Try a beautiful woman to try the fur coat, which is high and thin and keep warm.


In winter, using fur coats to match themselves, many women will choose.

The name of the fur integrated jacket is the surface of the skin surface, and the inside is made of wool or cashmere.

Such materials have a very good warmth effect,

I don’t have to say about the cold stain

At the same time, fur coats will also give people a strong sense of fashion, so few people can control them.

Want to put on a fur jacket in a suitable state,

Not only should you choose the appropriate fur joint jacket, but also have skilled matching skills to support it, so that your shape will not be fell into the clicks.

There are still many styles of fur joint jackets,

For example, short fur integrated jackets are very popular with women,

Especially for girls who want to modify the proportion of figure, it is very suitable, which can make the figure taller.

You can follow the street shots of some fashionistas abroad

Come and learn the wearing of fur coats. Let’s take a look with Xiaobian. The following is referred to as a short jacket of the leather surface. I hope everyone can find a style and match that suits them.

Do n’t miss the fur coat in winter. These types of matching are super -fashionable. It is suitable for going out to explode the street. Therefore, a tasteful woman trys the fur all over the jacket.

Basic style of short leather jacket

Cowhide jacket

The style of the fur integrated short jacket should be selected according to the difference in the skin surface.

Different leather will show a different temperament,

Pay attention to this point that short jackets of leather are more common.

The reason why cowhide short jackets are more common,


It is because it can not only make mature women match

It can also make young girls match it. Mature women put on short jackets, which will show retro modern atmosphere, and young girls will look more handsome.

Deer skin short jacket

In addition to cowhide short jackets,

There is also a kind of leather short jacket that is popular with women

, That is the short jacket jacket, the deer skin short jacket will make your image more elegant and dignified.

So the color of the deer skin short jacket is often lighter in color

The wool or cashmere inside is also recommended to use white or beige. It is not recommended to combine it with dark inside such as black, otherwise it will look very abrupt.

But it should be noted that deer skin will be softer than cowhide,

It’s easy to hoop on the body, not suitable for women with slightly fat body,

It will reveal the lack of body, especially if you are a bit small, it is not very beautiful.

Basic match for short leather jackets

Short jacket+jeans

Some matching methods of fur integrated short jacket also need to pay attention to,


If you don’t know what kind of fur jacket to choose, it is more suitable for you

Then these mix can be copied directly.

in daily life,

The combination of leather short jackets and jeans should be selected by most people

The combination of jeans and fur jackets will make the shape more handsome and personalized.

Choose dark colors as much as possible, such as dark gray or black is okay.

The fur integrated jacket is recommended to choose a loose version

It is very natural and casual while modifying the figure.


Short jacket+tights

If your legs are slender or not slender but straight,

You can try the matching of tight pants and short jackets

The requirements of tight pants are very high on the leg shape, but if you wear it right, you can also make your body taller.


The combination of short jackets and leggings can extend the body proportion of women very well.


You can use a camel short jacket to pair it with black tight pants. The camel short jacket will make the temperament of women more retro and warm.

Black leggings are more common tight pants shapes,

It is recommended to choose a high -waisted design, while lengthening the proportion of legs at the same time

It will also give people a more aura, and it will look more handsome with a pair of Martin boots.

Short jacket+hip skirt

The combination of fur integrated short jackets and skirts is also very particular,

The handsomeness of the fur and the short jacket and the soft skirt,

The combination of the two will make the temperament form a sense of fashion.


The fur integrated short jacket can be matched with the hip skirt

, The whole is light -colored, the upper body selects a light blue jacket, and the hip skirt can be paired with white.

In this way, the overall shape will give people a very fresh and refreshing feeling,

Women who are suitable for hip skirts are suitable for women with superior waist and hip ratio,

So try to choose as much as possible, and do not expose the shortcomings.

Short jacket+plaid skirt

Short -noodle jackets can also be matched with plaid skirts,

The style selection of the plaid skirt is very particular about

It is recommended to choose a grid skirt and use a dark grid skirt to match yourself.

Then the upper body can choose a light -colored style

This can form a shallow and deep shape with the grid skirt to make the image more layered and look more comfortable.


Short jacket+knitted skirt

Want to make the overall shape softer,

Short -noodle jackets can be matched with knitted skirts

Using a beige knitted dress to match your own words, it is gentle without losing the dignified and high -level atmosphere.


Beige knitted skirts can be matched with black fur short jackets,

The shallow and inside of the outside are also very layered


And with a pair of high heels, it is too elegant.

I do n’t know if you know the choice and matching of the fur coat. As long as you can choose the clothing carefully, you can know what kind of clothing is more suitable for you.