Basic coats can be eliminated. This year, double -breasted coats, elegant and more fashionable and thin


Each woman hopes to improve her temperament and let themselves glory from the inside out. In addition to their own cultivation and improvement, we can also improve their temperament by wearing.

To make yourself more elegant, it is a wise choice to use a coat to match your own. Whether it is in daily life or attending important occasions, coats are very common and highlighted clothing items.

There are many styles of coats, so it is easy to be dazzling to match. When we choose a coat, we might as well try a double -breasted coat. The double -breasted coat has a strong sense of design, which is more temperamental than ordinary coats.

Basic coats can be eliminated. This year, double -breasted coats are popular. It is more elegant and fashionable. The coat is still good, elegant, gentle and versatile. 30+ women should try it.

The characteristics of double -breasted coats

Has a modified effect

The double -breasted buckle is more modified than a single -breasted coat, because the two rows of buttons can tighten the figure lines well, making the overall more smooth and natural, and it also has a thin effect.

So no matter what the double -breasted coat is

Dark color or light color


They all have modified effects. When matching, you can choose the color that suits you according to your temperament.

Show elegant charm

The coat itself has an elegant temperament, and the double -breasted coat will make the elegant charm more outstanding.

Advanced texture



So the double -breasted buckle is more suitable

Trousers, checkered pants


Wait for matching, try not to choose clothing with a strong sense of style, otherwise it will make the overall shape look more fancy, but reduce the style.

Recommended style of double -breasted coats

woolen coat


Mao woors can be said to be one of the most common coats.

Style with single buckle and double -breasted buckle

, Double -breasted woolen coats are more elegant.

Pure color double -row hair woolen coat will give people even more

Simple and advanced

The feeling is suitable for matching with a suit. The white suit is most suitable, because the white itself is very simple and clean color, and the white suit can also improve the gas field.

Colored coat

If you want to make the shape more fashionable, it is also a very good choice to use the colorful double -breasted coat. The colorful double -breasted coat must be more fashionable, but because the color sense is too strong, it is not easy to control.

We can use

Contrasting color matching

To enhance the sense of fashion of the overall shape, the contrasting color combination is the name of the color that uses some color differences to collide together. This matching color is very rich.

Cape coat

With the improvement of people’s aesthetic consciousness, the style of coats has become more and more. The common coat style can no longer meet people’s aesthetic needs, so many people will

Use a cape coat

Come with yourself.

The double -breasted cloak coat can modify the figure very well. At the same time, the cape coat will also feel very elegant, suitable for matching with some light and smart items, such as

Chiffon Dress

It’s a good choice.


Waist coat

If the body curve is relatively strong, it is recommended to use the waist coat to show the figure you have. The waist coat is tightened in the waist, and it also has the effect of improving the waistline and creating a good body proportion.

We can choose

Double -breasted coat with waist design

You can also use the waist to tighten the waist to achieve the effect of the waist. The waist coat can also show the gas field. Mature women may wish to try it.

Checked coat

In addition to the solid color coat, the checkered coat is also a single product that many girls like to match. The checkered coat is more British Fan, and it has a medieval British gentleman style, so it also has the role of improving the aura.

The choice of plaid coat is also particular, we can choose some


Beautiful plaid coat


This attitude also has the effect of improving temperament and reducing age.

Leather coat

Want to make the shape more



If you, you may try the leather coat. The leather coat is very temperamental for mature women. The double -breasted leather coat can also improve the gas field well.


The style choice of double -breasted coat

Sweet wind

In addition to showing elegant temperament, different styles also have different temperaments, so we can choose the appropriate style according to our own temperament when matching.

If you want to reduce your age, you can use it

Sweet wind double -breasted coat

Come and match yourself, such a double -breasted coat is very young, even if it is

Black style


It can also make the temperament more pretty.


In daily life, we don’t need to wear too delicately, so try to wear a casual coat to wear, and the casual style double -breasted coat

The version is relatively loose

, Can modify the figure well.

Two -breasted coat and a pair of jeans

This kind of matching method is very refreshing and casual. The inside of the coat is also trying to choose light -colored. The white inside is the best.

双排扣大衣在过去一直被认为是都市丽人的必备穿搭,但是随着人们审美意识的提高,双排扣大衣变得更加日常了,人人都可穿,人人都能穿,但是It also needs to pay attention to some matching methods.




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