Autumn dressed, walking


1. road


Arrival Tieshan, is that very afternoon. I did not expect to be so circuitous way, turned three cars. Time have been set aside on the road, to me, really feel bad this time. Fearing that there is no sufficient amount of time to step patch of emerald Lin.

Fortunately, good weather, temperatures are comfortable. Blue sky, bright sun, white clouds big flower big flower in full bloom, like a piece of white brocade Doukai, spread in one of the azure skies, is the kind of deplorable pure. Along the way, reclining in his seat, watching the scenery sequence receded in front. Some fragments, some memories. Occasionally passing, as the scenery, fleeting. Long time no such mood, a person to a strange place, no bedding, and no preparation, is an unknown exile and light shallow quiet. There is no particular expectations, it does not read like a warm, almost lazy Chuaizhuo heart, just another mountain to see the different, different water, different customs and habits.


Some things in life encountered some tangled, can not be completely relieved, but not yet reached the time now. I know, hundred pro Benny eventually ended as petty earthly mind will also end. I do not have to worry, you can not escape that come, go you are unable to retain. At this moment, just along the densely gradually deserted, the silence. What you may not want, but also what can want. Even close your eyes, listen to the wind playing clear sound, the wind whistling, eager stroking the face, hair across the room, like the occasional whistle, across the ears, pain sneak into a kind of thin nerve endings, it is very a fast and faded.

2. Forest

Prior to Iron Mountain approached not only read her image in the solidification. Castle faint, clear water and quiet. Just like an angel was accidentally left behind in the world of Taoyuan painting. Quaint charm, vigorous vitality and hope derived from the verdant, in the picture, there is no end of continuation.

Approached Tieshan, green hillsides, the heart fills up, actually does not allow himself again filled with other chores. Layer upon layer of green, shades of green, like a painter’s brush pigment, blending the mountains this September.

Iron Mountain along another inlet walking, Castle green color, clean water marks, marching wooden bridge, rickety looks like a child on stilts, swaying. A kind of long-lost childhood of pure joy, rushes in Verge. Rope bridge is under a pool of clear water content. Reflection in the water is so clear, the water and the sky blue, white clouds, and if illusory image. Obviously so it clears, but why and if Flower in the Mirror, water month? Then we want to strive to hold in the hand, how hard will not hold, such as time, such as running water, for example, to the feeling of love, the more care, but have their own more far away. When so wanted, could not help a sense of loss.

Ears suddenly there came the laughter, hearty and crisp. Looked more fortunate, is a young woman at the other end of the rope bridge bouncing around, a big right hand man carrying large plastic bags was walking behind them. And I stood in the middle bridge, because the feet are a pair of small high-heeled shoes, could not help but hold on tightly to the rope. In the dramatic swing in the rope bridge and had slowly forward. Hear the girl shouted, her husband, Come on. At that moment, I could not help but laugh marks Light Magenta, a pair of happy young people. Six years ago, when climbing Mount Huangshan, I lead the charge, before the line lightly armed, carrying a large backpack husband in the back, which are all to eat. I remember myself have so Looking back, standing height, looking at her husband still below the slow line shouting, Come on. The original re-fleeting and distant memory, just gently Looking back, seems like all in the eyes. That month of that year, we also have had such a happy time.

Enter the forest, on the very stairs, I found out his thinking was incomplete, but a spur of the moment, even the shoes are never replaced, went directly from the company, high heels stepping on mountain roads, is really the first time experience. Thus, the only step by step carefully through. In fact, not particularly steep stairs, and even some gentle. So hard my eyes, to look at the side of the foot of the stairs, pay attention to heel not to step into the gap, the side to look at both sides of the scenery. My heart to give birth to a little aggrieved, shoes and almost thrown away. Walk in the forest, those towering trees, lush, can only look up, the sun shone through the branches, twinkling mischievous look, a lapel broken off the mark. Truly love this scene, deep in the heart of the little scraps of light, coated with a layer of tannin and background. Birds chirping, the air flow is green cool, though he also became one of those green leafy infiltration.

After a hundred booths, there is a small farm house, Punta hem outside the hospital there are some small objects, I am pleased that there are floral shoes, red, green, cloth flat shoes. Bought a pair of red rose wear on their feet, a long black sweater with a TV drama, it is truly eye-catching. Change the shoes, it feels really different, like I hobbled down, very light. Yela occasional floating body, live a twist, Dimei and smell, not sad Rhyme. As if from birth and so common, there is no wind knots, broken pieces of light and shadow, so well, Flirting, quiet.

3. Tieshan Temple


When the line to the foot of Tieshan Temple, visitors twos or down. Taishou, is meandering on the stone steps. Temple has dense foliage around freely Xieshen and can only vaguely see the top of the cornice of the temple floating in the afternoon sun. And I saw the millennium ancient temple just like the depths of the jungle, the share of heavy silence, after the fleeting vicissitudes, let my heart kind of unspeakable surge of open and distant.

Eyes narrowed slightly, up the stairs Shining in early autumn sunshine. Incense shop before the stone steps on both sides, there are simple old woman, the sale of burning incense. Buy a five column. Walked into the hall, there is little chef wearing robes came over and said ticket contains commentary. Heard so little master said, showing the orthodox and the rules of this temple. Small master led me and other visitors, while walking his right, the sound is not high not low, Tieshan Temple was built in the Eastern Han Dynasty, Han Chinese monk’s first Buddhist monk Yan tune built in AD 182 years Yan Buddha transferred back to his hometown Linhuaiguan County, presided over the construction of the temple-based Iron Mountain to several temples, spreading the Dharma. He hopes his dojo mountains like incense continues, and be able to compete in the market as a solid iron, so named for the “iron Temple.” After successive expansion, to the Ming Dynasty, the temple reached its peak, with iron Temple as the center, Wang Gu Temple, Qingliangsi, Longshan Temple and other temples fourteen community, known as the northern Jiangsu, eastern Anhui region, “Little Nine form China “, monks and nuns to reach thousands of people. Temple was occupied by the late Qing Dynasty iron mountain bandits, eventually destroyed in the war. This is now built in 2001.

In Kozo low and explanation among the front as the show of black and white film, separated by some course of history, imagine the spectacular temple at Iron Mountain peak, the crowd of pious pilgrims. The smoke of war, broken tile ruins of war. Until reconstruction, renewal of incense at the temple today. Zhang turned a film, like a thick book, silent and solemn silence, the endless vicissitudes and simple, that are melting in Piedmont Lake Tianquan, the rebirth of the scenery and Yi.

Standing in the main hall, he looked up at the three Buddha sit on top of the temple. My eyes rest on top of the hall painted a vivid, deep and mysterious that this is a life bar. I even imagined myself in the more distant past, the only solution desert, seeking the kind of life experienced ups and downs of the plot, his breast with a surge of pride and soften the living. My heart is that the pen, in every place you want to reach, routes and tracks stint belong to my life.

Zhang said, the pattern of life, the only copy. Who can say it is not? In our life, that life in the first blank in reference to certain patterns left by others in, picturing that a blueprint of their own.


In the eyes of the Buddha and between hope, Kozo said that Buddha is the corrupt world leader, here is the enlightenment of Buddha were human world. Here is full of unbearable suffering, sinful beings, Buddha and Bodhisattvas were hard working indoctrination, the performance of the merciful.


Think of a friend said a word, he said, standing on top of all beings, as the eyes looking down, clinics of the Department, there is still so much suffering. He often said that when the heart is like a heavy blow what pain the same. As I understand behind the sun, there are still dark presence. The reason why we pain, is small because of its own strength, but can not help those people out of misery. We will worry long suffering people of our own, whether we are pregnant with a compassionate heart? In the ultimate road to life, the suffering is always cross in front of us go through the twists and turns, the experience can not always escape, it is somewhere is its own it? If not, how can the Buddha laughed so assured and calm? Buddha can not salvation, but the Buddha with his clear understanding of all the calm telling us, really reach the other side of the ferry own only their own.

Medicine Buddha is the net glass world leader, no disaster disease-free people dominate, clothed, physical and mental well-being, a boy rearing. He was among the Buddha, left hand holding the bowl, right hand holding pills, showing lovely image of saving lives. Amitabha is the leader of the Western Paradise, the people here do not worry, you can have fun, gold ground, jewelry as a mountain, a bonus, birds are noisy.

Introductions. Kozo preaching how we pray. As he requested. We spread out his hands, palms up, thumb button and then, even his hands together, this is a gift of accepting the Buddha, bowed three times, three worship Buddha. When your mind flashed, just a forgotten word. Xu himself forget his obsession of those, if the pain is tangled, it is better homes. Front seat to go to the South China Sea Goddess of Mercy, said the Master of the hands drop everything, put aside all distractions, knelt down and bowed himself, and make a wish. Close your eyes, listen to the master chanting knocking wooden fish, that time, burst into tears. If she had seen the green lamp lights, such as beans, light twist after page, cut off from the Red three thousand men. Muyu sound, every sound seems to have knocked off a soul sound pulse, Fine diminish those are dreams like knowing he had forbear with. Is another life for themselves down want, or as a waiver of a persistent idea of ​​love and tears stained Yi Mei?

Buddha said, Hell is not bitter, not from the heart is the most bitter. I’m still unclear why I obviously want to know what your thinking, but also feel so bitter? Is not too clear, it will make life lost all the fun? When holding lodge lotus lamp, I pray desire to really be able to achieve it? Master said, do more good deeds, be grateful. Your desire will be achieved.

Pregnant with a grateful heart, I have been asking myself this is done, the only way to maintain a disposition will initially good, but will not let yourself become a cold dust. Do good things, it is in my power range. Gifts of roses, hand a fragrance. While giving a joy, as to others, must be brought joy and hope.


Willing to promise, maybe I just give myself a good nothingness. Worldly things, probably is the case, the letter there, do not believe no. If my faith, in my heart I buried as a seed of hope, waiting for germination, pumping leaves, flowers. I do not believe that I mind, it is probably a pile of rubble, as this belief, once off, life is just endless desolate.

From the temple gate, King Hall, the main hall, a temple a temple came from the left and from the right side out. During the mood of twists and turns, ups and downs, are paid between a graceful tears. From out of the main hall, almost 40 points from the light breeze. The sun began to cool down a little bit. Front lit incense, incense burner stand, put every stick of incense are inserted. Then, docked for a long time. It is said that here incense constantly throughout the year, even if I do not participate Buddha, but there is still always wish that incense is lit at least, eternal faith, the hearts of the lamp will stay lit to illuminate the hearts of all beings that most dark travel segment.

Perhaps just a Temple Tieshan Temple, her long history and rich content, strong Buddhist culture, breeds faith and hope of life support, she is a spiritual monument, a symbol of culture. It is a dream beings in the eyes of the soul to bow down.


Curl thin smoke, rising over the mountains of this oil Bi. And those who were willing to promise me whether you smoke fled together with boundless woodlands in? Have to be next year, I will come back here to play a bunch of tapping once Qiongyin? If still holding his bustling heart sinking, Iron Mountain to find a spiritual precipitation and warmth? If there’s Tieshan, at that time I was a little smile, and indifferent as the Buddha.

But each year, each new year. Time with no wind and rain reminders Laotieshan face, the danger of the antique charm and self-confidence. Remember stopped at the foot of the mountain, the moment when I look back, among Twilight Temple, tranquility and peaceful. Just as the language of Buddhist phrase: Dabei without tears, Dawu silent, silent laugh ……