Summer new women’s temperament shorts set


This summer’s shorts and sets are occupied by major shows and fashion streets! If you haven’t started, follow the editor to enjoy the beauty of the set!

1. Bow shorts suit

Popular style: fresh and elegant

Suitable age: 23-35

Summer new women’s bow shorts set, the bow design effectively covering the small belly to play a good lean effect, fresh fruit green, beautiful and generous.

3. Retro print shorts suit

Popular style: retro


Suitable age: 23-34

Retro print shorts set, white and red matching to form a distinctive impact, embroidered with cloth print pattern, bringing beautiful visual experience.


4. Chiffon shirt grid shorts suit

Popular style: retro leisure

Suitable age: 25-35


Korean chiffon shirt plaid shorts suit, round neck design, simple and generous, bubble sleeve design, exuding sweet atmosphere, black and white plaid shorts are thin.


5. Beading Celebrity shorts set

Popular style: lady leisure

Suitable age: 23-32

The short -soors of the celebrities, the concise round neck, the delicate decoration, showing the cute and cute side, the original split clothes, adding sexy.


6. Small incense wind shorts suit

Popular style: Xiaoxiangfeng

Small incense wind shorts set, fashionable round neck design, with black line stitching, the entire set is full of luxurious atmosphere, gorgeous vision, which is bright.

7. Temperature striped shorts suit

This small incense temperament striped shorts suit, round neck design, elegant and generous, with a split design with a splicing chrysanthemum embroidery design, which gives women a unique taste.

8. Oks shoulder short -sleeved shorts suits

Popular style: Elegant ladies

Suitable age: 24-36

The off -the -shoulder chiffon shorts set, with an OL -sensitive off -the -shoulder style, combined with the three -dimensional slim design, showing confidence and femininity and shaping a perfect figure.

9. Sequenant printed shorts suit

Popular style: Korean version

Suitable age: 24-35


The most concise shorts set, sequin figure printing pattern, highlight the creative fashion, fully show the feminine and elegant sense of elegance.

10. Casual shorts set

Popular style: casual

Suitable age: 23-36

Very casual shorts suit, classic round neck design, simple and generous, fashionable and versatile, the contrasting stitching of the sleeves, showing a personality temperament.


The above is the new summer women’s temperament shorts brought by Xiaobian. Is there a favorite one?

Suitable age: 23-34

Suitable age: 25-35

Popular style: Xiaoxiangfeng