A small foot trousers are not tightly slim, and when we wear beautiful, put on hidden pencil pants




I usually try to challenge some dare not wear clothing. At first wearing a small foot pants and felt that I was tightly wrapped, but after several trials, I found that I had been obsessed with my small feet pencil pants pants.This hair is unacceptable. I bought all kinds of small feet pants with different shoes.Pants

The premise of low -key elegance is to wear pants.


The size is just right, not too tight, or too loose.


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Many people like to buy brand goods, but many people do not know that the clothes sold by the brand are not just the quality of the clothes, but also the reputation.So you can also take a look at other goods. The quality is not bad, but it is as loud as other people’s names.

Sometimes I just like such a simple match, white leggings with double -inner squat tall white shoes are comfortable to wear