The height of the kitchen will be as low as possible, so that the vegetable basin can be placed casually.


There will be a water pipe in the kitchen, which is the main water pipe of the kitchen. There will be a water outlet below this water pipe, which is the water jet of the washing basin.

The high level of the water is not known that there is a owner’s attention, when you have a vegetable basin, I found that there are a lot of owners aware that this is not on the ground. At this time, I wanted to change the water in the morning.


This situation is estimated that many owners have encountered it.


The kitchen has no floor drain, and there is no water on the floor. If you have a problem, you will flood your home, this is not a joke.


Nowadays, the owners on the table are getting less and less, generally choose a ceiling basin or a table, so that the position of the potted basin will fall a few cents, this problem should cause enough attention.

Generally, the moisture from the main water pipe is not flat, but an oblique, if the distance of the washpine is slightly left, the water pipe is extended, the farther the height, the higher the higher, finally It caused the water to not use it.

Want to avoid this situation, give you some suggestions.

When you change hydropower, you should observe the height of the kitchen under the kitchen. Once the height of the water pipe is too high, you must change it.

The simplest judgment method is to measure the height of the lower water with a rice, which must be less than 25 cm. Once exceeds this height, you must change.

Second, if the position of the potatoppost is more than one meter, it is best to change the water supply direction of the lower water pipe to 90 degrees, while moving the slurry.

In this way, it will guarantee translation, do not raise the water pipe too high, which can make the vegetable pots in different positions have a good drainage.

As long as it can ensure that the height of the water pipe is as low as low, the position of the washing basin in the kitchen will be flexible, and can meet the requirements of the kitchen moving line.