“Martin Boots” is about to be lonely! This summer is popular with this pair of “loose cake shoes”, watching the bulky changes on the high


After the heavy Martin boots, many girls are going to clean up and stuffed into the shoe box.

There are new popularity this summer, that is, the “loose cake shoes” that many stars are wearing. As a tide return item, it has not been abandoned, but now it has become a real fragrant item.

Although the shoes still look bulky, they can’t bear it high enough, so it is worth recommending.

look 1. Swell cake sandals

The characteristics of loose cake shoes are that the soles are particularly heavy, including the toe part, with a height of at least four centimeters.

Although the high waterproof platform looks a bit bulky, it can be easier than fine heels.

Small children can still consider starting one. And the loose cake sandals have been particularly popular. On the basis of the heavy waterproof platform, a certain rear height is added, even if it is worn like this, it will not be too tired.

Liu Yan’s shape at the airport chose a sandals with a waterproof platform of about four centimeters and a heel of about ten centimeters high. just because of

It is paired with ultra -long wide -leg pants, covering a part of the instep and height height, and it is not so obvious.

It is still a girl who is too bulky for the loose cake shoes. You can refer to the matching method of Liu Yan, and you can hide the thick soles and ensure the comfort he wore.

However, loose cake shoes are not so fashionable. Even with the trend of retro back, it cannot guarantee that it is enough to wear it.

Therefore, when choosing, you still need to choose simple design styles, such as rare hardware elements.


Secondly, try not to choose the loose cake shoes designed by the fish mouth. It just shows a big thumb. There will really be a sense of vision you wear your mother’s shoes.

look 2. Song cake leather shoes

The pine cake leather shoes have been spit in the past few years, and have never disappeared and eliminated shoes, which once caused a high -frequency collision. The pine cake small leather shoe upper is a leather fabric, which usually does not have any design points, and the sole part is an ultra -high waterproof platform with a certain slope, but the height difference between the heels is not more than three centimeters.

Even girls who are not used to wearing high heels will not be too embarrassed to control such a shoe.

Like Liu Yan’s loose cake shoes, the design version is very classic. The upper is pure white color, and a large area of ​​solid color design can ensure the refreshing sense of the shoes.

The waterproof platform has become the highlight of the shoes, stitching into stripes with blue and red, and the version design is not too boring.


It can also make good use of the waterproof platform to make the disadvantage the advantage.

The advantage of choosing striped colors to decorate the waterproof platform is to divert attention


, Avoid the tacky age of high waterproof platform. However, it is limited to the stripe design with a strong line feeling. If it is replaced with a plaid printing or floral pattern, it will only exacerbate the tacky feeling of the shoes.

look 3. Powder cake canvas shoes


The pine cake canvas shoes need to be a more euphemistic design. The thickness of the soles should be kept at about three centimeters as much as possible in order to not break the casual style of canvas shoes.

Canvas shoes are classic items of casual style, such as most of Converse’s canvas shoes design. The soles of the shoe are only about one or two centimeters height. The sole will break this style.

Like Liu Yan’s canvas shoes, it can be seen from the toe that the waterproof platform is not too high. It is worn with a beef jeans, without covering the design of the upper, and it will not feel bulky at all.

The design of the waterproof platform is not too bulky, and it is naturally simple to wear. As long as it is controlled by controlling the color matching combination.


Looking at this canvas shoes of Liu Yan, you know that the upper and waterproof table should be unified as much as possible. Break the sense of boundaries with the same color, and the thick sole will naturally not be so obvious.


“Martin Boots” is about to be lonely! This summer, these “loose cake shoes” are popular. Looking at the bulky change, it is significantly high, and the retro tide becomes new fashion.


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