Bee bee with “Weirus” first show! Participate in the Jedi Arena with Prince Long


The number of people who appeared in front of the camera since GODV’s wife became pregnant! The bee was busy raising the fetus, and A Wei was busy taking care of her, and the focus of the two of them slowly moved to her family. To say that the combination of the two of them is a bit “envied by others”, A Wei once had two people together in the League of Legends era, and then changed to the Jedi after survival. After the wind rises, he loves the son. The love of these two people can be called the “model” in the e -sports circle! And the bee has recently sent out his pregnancy photos ~


It can be seen that the current belly of the bee has been very obvious, but the face shape and leg shape of the whole person are not good. It really is a “mana” pregnant woman ~ jokes, now “Weirus is Weirus “It’s about to be born, and the bee has pushed all the less important activities, leaving only a few large -scale activities to participate. Although bees often show “Weirus” on Weibo, they have not appeared in front of the camera, which also made many fans look forward to the bee brother who can bring Xiao Awei to the audience. In front of.

It happened that happened to be so recently that the bees will lead their own “Wei Yi” and the 4AM team “Prince” Long to participate in a large -scale event: “Huya E -sports Carnival”! This carnival event is very large, and the Jedi Arena is the representative event of PUBG in the carnival. In addition, this carnival also includes multiple sections such as League of Legends, King Glory, and Peace Elite. What leads Xiao Awei to participate is the activity of the PUBG sector. At that time, many well -known anchors such as bees, BB articles, and music gods will participate in this event, which can be described as full of attention.


Perhaps to give you “happy sugar” in advance, the bees will send a lot of gifts in the live broadcast at this event. It is said that there will be a large number of limited T -shirts for water friends, so that everyone will be stained with a lot of touch. Brother’s “joy”. In addition, the custom jacket of Huya will be launched in this event, which looks quite handsome. The brothers who like it can pay attention to a wave.


Although this time the Jedi Arena appeared in front of the audience as the event, this arena “color head” is very interesting, and it also adds some gunpowder flavor to this event! It is reported that the players who won the championship in this event can get the popularity of the platform’s popularity. This seductive color head makes the “entertainment -oriented” competition more interesting. The Jedi Arena will officially start the war at 7 pm on December 12th at 7 pm. At that time, the brothers who want to take a look at “Verus” must lock the live broadcast room ~