The wet and wet, wide shoulders, wide shoulders, no traceless drying rack, PP material is strong and durable, strong loadability and non -slip falling


The drying rack is one of the indispensable storage supplies in modern home life. The tone suits, trousers, shirts, and various autumn and winter jackets must be stored by the hanger, so as not to fold, and there is no folding storage stored. Caps can also avoid mold problems caused by clothing. The traditional hanger material is easy to rust when it is in water, it is easy to crack in the sun, and some clothes are easy to slide down. The load -bearing is also average. It may be bent and bent in a wet coat. Recently, a very easy -to -use drying rack was finally discovered. It adopts wide shoulders and no trace design to avoid hanging marks on the clothes. The load -bearing performance is also very strong.

Adopt a new PP material and stainless steel hook design, the material is healthy and environmentally friendly, and there is no rusty trouble. 360 degrees can be rotated and linked, which is more convenient to use. Design of artificial science ratio, 180 degrees rotating non -slip stereo position plus particles and anti -slip, the clothes do not deform and do not drop. Multi -functional hooks are convenient to dry underwear and pants.

The shoulder arc is widened to ensure that the clothes will not fall. For a long time, the sun does not aging, and the color is durable. High -quality stainless steel no longer has rust.

There are also double -hook models to choose from. Multiple hams can be hung together to save the internal space of the wardrobe, expand capacity for the wardrobe, especially suitable for friends who live in the dormitory.

This multifunctional four -layer trousers design is very suitable for storing pants. The pants no longer have wrinkles. A hanger can solve the storage of four pants and a piece of coat. It is really practical.

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Houseless Houseless Wood Ring Multifunctional Storing Dressing Dougine Dai Dairy Shelves Dormitory Dormitory Student Students

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