Li Caihua stepped on the skateboard to play sexy! Wearing sports underwear dazzling abdominal muscles, super shorts do not deduct the underwear side


Recently, Li Caihua took a set of sexy photos of his sports on his social platform. On the same day, Li Caihua wore sports underwear, revealing a strong and flat belly, and she could also see her superior shoulders and neck lines and right -angle shoulders. The good figure was enviable. In the photo, she holds a basketball with a basketball and stepped on the skateboard.

Subsequently, Li Caihua sat on the side of the road casually, relaxing and lazy, but she also showed her slender arms. It can also be found that Li Caihua’s careful thoughts were worn. Her pants belt did not buckle, but exposed the edge of the underwear, which was very new. And because she is wearing super shorts, a pair of long legs are undoubtedly revealed.


In this group of sports style, netizens have commented on netizens. It is too tempting to say that Li Caihua’s hot pants are too tempting, and the figure is even more good. Some people say that Li Caihua’s long legs are really unable to resist. It seems that Li Caihua’s superior figure has convinced many netizens.


Being able to maintain such an enviable figure is certainly inseparable from Li Caihua who always insists on exercise. She had taken a picture of her exercise at home. In the photo, she made a lower waist on the yoga mat, enough to see how good her toughness was, and seeing her easily to the extent to this extent. Practice a lot.

In addition to some indoor sports, Li Caihua also likes some exciting outdoor sports. She had posted a picture of her surfing on her social platform. In the photo, she stepped on a surfing board and galloped on the wide sea. It looked thrilling and stimulated but made people very long. Moreover, Li Caihua can stand on the board freely. It seems that the surfing experience is very rich.

Li Caihua’s good figure is really enviable, but this is also the result of her love for sports. Everyone wants to have such a good figure than to learn like Li Caihua. You can do some simple exercises at home, or go out to walk, try some interesting activities, so that you can not only have a good figure, but also increase the different experience in life. Why not do it.