In winter, it is suitable for mothers to wear velvet thickened long -sleeved dress. Mrs. Mrs.


The temperature in winter is lower than the day. What kind of warm underwear and tight pants are silently put on, but warmth is warm, but the label of fashionable elements is lost.

In winter, you can’t give up the skirt well, and you can continue to put on your various long skirts and skirts in winter. Let ’s share a few dresses with velvet thick dresses, let’ s take a look!


French temperament wide Mrs. Retro bright silk waist large size printed skirt


French -style velvet dress, comfortable skin and ventilation. The embroidery neckline, fashionable temperament, highlight the production process. Simple cuff design, cuffs are handled, more comfortable to wear. The backfixed zipper design is convenient to wear, and the overall aesthetics will not be reduced.

Retro bottoming skirt large size dress mother dress

Classical Chinese style dress, retro and elegant, comfortable and skin -friendly. Fashion neckline, modify the face shape, highlight the temperament. The retro embroidery pattern design adds the quality and details of clothes. Simple and comfortable cuffs, beautiful and generous, modify arm lines.

Dress skirts, foreign style with coat temperament high -end plus velvet thick inner skirt


Fashion temperament slimming is thin dress, with velvet warmth, elegant and generous, highlighting temperament. The waist version is suitable for all kinds of figure, fashionable vitality, French women’s retro and elegant, temperament hidden in the waist. Fashion neckline, modify the neck. Simple atmosphere, comfortable to wear. The invisible zipper behind, the slim is thin.

Western bottomed with coat temperament plus velvet thick inner dress

The elegant velvet dress is unstoppable, fashionable, and versatile. Comfortable version, modify body figure. Simple neckline, matching your desire, more clavicle. The sharp cuffs highlight the fashion and enhance the style of simple atmosphere. Invisible zipper design, simple and practical, easy to wear, the overall beauty is not reduced. Comfortable fabric, feel breathable and skin -friendly.


Fashion high waist slimming large -size temperament mother base skirt plus velvet thick dress

Fashion slim and velvet dress, elegant temperament, and thin and versatile. Comfortable version, modify body figure. The simple neckline shows the charming and sexy neck, adding a bit of pretty. Simple conventional sleeve type outlines slender arm lines. Invisible zipper design, it is more convenient to wear and take off, and it is sexy and charming.


Western temperament long -sleeved base long velvet thick dress

Printing and velvet dress, thin waist, some feminine, comfortable and warm. The design of the round neck is simple and generous, and the arbitrary desire is more playful and soft, adding a different style. Simple conventional sleeve type outlines slender arm lines. Simple and atmospheric stealth pockets add practical functionality.


Temperament long -sleeved base long middle -aged mother plus velvet thick dress


Flowers and velvet dresses, fashionable commuting, versatile. Round -neck design, simple and generous, stretch the neck curve, modify the face shape. The sharp cuffs enhanced the style of simple atmosphere. Invisible zipper design, easy to wear, the overall beauty is not reduced.

Pure color trend comfortable elegant high waist temperament dress


Fashion slim dress, comfortable and elegant, fabric skin and breathable. Personal neckline shows temperament, the overall fashion is simple, refreshing and comfortable. Fashion cuff design, fashion avant -garde, unique style, elegant and charm. The slim waist is thin, and the elegant temperament is highlighted.

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