Thor’s black samurai candle dragon host evaluation, 3A platform water cooling blessing


For players who pursue stronger heat dissipation, higher performance, and better scalability, desktop machines are still better PC device solutions than game books. For example, the black warrior series e -sports consoles launched by the Thor brand have been widely recognized by the market. This year, Thor has further increased the layout of the desktop market and launched the Thor Black Samurai Candle Dragon equipped with the hardware configuration of the 3A platform.

The inheritance of the new Thor Black Samurai Candle Dragon continues the traditional advantages, including the cool chassis design, the integrated water and cold radiator with excellent heat dissipation efficiency, and the overall The cost -effectiveness is further improved, which is a new desktop product that has attracted much attention at the moment. At present, the PConline Evaluation Room has received this model, and let’s take a look at its actual performance.

Exterior design

The chassis of Thor Black Samurai Candle Dragon is very recognizable as a whole. It continues the cool design style of the Black Samurai platform product line. It is avant -garde and can bring a lot of visual impact.

The chassis design of the Thor Black Samurai Candle Dragon refers to the light sword of the Star Wars, and adds the “Diablo” style design language. In order to pursue the limit of speed and strength, the four light edges on the front board symbolize the force. The main body of the front panel is black, and the LED lights on both sides are red, which corresponds to the hardware of the 3A platform inside. The thunder brand logo on the top of the chassis is the opening button, which also supports red glow.


The side version of the fuselage is made of glass, and the side head treatment is 70. You can see the internal motherboards, graphics cards, radiator, memory and other hardware. Combined with water cold head and fan to white backlight, it is still cool after litting.


You can open the side panel without tools. Because it is an ATX chassis, the internal space of Thor Black Samurai Candle Dragon is very abundant.

The power power of the Thunder Black Samurai Candle Dragon is 600W. Considering that the AMD Ryzen 55600X processor and AMDRADEONRX6500XT are not great, the power supply to this platform can be said to be more than enough. At the same time, the chassis adopts the power supply position design and the back line processing. The overall is more neat and not messy.


The 240 integrated water and cold radiator customized by the Thunder God brand, officially stated that combined with the ICE-Storm 3.0 partition heat dissipation scheme can reasonably control the temperature and also take into account mute. In addition, in order to allow players to use confidence, the official provides three years of water -cold leakage liquid losses full compensation after -sales service.


Details and expansion

At the top of the chassis, the Thunder Black Samurai Candle Dragon provides 2 USB3.2Gen1 interfaces, 1 3.5mm headset and microphone jack, and 1 USB2.0 interface, which basically meets the conventional peripheral connection requirements.

At the same time, the top of the interface is also grooved design, which can facilitate storage. There is also a handling above the groove to facilitate users to carry.


The four corners at the bottom of the chassis have undergone height and combined with the heat dissipation port of the electric source position, which can effectively increase the overall air volume and play a role in assisting heat dissipation.

In the rear IO part, the B550-HDV motherboard also provides a rich interface. Including 4 USB3.2Gen1 interfaces, 2 USB2.0 interfaces, 1 VGA interface, 1 DVI-D interface, 1 HDMI interface, 1 set of audio interfaces, 1 RJ-45 network cable interface, 1 PS/2 PS/2 The mouse keyboard interface, etc., combines with the top panel to provide good expansion. The AMDRADEONRX6500xt monopoly provides a DMIA interface and 1 DP interface for different types of monitors.

Cooling performance display


At the room temperature of 26 ° C, use AIDA64FPU + FurMark for double baking. After 10 minutes, the processor temperature is stable at 75.4 ° C, and the graphics card temperature is stable at 67 ° C. It can be seen that the 240 integrated water and cold radiator combined with the ICE-Storm3.0 partition heat dissipation solution to play a good effect, which can ensure that the hardware runs stably at a lower temperature.

Treatmenter performance test


This Thor Black Samurai Candle Dragon is equipped with AMD Ryzen 55600X processor. Based on TSMC 7nm process, Zen3 micro -architecture, specifications of 6 cores and 12 threads, three -level cache capacity of 32MB, basic frequency 3.7GHz, and highest frequency of 4.6GHz.

We use common benchmark test software to see performance.

CPU-Z2.01.0 version, using Version17 benchmark test, single thread is 645.6, and multi-threaded is 4781.8.


The old version of the CineBenchr20 rendering test, the single thread is 597PTS and the multi -threaded is 4210PTS.

The new version of Cinebenchr23, a single thread of 1532PTS and a multi -threaded 10854PTS.


V-ray5benchmark, which reactor V-Ray rendering performance, scores 8105PTS.

Blender3.1.2, manually import BWM27 material for rendering, spent a total of 3 minutes and 49 seconds.

Summary: It can be said that with the good heat dissipation ability, the performance of the Thunder Black Samurai Candle Dragon has a good performance of the performance of the Ryzen 55600X processor, and has performed well in various tests.

Graphics card and game

The Thunder Black Samurai Candle Dragon is equipped with AMDRADEONRX6500XT. Based on TSMC 6nm process, RNDA2 architecture, the Navi24xt core, including 16 computing units, 32 light grid units, 1024 streaming processors, the basic frequency is 2310MHz, Boost frequency is as high as as high as 2815MHz. At the same time, it is equipped with a 4GB capacity GDDR6 memory.


First look at the theoretical performance test of 3DMARK. Among them, in the FIRESTRIKE project of DX11 gaming performance, the graphics card score is 15584, the physical score is 23865, the comprehensive score is 5255, and the total score is 13616.


In the Timespy project of the reaction DX12 gaming performance, the graphics card score is 5032, the CPU score is 7957, and the total score is 5325.

In terms of actual games, first of all, “Tomb Raider: Shadow”, 1080P resolution starts the highest special effects, and the average frame rate of the Benchmark scene running comes with it is 62FPS.

“Extreme Racing: Horizon 4”, 1080P resolution starts the highest special effect, close vertical synchronization, and the average frame rate of the Benchmark scenario runs comes with it is 81fps.


“War Machine 5” is still the 1080P resolution, turning on the highest picture quality, closed vertical synchronization and maximum frame rate restrictions, and the average frame rate of the benchmark test scenario running with its own operation is 68.6fps.

“Acting Island Story 5”, 1080P resolution is set to the highest picture quality, and the reference performance detection runs with its own operation. The average frame rate is 84fps.


Summary: Generally speaking, the RX6500XT graphics card is matched with the Ryzen 55600X processor. The performance of this 3A platform is still more powerful. It can run most 3A games with more than 60fps.


Memory, hard disk and comprehensive performance

The Thunder Black Samurai Candle Dragon is equipped with a 512GB capacity of PCIE3.0 × 4 solid -state hard drive. The measured reading speed is 2502.04MB/s, and the writing speed is 1223.46MB/s, which has reached the mainstream level.

In terms of memory, the test is used to test with AIDA64. The read speed is 45131MB/s, the writing speed is 30689MB/s, and the replication speed is 40465MB/s. The delay is 72.2ns.


In terms of the comprehensive performance of the whole machine, the PCMARK10 application is used for testing, including four use scenarios of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Edge. The overall score of Thor Black Samurai Candle Dragon is 14,300.




The Ray God Black Samurai Candle Dragon (Ryzen 55600X + RX6500XT) Jingdong self -operated platform is priced at 5,999 yuan. As a mainstream 3A platform host, it meets the cool chassis shape and provides a more balanced hardware configuration Combined with the characteristics of good heat dissipation tuning, strong later expansion and upgrade space, etc., it can provide a good experience for the majority of gamers. Of course, the Thor Black Samurai Candle Dragon also provides a richer configuration and combination. For example, a high -profile model of the selected Ryzen 75800X processor + RX6600XT graphics card, priced at 8698 yuan, allowing the comprehensive experience to further improve.


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