. The entire space looks fashionable, elegant and generous.


▲ With a clean and elegant marble texture, the wooden texture is installed with a wooden bathroom cabinet, a large bathroom mirror is hung above, and the pot is installed on the stage to provide a stylish and elegant bathroom experience.


▲ The bedside wall of the second bedroom is combined with a wooden wall foot+hard bag wall. The hidden light belt is added in the middle, and the leather bed and white sheets are arranged. The entire bedroom space is simple, generous and comfortable.

▲ Dark wooden bedside tables are arranged next to the bed, forming a modern and stylish black and white gray effect with white sheets and gray bedside walls.


▲ The guest bathroom uses a gray ground+washbasin, a light wooden bathroom cabinet, and an elegant wall brick+bathroom mirror cabinet combination, which also provides a stylish and simple bathroom function.


Tea room

▲ The tea room uses the wall of the ink poetic picture as the wall surface, and the solid wood tea table and chair are arranged to create a zen dignified tea -tasting atmosphere.


▲ The details of the details of the Chinese artistic conception also make the tea room space more dignified and elegant.

Design: Hongtai Design, Comment: Design Museum