Which is better for electric water faucets and kitchen treasures? I bought all my family and found that the experience experience is very different


Although every family is installed with water heaters, it is still a bit difficult to have hot water as soon as the faucet is opened in the cold winter. Many times, the hot water has not yet come out, and it has been washed with cold water.


There are also some old houses that the kitchen may have no hot water at all, so every time it is washing dishes in winter, it becomes more difficult.


In order to solve the hot water problem of the kitchen, you can choose to buy a small heater. Among them, which is more widely heated on the market-electric water dragon and kitchen treasure, which one is better?



It is divided into two types: hot type and water storage type. It is generally installed under the small sink of the kitchen.

Because the power consumption and price of the hot kitchen treasure are not good, most people now install water storage type.


Advantages of Water Storage Kitchen Bao:

1. Simple installation: It doesn’t matter if there is no heat water pipe in the kitchen, install it directly to

It is enough to enter and exit the water inlet, which is very convenient.

2. Large water flow: The little kitchen treasure will put the water in the water tank in advance, and then keep the power insulation. Each use is the water in the water tank, so the water flow used at each time is relatively large.



Occupy position: Compared with the electric water faucet, the size of the little kitchen treasure is larger, and it will occupy the location of the cabinet. From the perspective of storage, it is not very friendly.


2. Limited capacity: The water capacity of the little kitchen is generally 7-15L. When the hot water in the water tank is used, there is no hot water.

Electric water faucet

From the appearance, it is no different from the faucet we usually use. It only adds an additional heating device to heat the flowing cold water through the internal heating pipe.



1. Open the heat: 3-5 seconds of hot water, and the faucet keeps driving, there will always be hot water, which meets the original intention of “hot water” when we buy.

2. Cheap price: you can buy good quality products in one or two hundred.

3. Simple installation: Just remove the original faucet, and then replace it again, and will not involve the transformation of the circuit.

Small water output: The power of the electric water faucet is not high, generally at 2000-3000 W, so when the power is small, if you want to quickly heat the water, you can only reduce the flow of water. Therefore , Cannot form a stout pillar, it will not be convenient to use.

For example, when washing the dishes, you can use the water directly to clean it. After installing the faucet of electric water, this action cannot be achieved.


2. Low service life: The stability of the electric water dragon is not good. This is because the internal temperature is too extreme. From low temperature to high temperature, it runs frequently every day. Life is generally low, and it will be broken in 2-3 years.

3. Perhaps leakage: Although the electric water faucet generally has a leakage protection device. There will be no problems in the previous two years. However, if the period is exceeded in the later period, it is not maintained and continuously used, the leakage phenomenon may occur.

Summary: Therefore, in summary, water storage -type kitchen treasures will be better, safer, and longer service. Although the hot water capacity is limited, we can increase the water temperature when using It is relatively long, and it is very convenient to buy a large purchase capacity. What do you think?

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