Which “small black pants” is fashionable enough in winter? In addition to shark pants, you can also choose them.


Small black trousers have always occupied a key position in the dressing of middle-aged women, not only can wear in winter, but also through different tops to shape a variety of clothes, especially in winter, with coats, down jackets. Or don’t talk below.


But mentioning small black pants, many people are still difficult to get rid of this impression of small black trousers, in fact, small black trousers have a lot of models, I feel that the regular black pants are more boring, you can try other styles. So what kind of “small black pants” wear this winter is fashionable? In addition to shark pants, you can choose them, let’s take a look!

First, black tights

Black tights are the most common style, which is recommended for this because of the winter we can’t take care of the fashion, but also to see if they can wear “1+ 1> 2 “effect.

Plus due to most of the winter jacket is relatively loose, choose black tights, not only more practical, but also highlights the layout of the generic binding.


The most common is to combine over the waist short down jacket, long down jacket, combined a black tight trousers, middle-aged women don’t need to worry about the down jacket will press the child, blind. Because the black tights will easily outline the slimned legs from visually, the legs are also finer in the thick down jacket.

This is the secret of the combination of fashion feelings from the inner and shoes, such as overprinting the denim shirt with the down jacket, or with chimney boots, Martin boots to improve handsome.

There is also a type of black tight trousers called to enhance trendy tools, namely black tight-fitting trousers, with some skin care, strengthen the sight extension, but also make the dress full of detailed feelings.

This black pants are very friendly to small children, and they can also draw their longitudinally with the help of opening.

Second, black wide legs

Breakfast tube is loosened, it is definitely the best choice for creating light and casuality, elegant and practical.

When middle-aged women wear black wide-leg pants, they selected the style made of suit materials, not only further forming the leg lines, but also shaped women’s image of the air.

Winter is mixed with long coats, long-winddings or down jackets, is a close-up ideas that commuters and housewives can learn from.


Third, black shark pants


Middle-aged women do not want to put small black trousers to take out old feelings, then keep up with the times when picking, choosing some people who are wearing, such as black sharks in winter.


Although the black shark pants uses the form of tips, the material is equipped with the elasticity and density, with the effect of the legacy, thin and hips, so that your leg type lines have a more perfect state, sexy and not Zhang Yang.


This kind of small black pants are the most common match in the down jacket, warm and fashionable!

Fourth, black leather pants


When the middle-aged woman is choosing small black pants, it is not only to pay attention to the trousers. It also wants to see the material. It is recommended to choose a suit fabric. If it is a tight pants, then use the leather material to create a trendy sense.

Unlike common black leggings, this kind of black tight leather trousers is more cold and warm, coupled with unique hard feelings of black materials, but also highlights senior middle-aged women.

The small child can make a narrow length H-type in the same way, and the thin is also high.

Five, black tobacco pants

Finally, it is recommended for everyone that is black tobacco pants. This pants is more lifted than black wide-legging pants, which can shape smooth and smooth legs than tights.

More importantly, black pipe tube pants can daily workplace, and it is also practical in the fashion circles in the fashion circles.

Especially using pleating design black pipe trousers, pleating design stretches longitudinal lines, plus nine-point design, can highlight the elegant and fashionable girls in the workplace.

Black tobacco tube jeans is less and fashionable than black tobacco pipe trousers.

Choose regular or nine pants, match long coats or long windbrer, advanced and cool.

About the wearing of black pipe pants, here is also summarized a few tips. First, when using the coat combination black tobacco trouser trouser trousers, you can choose black, and create a smooth body curve through a smooth color.

Secondly, according to the wearing occasion, choose the shoe boots and help to improve the matching grade.

For example, when used for commuter occasions, you can use Loyifa, pointed shoes, highlights the exquisite and advanced, out of the street, pair of small white shoes, elegant and casual.

This winter likes small black pants, and I want to wear a sense of fashion, in addition to the black shark pants, you can also choose these models. If you like, try it!

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