These cost -effective novelty home appliances help you play the “Liang” enjoyment song in summer


With the advancement of scientific and technological, people’s lives have become more and more intelligent, and household electricals with different types of functions have liberated people’s hands and gradually returned to quality. Big appliances are the weapons that are just needed for daily life, and small appliances are the carrier that highlights the quality of life. Especially in the hot summer, people always feel that they can’t mention their spirit. These beautiful and fun novelty home appliances not only improve your summer quality of life, but also bring a steady stream of surprise to life!

The fiery San Futian is the season when the little fairy does not like to go out. In addition to being afraid of being tanned, there is an important reason that it is too easy to remove makeup! Makeup at home for two hours, five minutes out of makeup, and waterproof liquid foundation liquid. Mascara, it is difficult to escape the fate of being washed by sweat, what to save you, my summer makeup is free! At this time Air conditioner, rapid cooling down 12 ° C, cool battery life for a whole day; up and down the wind, not only the face, the neck and body are cool; the pacifier -grade silicone material, care for the delicate skin of the neck Low noise does not disturb; integrated body, anti -clip design, focusing on details, avoiding embarrassment, you can also be exquisite pig girls with it.

The problem of removing makeup can finally go out beautifully! But the skin care products at home are still being tested at high temperatures. , Perfume must be taken care of to achieve the maximum effect, but the main business of most people’s refrigerators is to store foods, which is not professional for hoarding skin care products, and it is troublesome to adjust the temperature. At this time, if you want to experience a high -level skin care, Xiaobian recommends you to start with a professional beauty refrigerator of MINIJ. 105L exclusive space, reasonably storage perfume, mask, water milk, lipstick and essence; guide rail -style drawer design, one push and one pull can be accessible; 6 major air ducts, circulating refrigeration, 6 -gear temperature at the top of the smart panel, accurate temperature control, allow Cosmetics keep the best state at all times. When you go home for a day, take out a frozen mask to calm the skin, and the red skin becomes a baby muscle in seconds, you know how fragrant this beauty refrigerator is!

这些性价比超高的新奇特小家电 帮你奏起夏日“凉”享曲

Although skin care is important, moisturizing is also indispensable, especially for long -term air conditioning in the summer. The indoor air becomes extremely dry. If you want to enjoy cooling, and do not want the skin to lack water, a Daewoo without fog cold fan can help you get it. It is small, moving portable, desk and bedside tables can be its living place. There is no expensive electricity fee for air -conditioning, but it can enjoy coolness comfortably; Moisturizing technology, increased air humidity, and deeply hydrating the skin; three -block wind speed, can adjust the air outlet, low noise, and the application of maternal and infants; water purification high -wind speed evaporation release negative ions to improve the home environment. Enjoy cooling and skin care. You must have a cool artifact you must have!

这些性价比超高的新奇特小家电 帮你奏起夏日“凉”享曲

If summer is really afraid of heat and don’t want to go out, you can choose to go out day and night or study food, and the summer food is naturally inseparable from the word “ice”. Whether you love fruit smoothies, cool cold drinks, or seafood sushi, it is inseparable from it. Simple operation, one -click switch, shaving ice is completed; the cover design anti -splash is not sprinkled without ice, clean and hygienic; stainless steel out of ice mouth, no coating is safer; large capacity installation of the ice panel to meet the needs of multiple people with ice, if summer, if summer, if summer, if summer You are also unhappy, it is definitely your best choice.

这些性价比超高的新奇特小家电 帮你奏起夏日“凉”享曲

If you are interested in all kinds of novelty home appliances, the JD home appliances cooling festival in the hot development is your good place! Various novel home appliance products will definitely make you visually open, and it directly calls “the original home appliances can be like this.” Unlock all kinds of novel -oriented appliances with ultra -low prices, and tens of billions of summer subsidies are waiting for you to divide, with 300 minus 30, such a large discount, you must not miss it!