The eighth survivor of the collapse of the built -up house in Changsha: “A blood vessels are gone” on the legs. In order to keep the legs experience two operations, 4 severe edema occurred in 3 days


On the evening of May 2, 2022, the scene of the collapse of the house in Changsha, Hunan, was rescued, and the 8th trapped person was rescued. China News Agency reporter Yang Huafeng/Photo

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The long silence was broken by a nurse.


The nurse is here to borrow things, to stop the bleeding band and morphine. Huang Jun remembered that there was a good news and a bad news that came with her -under the ruins, the “Survivor No. 8” had a stable life signs, but her legs were stuck, and people had to sacrifice their legs.

This is 1 am on May 2, 2022. At the scene of the collapse of a house in Wangcheng District, Changsha Wangcheng District, the rescue has lasted more than 60 hours.

Huang Jun is a orthopedic doctor at Xiangya Second Hospital of Central South University, specializing in “trauma”. After the accident, as a member of the National Emergency Medical Rescue Team, he entered the scene for standing. There have been medical staff from many medical institutions from Hunan Provincial People’s Hospital, Changsha 120 Emergency Center.

“A fire truck and ambulance on the street,” Huang Jun recalled, “But people (survivors) come out very slowly.”

After the 8 -story building collapsed vertically, the height was instantly compressed to less than two floors, while the houses on both sides were squeezed. Save people, take care of the channel carefully.

Most of the time after arriving, Huang Jun was waiting. The people around him came and went, the machinery kept on, and the lights were bright, but in order to accurately capture the signs of life, because the rescue was under the ruins, the scene sounded “silent”.

On this quiet night, the real problem is about to appear.

Life or legs

By the afternoon of April 30, 5 people had been rescued, and the radar detector found new signs of life in the ruins, “more than one person.” According to the situation released by the Fire Rescue Headquarters, newly discovered the distance between the Survivors No. 6 and No. 8. The headquarters decided to enter the ruins from the neighboring west -on -west building, and opened a passage downward.

Large equipment dare not use it, firefighters can only use mills, crowbars, axes, and electric shears. Dig out a little space and reinforce it with the top of the wooden and steel columns immediately. The prefabricated board, cement wall, and brick tile were cut a little bit. A large refrigerator blocked on the rescue channel was worn up nearly 200 sandwheels.

After more than 20 hours of this road, the Survivor No. 6 was finally taken away from the ruins.

Two meters away from the 6th, the other side of the large refrigerator is No. 8. If you do n’t cut the refrigerator, there is only one small hole, surrounded by hard beam pillars, and a floor of the floor across the top of the 9th. What is even more troublesome is that the legs on No. 8 are pressed and cannot be moved at all.

Until late at night, after a small collapse of the rescue channel, No. 8 still failed to come out.

A very realistic question appeared: “Life or legs?” People need to come out soon, and their legs cannot be kept; people come out late, and may still be unable to keep the legs for a long time -they must be prepared to be on -site surgery Essence

Medical staff on the front line of rescue knows that there are more complete drugs and equipment on the national emergency medical rescue team, and even the CT room and operating room.

After a hurry to communicate with the nurses of anesthesia and the hemostatic belt, Huang Jun hurriedly communicated with the hospital and asked for a anesthetic team.

From the perspective of this surgeon, “amputation” is a operation with a high technical difficulty, but a very high operation threshold, not to mention “on -site amputation”.

He couldn’t sit still. He joined the medical group for discussion and learned that it was a huge prefabricated board to suppress the lower part of the wounded calf. In the end, it should be “slowly shaved” or “protecting his life first”. Some people have proposed that this person may not be able to rescue it quickly, and may delay the next person. Some people think that after being pressed for so long, the legs may not be saved.

Huang Jun does not deny these possibilities. “Settle first, and then protect the body” is also a medical principle, but he still opposes amputation.

“Based on my professional judgment, I don’t think it must be.” He said that there are many blood supply systems of human calfs, with anterior tibia artery, posterior tibia artery, side branch cycle … prefabricated boards are pressed down, it is impossible to completely block these systems. There are hope on the legs.

He also considers that on -site amputation, hemostatic band must be used. If the time and pressure are not controlled, it will cause a “secondary blow” to the patient, and even cause a series of complications such as “ischemia and re -injection damage”. Renal failure will occur, causing death.

“She can speak, her life signs are stable, and she can’t be amputated when she has no choice.”

After expressing his views, Huang Jun ended his duty and left the rescue site. Later, he learned through the WeChat group of the medical group that the amputation plan was not implemented. He believes that the final decision of the headquarters is “comprehensive” consideration, and his opinions are “not critical.” The factors that may be considered include narrow rescue channels and space without surgery.

In the dozen hours after the doctor’s departure, the firefighters moved the prefabricated board with a crowbar and a jack, and separated the debris that hooked her left leg with an inflatable pad. At more than 7 pm on May 2nd, the survivor on the 8th left the ruins and was taken to Xiangya No. 3 Hospital.

“A blood vessels are gone”

The test has not ended. “I can’t say that the legs are kept, and I can only say that her legs come out in a lingering body.” Huang Jun said, “Lian, not necessarily alive.”

On the evening of the 2nd, the doctor suddenly received a call and asked him to go to Xiangya Third Hospital. In this designated hospital for the injury of the collapse accident, Luo Ling, director of the orthopedic department, has met No. 8. This night, Lei Guanghua, Dean of Xiangya Hospital, also came from No. 8 and Tang Julu, “Xiangya Famous Doctor”. They are all orthopedic experts.

Wei Jianwei rode on an electric car and arrived in a few minutes. He went straight to the operating room, entered the door, and saw the feet.

“Can you keep it?” He secretly worried that he put on gloves, touched the skin temperature, and ice. It is not ideal to touch blood vessels and test the amount of capillaries that test capillaries.

The right foot is a bit better than the left foot, but the back of the foot and the soles of the feet has a “pear size” blisters. This is caused by the long -term squeezing the power of the feet and the tissue liquid charging profit. Before the expert arrived in Qi, Wei Jianwei asked for a curether and pulled these two water.

“All experts see her inhaling a breath.” Luo Ling recalled, “I haven’t seen it for so long, preparing for the amputation on the spot, but all sectors of society want to keep her legs.”

“No. 8” was in his early 20s. Luo Ling, who had seen too many terrible trauma, couldn’t help thinking that the child was accidentally involved and suffered a huge psychological trauma. It would be a big blow if the limbs could not be kept. He wanted to keep the legs 8, “not because of the attention of society, but because she can better integrate into the society in the future.”

At the same time, from a professional perspective, Luo Ling must be rational. After dozens of hours, the anterior tibia and the glory of the left -legged left leg were “gone”, and the posterior tibial arteries had no blood supply to the ankle plane. It can be said that “a blood vessel is gone.” There are still many risks of terrible, such as tissue secondary necrosis, horizontal muscle dissolving and osteophytes, “hard protection, no good life is lost.”

“I can’t help but talk about what to talk about.” Wei Jianwei also said that he remembered a survivor in the accident that his thigh was pressed for too long, and he had a heartbeat and breathing arrest. For the 8th, if the cells of the leg necrosis of the legs have severely damaged the internal organs, they must be amputated as soon as possible.

A report that suddenly passed to the operating room alleviated the anxiety of this group of experts to a certain extent. According to the latest test results, the liver and kidney function indicators 8 are “not too bad.” Everyone decided to surgery and continue the evaluation during the operation.

The surgical knife first removes the skin that was pressed by the left leg of the 8th leg, and then opened a series of osteophytes wrapped in muscles. Wei Jianwei remembered that the muscles there showed the dark red of ischemia, and a smell can be smelled in the operating room. Doctors cleaned up all necrotic tissues and carefully retained the “tendonic part” required for body flexion and extension activities. Then, they “loosened” blood vessels and nerves, distinguished them, smoothly, and reducing stress.


After these operations were completed, the doctors loosen the hemostatic band tied to the left leg on the 8th, and quickly observed that the edge of the cut skin was slightly bleeding.

For other surgeons, patients with bleeding during the operation often indicate danger and operation difficulty. However, on this group of doctors with “arms and legs”, bleeding is more likely to be a good thing, indicating that blood vessels are intact and blood flow is smooth. With blood transportation, the limbs may recover function.

“Seeing bleeding, this leg must be kept.” Wei Jianwei said, they subsequently dealt with the right foot of No. 8. He remembered that Professor Tang Julu was particularly careful and wanted to make a syringe and soak the tiny water on his toes one by one.

At 00:00 on May 6, Luo Ling (right) and Tang Yifu and Dr. Huang Yuzhao were treated with blisters on the body of the wounded. Interviewee confidence

Postoperative storm

At midnight, Wei Jianwei returned home. His wife and two daughters had fallen asleep long ago, and his mind was recurred.

Judging from the surgery situation, the legs 8 have restored a certain amount of blood, but it is far from being able to say “successful limbs”. The limbs still seem to be infected, but whether the wound will be infected, whether it will appear complications, or whether it can recover the function is unknown. He remembered that it was two thin legs, worried that they could not leave all the “storms” after surgery.

For Luo Ling, surgery is just the beginning. After turning into the intensive care unit on the 8th, he took 4 young doctors on duty and checked “blood transport” every half an hour.

At noon on the second day after the operation, the “venous crisis” occurred on the left foot on the 8th. The surface of the skin was obviously purple, acupuncture, toes, and no bleeding. Calply skin temperature, cold. Luo Ling judged that this is the “secondary damage” caused by the restoration of the ischemia tissue after the restoration of the blood. The limbs are severe edema, which once again leads to tissue ischemia and congestion. This foot is dangerous.

Luo Ling and his team performed a second operation for the 8th. After surgery, from 8 pm to 8 am, he and three young doctors monitored the blood circulation indicators 20 times. In the meantime, the “venous crisis” happened again, and they were dealt with in the bed.

“The repeated edema of the ischemia re -injection, dynamic veins and the damaged tissue will have repeatedly impacted blood transportation in the next 48 hours.” Luo Ling wrote in his note that the doctor used to paint and text to do it. Clinical records.

For the long record of the 8th, “damage”, “edema”, and “crisis” are words that appear every few lines.

A page in Luo Ling’s graphic notes. Interviewee confidence

“4 severe edema impacts occurred within 3 days, and patients had to overcome infection and tissue necrosis.” Luo Ling believes that the 8th is in the critical period of “limbs”, but most of the dangerous period has passed. Xiang Ya is Xiangya. The three hospitals configure the medical team from the Department of Internal Medicine, Surgery, Nutrition and Psychology, and “the overall situation is good.”

No. 8, who is critical condition, is only one of the survivors that doctors need to face.

On April 29, the first time the collapse accident, Luo Ling had received instructions: staying in the hospital. The survivors rescued at the scene will be sent to the emergency department to receive a series of inspections and treatment.

Luo Ling remembers that there is a little girl who is 18 years old, has a major in nursing, has strong self -rescue ability. There is a woman who has a pelvic fracture. It is necessary to wait for the menstrual period to surge, but she is in a good condition and read her favorite book in the ward every day. On the 6th before the 8th, the calf is open and crushed, and the leg bone pierced the flesh, but the reset was good, waiting for the fracture healing. The 9th after the 8th was pressed for 88 hours, and now every day “jump” every day. On the 10th, 133 hours were pressed, and the limbs should also be guaranteed and still observed.

As of 3:03 am on May 6, the rescue work of the scene of the collapse of the house in Changsha, Hunan, Hunan, and the rescue of the trapped and out of contact. College students.

“Some of the graduate students I bring are from Changsha Medical College.” Wei Jianwei regretted that the list was particularly distressed to medical workers because “they are the future us.”

On April 30, the doctor received an instruction to the scene and was also a member of the National Emergency Medical Rescue Team.

When he first arrived, he was a little covered. “We have rich clinical experience, but I have never been to this kind of scene. I went to Wenchuan (participating in the post -earthquake rescue) of our masters.”

Wei Jianwei watched the hanging machine and the cranes running. The firefighters were busy shuttle, but they couldn’t wait for the survivors to come out. In anxiety, “how slow, quickly pull out if there is a sign of life.” After a day, he no longer thought about it. The rescue was too difficult.

On the night of May 1st, he received the call of “almost to the scene” and hurried to the place closest to the ruins. Three ambulances are at the forefront, and 20 or 30 medical staff are waiting with him. “6, 7, 8 may come out.”

From 12 o’clock in midnight to 3 o’clock the next day, every time there was a little sound, everyone became excited. Wei Jianwei knows that among the survivors rescued in the prelude, there is a squeezing syndrome. If he thinks, if he appears, should you amputation to block the absorption of necrotic substances; The doctor is also prepared. If there is a similar situation, you have to step forward if you have a similar situation. During the waiting time, the doctors reminded each other and discussed each other, “The gloves are worn and took off, wearing it, and repeated five or six times.”

They want to save people so much, they hope that someone can let them save.

“We are medical, not hurting”

Wei Jianwei did not wait to the 8th at the scene, but when he saw it in the operating room, he was somewhat comfortable.

The number “8” turned into a little girl in front of him, and he would gently say “good pain” when the doctor was fighting. Her surname is Liu, the name sounds good, and her parents stay outside the operating room. She is so young and has a long way to go. Later, Luo Ling said that the little girl experienced the danger of postoperative surgery, and she was better every day, and Wei Jianwei was in reflection.

“Why can’t I feel when I see it at first glance.” He repeatedly thought, what was the best decision to make patients. In clinical practice, some patients spend a huge cost to keep their limbs, but they are not ideal for recovery. Some patients are particularly attached to the integrity of the body, but they do not know that the necrotic tissue may be life -threatening. How to take special measures in the extreme scene of disaster accidents.

In the second half of 2019, he took a diagnosis of a wounded. A arm was intercepted by a cement mixer, which was “sent by a broken arm.” It has been 4 hours in the accident. It must be too late to pick up the bones. Wei Jianwei cut two sections of the infusion tube and connect the blood vessels of the broken arm and torso first. Later, the arm of the wounded, “recovered to drive.”

Luo Ling admits that before receiving the first operation on the 8th, he had done a rigorous “amputation assessment”. In the “special organ resection approval form” formulated in accordance with international standards, her comprehensive score of her injuries has exceeded the standards that have exceeded the standard standard Line, experts still decide, cut off.

“The scoring is dead, and people are alive.” Luo Ling said, “We are medical, not hurting.”

This trauma medical expert has seen all kinds of worst car accidents and falls from the building … “Some people have insufficient costs when they come to the hospital. Responsible. “I tried my best, this is my dignity.”

The little girl he tried his best to guard was better every day. She wants to drink orange juice and wants to eat apples. But what Luo Ling wanted to see the most was she “walking and running.” At present, her legs are basically safe except for the left toe and the right small toe.

Luo Ling had seen almost all survivors in the accident, and he said that “miracles are accidental and inevitable.” Several girls who were rescued were particularly strong and had persistent desire for life, and supported them for dozens of hours under the ruins. After surgery, when changing the medicine, the wound was replaced by iodine and salt water, and no one cried. But he also knows that many victims have no chance to be “strong” at all. Wei Jianwei said that the doctor saved these people, but the people who could not save, how their families could face, “don’t have similar situations.”

On May 1st, Changsha issued the “Notice on the rapid development of residents’ self -built houses to investigate and rectifying the rectification”, and fully launched a large -scale self -built house inspection and rectification operation in the city. On May 7, the State Council Security Council convened a national conference call for special rectification of self -built houses in the country.


One day ago, Luo Ling took someone into the ward and saw the little girl laughing. The smile was strange. It seemed to look at the group of people in white clothes, but he was not sure. He walked before the bed and asked carefully, only to find that the girl was a “myopia”, 700 degrees, and the glasses stayed in the ruins.

The hospital quickly paid her a vice glasses. After wearing it, she said to the doctor, “I want to see my legs.”

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