“Pearl”: Kang Yatong’s longing for the ultimate perfection, as bright and eternal as diamonds, expensive and far away


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Kang Yatong experienced three feelings in the play.

The first husband Fan Lichi, Ya Tong hid his family to Canada with his family.

As everyone knows, Fan Liqi has always had other women and married Ya Tong, just to fulfill her sister’s IELTS money -to open a gallery.


After returning to Hong Kong, Ya Tong learned the truth, and then she began to lose confidence and hope for love.


Ya Tong’s requirements for love seemed very simple. She just hoped that the person she loved could love her and not deceive her.

But in a complex real society, such simple and impurities without impurities may only be in the fairy tales.

Ya Tong is a person with love supremacy. To elope with his lover, such things should only appear in the feudal ancient society.

However, Ya Tong, who advocates love, performed such a dramatic “running away from home” in a modern society with civilized and developed modern society.

It is just that the ending is not happiness but fairy tales. The first marriage ended in failure.

After encountering Chen Qi, there was no doubt that Chen Qiqi loved Ya Tong.


Unfortunately, Chen Qi has deceived Ya Tong from the beginning. Except for her feelings for her, everything is fake.

It can be said that Chen Qi and Ya Tong had no fate, and the timing of his appearance was wrong.

If Ya Tong had not experienced Fan Liqi’s deception, maybe she would not be forgiven by those who deceived her.

In other words, if Chen Qiqi encountered Ya Tong before Fan Liqi, even if there was a deception, with the personality of Ya Tong, he would choose to forgive him to a large extent.

In this regard, from Fan Liqi to divorce Ya Tong, Ya Tong knew that his inferiority was still able to see it.

But I think Ya Tong actually doesn’t like Chen Qi that, from beginning to end.

At the beginning of Ya Tong’s cowardly personality, she couldn’t stand the persuasion, and always wanted to return to the other party. Under the circumstances of unknown, she and Chen Qica started an inexplicable love.

If she has loved Chen Qi as much as Aizhenan, then it will never be so frankly to be friends with Chen Qi.

And whether it is to elope with the first husband, Fan Liqi, or the opposition of his family, he is poverty -stricken Chen Qi. Behind Ya Tong’s behavior, he is actually pursuing love with love to fight against his mother Bai Yirou. Her “control”.

When facing her mother’s strong personality, Ya Tong is not as straightforward as her sister Ya Yan, and she is not as good as her sister IELTS.

In the heart of Ya Tong, she did not agree with the values ​​of her mother at all, but she was born with a gentle character and chose to obey the surface, but actually rebelled.


She is eager to choose by herself, and through this choice, she proves to her mother that she has the ability to decide to be her own life, and she can operate her life well.


It can be said that in emotion, Kang Yatong is like a princess who lives in the deep palace, yearning for the pure love that does not come to the world, regardless of the world.

But it is also with the potential consciousness of this kind of unknown consciousness that Ya Tong is overkill in love and repeatedly hit, and every time she hurts her.


After that, Ya Tong met He Zhenan, the only son of He Feng, the rich in the city.


If the theme of the love and long victory is “game”, then the love theme of Ya Tong and He Zhenan is “romantic”. To be precise, it is the romance of “full material”.

In a fashion store, Ya Tong quarreled for his parents and IELTS.

He Zhenan, who changed his girlfriend like a dress, saw that Ya Tong changed a pure white skirt in the opposite mirror, and was used to seeing a variety of women.

The girl in the mirror is pure and beautiful, innocent and elegant, and tears hanging on her face, pitiful.

After Ya Tong said to himself, He Zhenan said:

The clothes are beautiful and beautiful, and if you have more self -confidence, you will be more beautiful.

The gorgeous lights and elegant glass mirrors of the clothing store create a very romantic atmosphere on the surface.

When Ya Tong changed his clothes, he felt that it was not suitable to the salesperson. Who knew that the other party told her that the gentleman had paid her.

He Zhenan encouraged the Chinese clothes to go away. The typical idol drama dog blood plot, but it was very successful.

But after all, this is not a Korean drama, a Hong Kong drama, or a 771 Hong Kong drama. Behind it must be the story of human nature. He Zhenan is destined to be as perfect as those princes in Korean dramas.

Ya Tong and He Zhenan’s superficial romantic encounters have faintly flavored from the beginning, which may symbolize this romantic love. In the later period, it is necessary to face fame and temptation and test.

At that time, there was a beautiful anchor beside He Zhenan, and Ya Tong’s heart was still injured for Fan Liqi. At this time, although he was peaceful, he did not give it.

Later, it was seven days at the sea. This plot was handled, but the interesting plots of the two can still win people’s laughter.

Later, by chance, Ya Tong and He Zhenan only put half a pack of sugar in the coffee. When they chopped chopsticks, they broke one and made up. It was a pair of coincidences.

At this point, Ya Tong and He Zhenan opened the road of “combination of heaven”.

He Feng said that his son would not take the woman on his boat casually, or they were actually just taking the boat, not to pull the sail with him, and fought with the turbulent seawater, who could have trouble together, it was worth it to be worthy of Feel on love with your heart.

It can be seen that He Zhenan’s preference for Ya Tong.


The world of Ya Tong is very simple. She is not like a proud career as Ya Yan, nor does she have a persistent pursuit of life like IELTS. As long as there is someone who loves him and the one he loves in her world enough.


However, in a complicated society, it is easy to have a love and soil that belongs to you and lover, unless there is a person who is capable of creating a fairy tale castle for her.

And only He Zhenan is the one who has the ability to protect Ya Tong in a fairy tale castle.


It’s just that the fairy tales have a day of reading, and no matter how beautiful the dreams are, there are sober moments.

There can be only love in the world of Ya Tong, but He Zhenan can never do it.

He Zhenan’s life is also a high reputation, heaven, and his father who is a rich man in Hong Kong.


The world that Ya Tong wants is very simple. He Zhenan can give her, but he cannot guarantee that he will always live in that simple world with her forever.

What He Zhenan can do is to find ways to keep Ya Tong as far as possible away from that complex and disturbing world. Unfortunately, what happens and wishes, his protection was regarded as the most cruel deception.

Their marriage came to the end.

Ya Tong, who has always been indecisive, can simply divorce with He Zhenan this time because He Zhenan really missed too much?

At first I thought it was because Zhenan’s behavior violated Ya Tong’s moral bottom line. It was not until later that I found out that it was not.

Ya Tong really loves Zhenan and is responsible.

With the tolerance of Ya Tong, she can easily forgive anyone who hurts her, but she cannot face He Zhenan who has betrayed their love vows, no matter what kind of pain he has.

Ya Tong can forgive her sister and sisters to hurt, use and betrayed her again and again, but she could not forgive her to mistakenly recognize that Zhenan had done nothing with her.

Even though she had also deceived her Chen Qi, although she could no longer be a male and female friend with him, she could still be a friend of friends, but she couldn’t do it to He Zhenan because Ya Tong had always loved him.


The other half that Ya Tong needs, if you must give a standard, it may be “a person who will not lie to me, really hurts me who loves me”, but in the end, he is deceived everywhere, affection, friendship and love, full of lies.

Therefore, when all the truth is white, Ya Tong is very painful and helpless.

He Zhenan couldn’t count on his ideal boyfriend. Mo said Kang, he could not be as good as his father He Feng. After marriage, Yingying Yanyan was still constantly. Ya Tong was just the most important of them.

Ya Tong was right. He Zhenan wanted to win. What drove him was the desire to win, not how much Ya Tong was.

In the relationship between these two people, I always feel that Ya Tong loves He Zhenan more.

The feelings of Ya Tong and He Zhenan, aside from all kinds of criticism, I admire it a little bit. No matter how disordered the money and interests are, Ya Tong always has some unshakable principles.

Whether it is the hostile relationship between her family and her husband, or for a kind of protection for herself, Ya Tong has hardly given up herself. Even if she loses this man, she is still a whole Essence

So when Ya Tong went to Tibet, you would feel that she was particularly beautiful for that time. On the basis of her “prosperous beauty”, she added an independent and confident beauty.

The feelings between Kang Ya and He Zhenan finally lived up to expectations.

After many twists and turns, from mutual encouragement to mutual trust, from mutual understanding to mutual support, there is an imperfect coincidence, there is no acceptance of each other’s quarrels, but the happiness rings can be lost and recovered. Why can’t the two work together?

The speechless call is enough to prove the heart of the two.

On the other side of the phone, the breath is silent. I wonder if you will forgive me. I do n’t know if you are willing to start again. I just want to listen to your voice again.

At that moment, Ya Tong knew clearly that no matter what the man was, no matter what he did, no matter what he did right or wrong, he couldn’t change the fact -she still loved this man deeply.

Because of this, the cowardly pupil can warn her sister Ya Yan, threatening her sister IELTS, just to protect this man she loves deeply.

Although she still couldn’t bear it in the end, for He Zhenan, with the heart of Ya Tong, everything else has become no longer important.

So the person who picked up the “happiness rings” for Ya Tong could always be He Zhenan.

“Happiness Ring” is their wedding token, and it is also the hope of Ya Tong’s happiness. They are doomed to settle in this life -Serndipity.

After all, God still cares about the kind and simple pupil. After all, the prince will finally return to her, and the castle will be rebuilt. The fairy tales can finally end up.

Even if the story of the princess and the prince is accused of being a vulgar set, it is undeniable that more people still want to see the ending of the princess and the prince happily living in the castle since then.

Ya Tong did not use anyone from the beginning to the end, and finally played a role in preventing Yayan and IELTS’s crazy revenge.


Ya Tong is such a perfect “silly white sweet” that is still controversial. Why does the gold screenwriter 771 shape such a role?

Let our viewers reflect and learn from.

If everyone does not lie at the beginning, isn’t it much better?

It is not that Gao Ming concealed the sky to cross the sea, nor is it happy to build the ideal world when you do NO.1.

Every time we want to blame others, first see if we have done better than him, and then see if the other party has the same good environment as you. Furthermore, if the person in the play, the other party has a calm God perspective like you Essence

After thinking about these, ask himself, is Ya Tong really stupid?


Many people in love will be fainted for love, if it is not possible, just love it.

For example, IELTS lying for his ex -husband to lie to his family, and for Gao Changsheng, the sisters are not good at the sisters, they are just not good at the end, so they do n’t look like that.

Ya Tong’s hesitation of feelings, although the indecision of any major juncture is hateful, but in fact, we can know what we want as IELTS, as little as IELTS. Even those who sacrificed themselves are also rare.

In the hypocritical and cruel high society, such a personality is always pushed away. The calculation and the position are not her original intention, but is everyone wanting to be fame and fortune 100 %?

The three sisters of the Kang family, Ya Yan is a strong woman with work -centered, and the appearance of Ya Tong seems to be weak. In fact, no one can change the things that have been determined in their hearts.

Ya Tong always uses her own way to protect the people around her. It may be awkward, but she has not lost the bottom line of being a person. Especially she is still mixed with the upper society.

The role of Kang Yatong is not only not pleasing, but not good.

She is not like a coquettishness in “Golden Branch”, and then she has turned the front and highlights Hou Jiayu Ying; it is not like Zhao Min, who is cunning, smart, dare to love and hate in “Yi Tian”; Ji Mingfeng, who will never accept the loser.

This woman’s weakness, innocence, and kindness made people have an illusion for a time, and always felt a big reversal in the end.

She believes in love, whether it is eloped with the first husband, or a relationship with Chen Qi, until she married He Zhenan and then divorced.

She is eager for a complete love without regrets, and believes that the marriage of love will be happy. Unfortunately, these are like a dazzling diamond, perfect, expensive, out of reach.

We would rather be the big boss behind the scenes. The three sisters fought for you to die, and it was better than He Zhenan and Chen Qiqian entangled.

Unfortunately, it is not that Kang Yatong is the Kang Yatong, there is no reversal, no blackening, only growth and maturity.

A person with love supremacy encountered the betrayal of the ex -husband, the deception of Chen Qi, the use of He Zhenan, and Ya Tong chose to smile and continue her road after scattered.

~ Undead to be continued ~

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