Transparent pumping vacuum packaging bag wholesale


Our company specializes in production high. Middle and stall food packaging bags, industrial packaging bags, advanced production technology, and strong technical power. High -temperature boiled bags can be sterilized at 121-135 ℃ High -temperature high -pressure steam. The products include aluminum foil bags, plastic bags, vacuum bags, yin and yang bags, etc. The product has the characteristics of high peeling strength, strong tensile resistance, good sealing performance, flat sealing, low oil absorption, low water vapor and oxygen. The company’s products are widely used in the packaging of cooking foods, soft cans, beverages, sauce, halogen, dried foods, casual foods, as well as protection packaging of medicine, cosmetics, electronic products, instrumentation, military products, etc. The company currently has two high -speed composite machines. Two high -speed printing machines. Four high -speed bag making machines and other advanced equipment. The company has a number of senior managers and senior technical personnel. Three people are national industry standards for high -temperature -resistant steaming bags. The company’s products sell 28 provinces nationwide. Municipal. Welcome to let’s write to the business. The company can produce various specifications of product packaging bags according to customer requirements.


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