No matter which style do you like, the following branches are the standard of summer.


Sometimes, if the bra is not selected, the clothes are not showing what you want. The bras determine your exquisite level, and only pay attention to the appearance of good -looking and not trimming. It is not exquisite.

Some people like the thin, transparent, fairy of French bra, and some people like to buy a gathering type that can rise to CUP. No matter which one you belong to, the following bras are the standard of summer!

01, no bras


You and I have happened by the experience of the brakes of the bra. In summer, the clothes are relatively thin, the clothes are very transparent, and the marks are obvious. In this way, the image score will be discounted!

Impolia’s non -trace bra, which is made of cloud -sensitive cotton, which has extremely demand for comfort. This material has significant viscosity, soft and skin -friendly; absorbing impact kinetic energy, repeated use will not deform. Pores and breathable, gently care for the back, and have a beautiful back effect to meet the needs of various types; do not wear summer, wait for winter.


02, Beauty back

Summer is a season that exists for the flesh. Want to look good? You have to rely on the back -back bra to embellish. The design characteristics of Mei Bei’s design are that it can modify your back, be safe to prevent light, and be fashionable and exposed ~

It is an avant -garde front buckle, exquisite lace cup noodles, unique and flavorful. Thick up and down, classic 3/4 cups. The light -faced sexy back, no steel ring design makes your chest comfortable and unbound. The key price is still high, and it feels super conscience; you have to buy soil this summer!

03, thin bra

In the sweltering summer, wearing a breathability. The thin bras will be more popular in summer. Many girls are fascinated by its coolness, sexy of people’s hearts, and unrestrained freedom ~


04, lace chest


Exquisite women generally know how to think more on their bras ~ Elegant and exquisite lace is fascinating. Lace’s fabric is light and soft, with beautiful lace, looks romantic and beautiful. The feel is soft and comfortable, transparent and refreshing, and the looming texture is hazy; who can hold it?

In summer, the bras are planted by the bras. By the way, you remind everyone not to wear too much because of the hotness of the sky, so as not to sunburn and sunburn!