The true history of the Xuanwumen changes, Li Shimin was forced to retreat


In the early days of the Tang Dynasty, this was still a turbulent period. There are rebels outside. Inside, the competition of princes is always an inevitable topic of dynasty. The change of Xuanwumen was a coup that the two princes broke out for the prince, and also laid glory for the future of the Tang Dynasty. Today, let’s take a look at the true history of the change of Xuanwumen.

1. The real historical background of the reform of Xuanwumen

In the struggle against the Sui Dynasty, Li Shimin and his brother Li Jiancheng worked together to fight against foreign enemies. Later, after Tang Gaozu Li Yuan ascended the throne, they had a gap. Why? The answer is actually obvious, that is the dispute between the prince. After Li Yuan ascended the throne, he sealed the eldest son Li Jian as the prince, and the second son Li Shimin was King Qin.

On the surface, it seems that nothing is normal, but the secret or turbulent. Although Li Jiancheng seal the prince, it is a historical record that Li Jiancheng is colorful and likes to drink. It is not the prince’s material. Create a lot of merits.

The prince knew that he was not spoiled by his father, so the position of the prince could not be firm. Li Yuan once promised to name him as a prince. This has always been Li Jiancheng’s heart knot. Li Shimin, Li Shimin couldn’t bear the disability of his brothers, so he kept avoiding it.

Although Li Shimin has always avoided his elder brother and third brother, it is not too avoided. Li Shimin has been fighting for many years, so there are many conspirators for help, and there are many people’s support in the court. The slanderous and exclusion, they follow the principles of not bullying or being bullied, and protect their interests everywhere.

Second, the real history of the change of the basalt

When the struggle between the two sides reached an inevitable point, Li Shimin gathered his government consultant and his party officials to discuss how to deal with it. The two sides later felt that in July 626, Li Shimin gathered his consultant and resettted them together. The army ambushed near Xuanwu Gate and planned to launch a coup.

At this time, Tang Gaozu already knew about this. He planned to see what his son had, but at the time, the prince Li Jiancheng and Qi Wang Li Yuanji did not know about it at all. Late, after some struggle, Li Jiancheng and Li Yuanji were captured by Li Shimin.

Third, the true historical view of Xuanwumen’s change

Most researchers agreed to Li Shimin’s approach because Li Shimin was forced to retreat and just launched changes. If Li Shimin is still tolerant, maybe, the history of the Tang Dynasty we see now is not so prosperous, and then there is no challenge governance.