The versatile slim jeans, with a personalized small shirt, wearing a simple and casual style


Slim jeans can be said to be a casual pants with a higher daily pendant ratio of young girls. Its slimming is cut, and the colorful matching can always wear a simple and fresh beauty. Simple visual beauty, coupled with the characteristics of versatile, can easily combine different styles, so that beautiful girls have different styles every day.

For the spring of the south, the dressing rate of jeans is higher than the previous seasons. The characteristics of tight denominated jeans are very popular with girls. So how to choose a model in the autumn of the south? Although it is a simple style, simple styles often combine thousands of styles, a little less personality, a little more passerby, so the discerning girl In the selection of models, they always try to find some design characteristics, fashionable and fancy styles to match.


In fact, jeans itself is a simple style, so you can also follow the minimalist selection in the selection of models. For example, the younger sister chose a white short -sleeved short shirt with fresh and beautiful styles. This white short -sleeved shirt is very characteristic in design. First of all, the design of the off -shoulder messenger collar is used to show fresh and elegant. At the same time, the edge of the neckline is modified by white mesh wooden ear ear, exquisite, beautiful, and beautiful and beautiful and beautiful. Show fashionable.


The white short shirt uses tight thread fabrics to modify at the cuffs and hem, wearing a simple and slim -fitting effect. This white short shirt can wear both the tall proportion of the origin and the slim body, fashionable and warm.