Make the most beautiful and most practical wardrobe


Most people complain about it: “I have a cabinet clothes, but I always feel that there is no clothes to wear.” Sometimes the clothes were stuffed too tightly in the cabinet, and it was difficult to pull it out. No wonder it took a long time to wear clothes. Therefore, just hang up the clothes you like to wear, only these clothes are qualified to stay in your only wardrobe.

The exquisite wardrobe that breaks away

Don’t hang up if you don’t want to wear


Don’t put the clothes you do n’t want to wear in a valuable wardrobe, the old clothes you are reluctant to give out can be placed on a cheap partition or under the bed, stack them in the box, bags or licensed boxes, stick it on the box, stick it with it, and put it on it with it. Eye -eye label: “Too thin”, “too fertilizer”, “over season”, “outdated”, it is best to send them away

Merge and compression

After you are sure that everything in this wardrobe is what you need and like, you can start merging and compressing things in the wardrobe, so that they occupy the smallest space

Make everything clear at a glance

Be careful not to put things in a box or drawer that is not marked, or put it in a storage room. Doing so and throwing away the difference, you will forget that you still have these things

Storing clothes vertically

In order to save space, you can consider a multi -layer hanger, and each piece of clothes must be hanging vertically on the hanger

Make life easier

You can live a simpler life. Imagine that you are ready to go out, open the closet door, and look at all the clothes you like, that is, clean and flat. You just need to listen to the weather forecast (what to choose to wear). After a few minutes, you are ready to go out

Personalized decoration

Add decoration to make it your exclusive wardrobe. Paste it on an art poster, and you can post on the ceiling

Check at any time

The season is constantly alternating, the trend is constantly updated, and you will change. Check your wardrobe and remove those clothes that do not wear. It is not worth paying such a high rent for nothing to use. If you can’t determine the stay of something, you can put it out first, and then look at it. Maybe it will look good after a while. Who knows? It may stay in your wardrobe to the end.

A uses a hanger with a clip


Use the skirt and the hanger that can be pinched, the hook above can make 6-8 hams be connected vertically together, but it will not affect the clothes hanging on the top

B uses connected hanger

Use a multi -layer hanger to hang a shirt and jacket. The clothes are lined up in order from top to bottom, and the chain on the hanger is connected together, 5 rows

C is open according to styles and colors

Put the jacket and shirt together, and the clothes on each row of jackets are classified according to color. Black, gray, brown, white, green, blue, purple, red, orange, yellow. After the style and color are distributed, you can easily find your clothes and look beautiful. Take a step back to enjoy it

D shoes are placed on the ground

In an ordinary wall cabinet, you can put at least two double -layer shoe racks on the ground, which is equivalent to the shoes placed on the shoe rack far more than that. It is not worth throwing away the shoes on the shoe rack. Do you really need 3 pairs of sports shoes? Believe me, there are 12 pairs of shoes in a simple wall cabinet wardrobe. As long as you ensure that the upper is bright, the heel is intact

E stuffed the boots in

Keep the boots upright with the “boots” and stuff them into the gap between the shoe racks or the gap between the shoe rack and the wall.

F to put the coat on the back of the door

Hang the coat on the back of the wardrobe to get on the hook. If the jacket is very heavy, you need to use the garage to link

G hangs the jewelry

Jewelry boxes are difficult to store. I like a lot of small pockets with transparent hanging bags, hanging it on the back of the wardrobe door. Every time I open the door, I will bring you a good mood

H hangs the scarf

It is recommended to install a wooden rotation bracket on the back of the door or corner. It is hanging pants, but I think it is more suitable for hanging scarves. I call this storage “see storage”, and some things do not have to be located in the drawer or wardrobe. It is also a pleasure to see them every day.

I put the handbag on the partition

I found that the device of the hanging bag is too place, and I prefer the vertical partition on the partition. On a 1067 mm long partition, I put two backpacks, two computer bags and 6 handbags

Hang the scarf on the hook

Here refers to your daily scarf, the one you bring on your hand before going out. Put them in the place where you can get it, and put them according to the color. I have a hook hanging white brown scarf, one hanging blue, green, two hanging orange, red, and two black, brown, brown

Put clothes in the drawer


In so many years, you may have been stacking your clothes wrong. Learn to stack the pants, tops, sweatshirts and underwear into neat squares, and put them in the drawer erected. You can see all clothes at a glance, they are erected there steadily