Is it a ton ton? Nutrition experts: slow, it is recommended to have a small amount


Modern Express News (Reporter Ma Zhuangzhuang Yidi) Drink plenty of water, which is not a perfunctory words for health careers, but daily habits. Recently, with the hot tide of sports and fitness, the sales of large -capacity kettles and sports kettles in the market have gradually increased. Some young people’s water cups are larger than the hot kettle, and it is tons of ton. However, experts remind that drinking water is also particular. In addition, the material of the kettle directly affects health. Pay attention to selection when choosing.

The large -capacity water cups that are particularly installed are fashionable items, and there are more than 10,000 stores in the store


Looking for the summer fairy water cup, the capacity is large first! Modern Express reporters noticed that as the temperature gradually increased, many netizens on social platforms showed the water cups bought. This kind of water cup was not cute. The only keyword was “big”. “The same star with a large capacity of the same model” “” Suitable for fitness, no time to work with water, “” “A glass of water is enough to drink a whole day” … Compared to the water cup of about 400 ml, these large capacity cups basically start at 1 liter. There are 1.5 liters and 2.5 liters.

On the morning of April 30th, a reporter from the Modern Express saw in a sports supplies mall in Yuhuatai District, Nanjing that the display shelf was covered with various colors of water cups. The promotional map showed that the capacity of various models ranged from 0.35 to 1.5 liters. Essence The reporter noticed that about half of the water cups on the shelves are more than 0.8 liters, with plastic materials and stainless steel. One of the plastic materials of 0.8 liters of water cup is priced at 59.9 yuan. The product description is said to be suitable for outdoor hiking. The material is durable and has no post -taste. According to the on -site staff, the material of this water cup is also relatively light and meets the requirements of contacting food, but it is not recommended to install air bubbles or drinks with fat. He said that summer is here, and the sales of large -capacity water cups are pretty good. Another stainless steel water cup capacity is 1 liter, priced at 99.9 yuan.

On the online shopping platform, there are more large -capacity water cups. A transparent “ton -ton barrel” has a label recommended by the same star and recommended by the fitness champion. The capacity is 1.5 liters and 2.5 liters, and according to the material, the water temperature level is also divided. It can only be equipped with cold water, not. More than 80 ° C, below 100 ° C and high temperature resistance at 180 ° C. The price is between 65 and 263 yuan, and the monthly sales show 10,000+ and more than 40,000 comments. Some consumers leave a message that the large water cup is not only suitable for fitness and travel, but also very convenient to use in the office. It is full at a time. It does not have to run between the station and the water dispenser in one day. There are also large -capacity water cups of the brand marked the time scale in the bottle body. From 7 am to 7 pm, a horizontal line is drawn every two hours to remind you to drink water in time.

2 liters of tons of tons per day, some kettles still have time scale


After the 90s, Xiao Zheng’s daily drinking cup was a straw cup, but from the perspective of 2 liters, it is not so much a cup. “The weather was hot a few days ago, and 2 liters can be drank a day. These two days have cool down, and there may be 1.5-1.6 liters.” She told reporters that she started from irrigation every morning. After full, you want to drink the water, and you will drink water every half an hour to forty minutes. In addition, the straw cup will be bored. “Before buying the material, you can withstand the temperature below 90 ° C. I usually pour warm water or mineral water, soak lemon slices.”

Since this year, Ms. Chen has paid attention to developing the habit of drinking plenty of water. For this reason, she bought a 2 -liter straw cup with a capacity of 2 liters. It not only had the water level scale, but also marked the time. Remind you to drink water when it is reminded, and the interval between 40 minutes each time, which scale should I drink every time. “I usually forget to drink water when I am busy at work, and I will remind me at this time scale. Generally, I will drink a half of the water in a day, about 3 liters.” Considering the material of the plastic, she is usually installed at 50-60 ° C.

The latest version of the dietary guide is recommended to drink 1500-1700 ml a day

On April 26, the fifth edition of “Chinese Resident Dietary Guide (2022)” was released. One of the new revised criteria was to eat regularly and drink enough water. The first floor of the dietary pagoda of Chinese residents, that is, the base of the base, is water, which also means that the water to be intake every day is the most in the diet. The one-day intake is 1500-1700 ml. According to the recommendation of the “Dietary Guide”, there are enough drinking water and a small amount. Under mild climatic conditions, adult men in low physical activity drink 1 700ml of water per day, and adult women drink 500ml of water per day.

Liang Tingting, the nutritionist in charge of the Second Hospital of Nanyi University, said that many people have poor habits for drinking water and drinking water when they are thirsty. This is wrong. Insufficient body drinking water will lead to slowing metabolism. The metabolic waste in the body will gather in the kidneys and liver. It is not easy to excrete the body. Long -term accumulation will cause cycle disorders.

Drinking water is a small amount, which takes 1500-1700 ml a day. But this amount is not to be achieved, because everyone’s physical condition is different. Some people love sweat and consume more, then drink more, and the average intake is enough to this level.

She said that she encountered many people in the clinic, and the doctor reminded the doctor to drink plenty of water, but the patient had forgotten it for a long time. More importantly, it is necessary to form the habit of drinking water. Drinking water of 1500-1700 ml a day, whether it is normal or special needs, such as people with weight loss, skin, and poor gastrointestinal and intestines are very helpful.

One day for a day? Experts suggest to change water once every 4 hours

Liang Tingting suggested that drinking water should still be a small amount, usually 200 ml each time, and drink every half an hour and half an hour. Of course, you may forget that you are busy at work. Like some young people, when you think of it, you can pick up the kettle ton ton, drink 1 liter at once, and pour a lot of water at one time. This is not good for the stomach, the stomach is bearing, and it is easy to cause the expansion of the stomach, and it also affects the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, if you consume a lot of water in a short time, your body cannot circulate to the blood in time. Drink more times a day. “In fact, if you are working regularly, you can master it well. Drink it once in the morning, drink 3 cups, drink soup at noon, drink 3-4 cups in the afternoon, and the amount of a day will be reached.”

For large -capacity kettles that are currently popular, Liang Tingting said that paying attention to the material and selection of the national standard production requirements. If it is plastic, most of the PVC material is not resistant to high temperature. The harmful substances in the plasticizer in the plasticizer after exceeding a certain temperature will be precipitated. For children, early maturity, intelligence and nervous systems may be affected. Adults are reproductive systems. influential. Therefore, it is recommended not to exceed 50-60 ° C in the water. It is advisable to open it with cool white. Pay attention to observation when choosing to buy, whether the cup is marked with high temperature and low temperature.


In addition, large -capacity kettles need to pay attention to. Do not put the water in the cup for too long, especially in summer, it is easy to breed bacteria. It is recommended to drink it within 4 hours. Such kettle sucking is the most likely to breed bacteria. After drinking, it is closed directly. After opening, it first contacts the air. The mouth suction is also the most contact with the mouth, and there are various bacteria in our mouth. Once a long time, it is easy to breed bacteria. So clean it in time. If it is a cool and white, it is fine to clean it normally, and you don’t need to disinfect it.

Source: Modern Express All Media