Scientific watch male star -13 best men’s watches at the Oscar awards ceremony


On the schedule of Hollywood, there is no greater activity than Oscar night. Everyone who is fortunate to be invited to show his best side. For men, this means choosing a opponent.

The following are watches that let us stop at the 94th Academy Awards Ceremony.

Jacob Elidy’s Honor Monaco

At your first Oscar awards ceremony, what else is better than wearing a watch that is closely related to Steve Mc Quinin, one of the greatest actors in the history of the film? This is the starring star of “Euphoria” The idea of ​​Jacob Elordi. The later show wore a black dial Tag Heuer Monaco sports car on the red carpet.


Daniel Kim’s Patek Philippe 5070 Watch


An important night requires an important watch. It seems that Daniel Gold chose an antique Patek Philippe. The history of this watch can be traced back to 1999. It is a 18K gold wattage with complex black and gold on the dial. This is a real clock treasure, which also explains why someone bought it at a price of $ 60,000 at the Sotheby’s Better Watch auction last summer.


Kody Smith-McCifi’s “Cartier Revelation”


Cartier’s Cartier watches nominated by the best supporting actor Kodda McCifer stated loudly and clearly that he was no longer a child star. The star who starred in “The Power of Dogs” wore a dazzling 18K Reveration D ‘UNE Panthere, dripping diamonds from the bezel to strap.

Angus Claude’s IWC Portuguese

The Euphoria role played by Jacob Elidi and Angus Claude may not have much commonity, but both actors like to watch exquisite watches. Compared with other actors, Claude’s shape is more traditional. He chose a silver IWC Portuguese watch. The dial is white and golden, and the strap is a black crocodile leather strap.


John Rasimus’s Piguet

DJ D-Nice knows that Royal Oak will never make an error. That’s why the musician was found on the red carpet on Sunday night wearing a royal oak tree. This silver watch is always very popular, but the grid pattern on the dial is also very matched with his tour tail jacket.

Rolex Daytona, a Rolex Daytona, a Rolex Daytona in Ji’an Luca Passid


The Coca -Cola executive combined a classic but low -key dyston with a retro Rolex Daytona watch with a golden case and black bracelet.


DJ Khaled Jacob & CO. billionaire


If you have heard any song that breaks the ranking of DJ Khaled, you will know that he is an extremist. The super successful producer, as always, used a Jacob billionaire watch to match his all -black shape. This watch is inlaid with 189 carat diamonds, which is amazing.


Andrew Cofeld’s 57 -year -old Omega Super Fighter

Andrew Gofeld, who was nominated for the best actor, not only chose a watch to match his dress, but he also found a watch that was perfectly matched with it. The actor was fortunate to get a new and slimmer Speed ​​Master ’57. The red dial is the same as his velvet jacket. The black belt is matched with his pants and shirts.

57 years of Jamie Donan Omega Super Fighter


Garfield is not the only 57 -year speed master who has been nominated. Belfast star Jamie Dornan wears a more sporty manual clockwork scheme -this table is equipped with a gorgeous green dial and metal bracelet.


Sean White’s Omega Moon Watch

Sean White may not play tricks in half of the game on Sunday, but he is still in his best state. The three Olympic gold medalist wore a very suitable MoonShine Gold crescent watch at the awards ceremony, with supporting bracelets and green dials.

Ramie Marek’s Cartier Tank

Rommy Malirk has won the Oscar award in China, and he knows how he can look at Oscar. This year, this means that a classic dovetail is paired with many Cartier accessories, including a lapel of needle and a delicate TANK watch.

Jiang Shiconton’s Heritage in Sean Montez

On Sunday, Marek was not the only star who looked out of the Hollywood Golden Age. Musician Shawn Mendes also chose a very classic shape with a gorgeous Jiang Shidon heritage.

Liu Simu’s Omega Sea Aqua Terra

Liu Simu, the starring star of “Qi Qi” and “Ten Ring Legend”, may still be waiting for his first Oscar nomination, but this did not prevent him from shining at this year’s Oscar awards ceremony. In case his full red swallow tail is not bold enough, the actor is also paired with Seamaster Aqua Terra made by 18K gold.