3 pieces of hollow women’s briefs to shape the perfect hip line are inseparable from it.


The same as most clothes, panties are also distinguished by men and women. Men’s underwear is designed for men. Chinese men have begun to wear underwear from the Zhou Dynasty. Although it has developed for thousands of years so far, in a conservative era, this kind of absolute privacy has developed extremely slowly. The underwear suitable for women is called “lady’s underwear”. Looking at the development route of the panties as a whole, it is more comfortable, the function is diversified, and the design is more humane.


Women’s home underwear suit


Compared to the men’s style, the patterns of ladies underwear are particularly complicated, and there are as many as dozens of categories. Many people will not choose the right briefs. Bar.

1. This underwear is made of cotton, which is breathable. The high -waisted design and a piece of cutting, comfortable and not tight, can also modify the leg lines well. The waist is tightly designed, which is convenient to wear and take off, and it is more humane. The widening design of the crotch can effectively prevent the embarrassment of light, bringing a comfortable and comfortable dressing experience.


Home panties


2. This underwear uses a traceless design, which is comfortable and not tight. Low -waist triangle -based tailoring can effectively prevent the embarrassment of glory. A piece of non -trace crotch type, which is convenient to wear off the waist. There is no trace crotch design, wearing comfortable and non -restraint. Exquisite edge craftsmanship, fine workmanship, highlighting the attitude of quality of life, beautiful and practical.

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3. This underwear uses a low -waist design, which can well modify the leg lines. Lace lace is embellished on the cup noodles, sexy and charming without losing elegance. The non -trace crotch design, comfortable to wear and not tight, can also effectively prevent the embarrassment of glory. The version of the underwear can easily cover the fat and thin.

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4. This underwear uses a traceless design, which is comfortable and not tight. One -piece trousers are cut, which can well modify the hip curve, and at the same time, it can effectively lift the hips and abdomen. The stealth zipper design of the crotch is convenient to wear and remove diapers, and there will be no embarrassing situation of glowing, bringing a comfortable experience.

Women’s ice silk panties without trace underwear, a piece of underwear, breathable, lumbar sexy female underwear trousers 810

5. This underwear uses a perspective lace design, which is looming to show the skin and sexy. The hollow design is a different eye -catching highlight, adding a little playfulness. The effect of the perspective is very good to modify the leg lines, and the upper body shows elegance. Performance design, sexy and charming and sexy.

Sexy lady panties breathable triangle lace hollow all -cotton bottom gear women’s shorts see -through women’s underwear

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