Inventory of the 4 most fashionable watches this year


In recent years, many fashion brands have participated in the field of clocks, and have also surrendered beautiful transcripts on the stage of watchmaking. Edit selected 4 fashion watches with both face value and functional, each of which is extremely shining.


The biggest highlight of Chanel’s new Electro Dream watch is that the black and white watch adds gorgeous colors. Inspired by electronic music culture, it provides two styles of black and white ceramics. The bezel inlaid with 12 colors of rectangular sapphire, forming a gradient rainbow And the 12 long staircase cutting time on the dial is also gorgeous and charming. Whether it is matched with black or white tables, it visually gives people a harmonious beauty.




To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the brand’s founding, Gucci launched a series of Swiss -made advanced watches. Among them, the name of the Gucci 25H series comes from the lucky figures and amulets of Alessandro Michele, the creative director, and the name of the GG727.25 movement is of great significance. Symbol of curiosity and freedom. The ultra -thin case design perfectly fit the wrist, like the second layer of skin between the wrists, both men and women are suitable for wearing. There are 4 types of watches, namely stainless steel, stainless steel inlaid diamonds, platinum and gold tubal flywheels.


Louis vuitton


Vivienne is a small doll, who once appeared in various products of Louis Vuitton, and is also a mascot of the brand name. Today, Vivienne enters the field of watchmaking for the first time, and the Vivienne Bijou Secret watch tailored for the brand integrates watchmaking with jewelry technology. Its Vivienne has a shiny big eyes, and the face of the Monogram pattern uses rose gold, Platinum and gold are made of more than 150 bright cutting snowflake diamonds. The pearl mother shellfish tablet is also decorated with Monogram patterns, 8 diamonds, and white crocodile strap.

Salvatore ferragamo

With the World Earth Day in 2021, Salvatore Ferragamo launched the F-80 Skeleton Sustainable hollow environmental protection watch. It uses black satin tattoos, equipped with a DP 24 automatic chain movement. The strap is made of materials with lower environmental impacts. There is a layer of slim FSC certification cork material in the inner side. The recycled PET fiber fabric is used on the outside. Made in environmental protection materials. There are green and blue models for options, and 200 pieces are issued in each limited edition.