It is too embarrassing to wear the leggings. Come on a wild hair shorts, and you can wear long legs in winter


Fashion women’s clothing

Many people wear bottom pants when wearing short clothes. People who wear them do not think, but people who look at it will be very embarrassing. How to avoid embarrassment when wearing bottoming pants. The best match is woolen shorts. It is good and stylish and temperament. You can also wear long legs.


High -waist woolen panties

The double packet buckle around the waist is solid and durable. The double belt stumbling design, with a wide pants waist, shows the fashion atmosphere. The back -shaped design behind, the hips are thin, the pockets of the lock are simple and not simple, beautiful and generous.

2. Bargaining woolen shorts

The texture is clear and uniform, and has an excellent visual perception. The version is not easy to deform and not easy. Wear comfortable and elegant, three -dimensional shaping. Three -dimensional tailoring, fitting the perfect design of the waist, reflecting the elegant curve of women.



Wear high waist wide -legged woolen shorts

The zipper design, easy to wear, stealth skirt design, is more integrated and more temperament.


4. Burry pattern shorts

Super thin and versatile, a bump pattern shorts. This pants are particularly here, because the craftsmanship is special, especially with a certain degree of stiffness, so that wearing it will be more stylish and thinner.

5. High -waist casual embroidered flower woolen shorts.


The three -dimensional tailoring version is very good. Black woolen shorts are not different, but the embroidery pattern above makes this shorts look chic. The design of the wide -legs is thin and thin.