Huawei PixLAB X1 printer experience: Simple with the network network, one touch printing, it is more convenient to use


Living in this era, I like this sentence: We live in the best era!

Why do you say that? You think, we can really rely on a mobile phone to complete it now, efficient and convenient. In addition to life, many office scenarios at work have become “simple” because of the continuous evolution of office supplies, yes! It is simple.

So why should we be simple?

I believe that when many post -80s students enter the workplace for the first time, they may have encountered such a scene: when they first entered the company, they often do not understand the company’s imported printers. Sister help ~ and when you are skilled in use, the company may be replaced by replacing the device, maybe the printer is going to replace, and you have to have a process of re -learning. Is it annoying? Furious? If you are an ordinary employee, it ’s okay to say-anyway, there is always a chance to find a young lady in the office or how to use it at the front desk; and if you are a high-level or boss, although these miscellaneous things do n’t need to do it, if you are temporarily, you ca n’t find it temporarily When someone helps, it is a embarrassment ~

华为 PixLab X1打印机体验:配网简单+一碰打印,使用更方便

Therefore, at that time, we often looked forward to a super simple and convenient printer product to avoid this embarrassing situation. Today, this wish is expected to realize-Huawei PixLab X1 smart printer is the choice of zero-threshold office in the workplace and traditional business people.

华为 PixLab X1打印机体验:配网简单+一碰打印,使用更方便

In addition to the simple and convenient use, the Huawei Pixlab X1 compared to the traditional commercial printer in the office environment, it also solves many pain points that we can’t think of but often encounter: it is particularly quiet during work, and the whole body is particularly small, even my little little young The desk can also be easily released; I remember that the company also arranged the printing room earlier. One reason was that the traditional printer was really noisy when working. A little movement has printed the files you need.

So today we will talk about Huawei Pixlab X1. Perhaps, you can find it to get it from my experience!

[Exterior design: See my favorite Founder element? .

华为 PixLab X1打印机体验:配网简单+一碰打印,使用更方便

In the impression of the older generation workplace, the traditional office supplies like printers are often stupid and stupid? It doesn’t exist! At that time, where would the merchant care about it? Just use it ~

When I opened the packaging box of Huawei Pixlab X1, I took out the printer products to see that in addition to the body, the power line, and a USB-B data cable in the body, the others were gone. Why! It’s gone. It’s that simple? I turned around, it was really “minimalist”!

The entire product body is mainly white tone. The shape design is a cubic shape. The visual effects you may think it is big, but it can be easily put on the table of more than one meter of Lege. You know, the 28-inch guy used next to me-Huawei Matestation X! It’s okay to put it again.

华为 PixLab X1打印机体验:配网简单+一碰打印,使用更方便

In order to prove its “small size”, I asked girls to lift it to everyone-it is enough to prove its small? There are many benefits of small weights and small body shapes. Only a small and medium -sized enterprise with a Huawei PixLab X1 can be bought on the table of the front desk of the company’s front desk. It’s okay to put it in the room. How good is the reasonable use of space?

The modeling structure of the entire printer is not complicated, and because of the multiple positions, the entire structure design is very reasonable. The top of it is the area responsible for copying the scan file. Opening the scanning plate is the scanning area of ​​the printer; the area where the empty space is left in the middle is actually the area of ​​the paper-printed or copied files come out of this.

华为 PixLab X1打印机体验:配网简单+一碰打印,使用更方便

The lower body part of the printer is more important. The position in the front of the fuselage is the LOGO of a large “HUAWEI”. After I see it, sometimes I think it is the printer of the old brand. Perhaps this also means Huawei. Should I enter the office field early?

华为 PixLab X1打印机体验:配网简单+一碰打印,使用更方便

Don’t doubt! This part of LOGO is a front cover of the event. When the operating panel prompts that there is no ink, we need to open this cover to replace the old and new ink cartridges. Is it very intimate?

华为 PixLab X1打印机体验:配网简单+一碰打印,使用更方便

On the front cover, there is an important area at the bottom of the fuselage, the carton, which is the place where the paper is placed. There are many benefits to the bottom of the carton. For example, you can put more paper at one time and you do n’t need to open it often. The steps of paper are small Tips and the like.

There is nothing to say on the side of the fuselage, but the bottom of the fuselage side is symmetrically arranged by a “holding port” of handling, which is very intimate, which is convenient for us to carry or something.

华为 PixLab X1打印机体验:配网简单+一碰打印,使用更方便

Turning your eyes to the back of the fuselage, the first thing that refers to is its heat dissipation hole. In addition, the power switch, power interface, LAN port, USB-B interface, carton dust cover and back cover are arranged here.

The point of the back cover, I did n’t know what area it was at first, and the warning slogan was not posted. After opening, according to my personal understanding, this should be convenient for engineers to have a problem in the printer? Of course, it is more reasonable if the manufacturer can stick to the “non -professionals not to open it easily”!

[Details: minimalist aesthetic design]

华为 PixLab X1打印机体验:配网简单+一碰打印,使用更方便

In many details, Huawei PixLab X1 is more intimate than traditional printers. For example, the design of the suspended scanning table after opening the cover has a sense of future and science fiction.

华为 PixLab X1打印机体验:配网简单+一碰打印,使用更方便

The scanning table supports A4 specifications, LTR, A5, and B5 specifications. The area of ​​the entire scanning table is still very large. You don’t have to worry about some big -painted drawings or scanned large -scale file scanning.

The operation interaction of the printer is all capacitive touch operations. The entire operation panel is also simplified. You can know what the specific function is when you see the corresponding touch button. The function finally stayed away from me.

The main functions of the operating panel are the start/cancel button, the number of paper number increase or decrease button, the double -sided copy button, the ID copy button, the network status display button, and the printer fault prompt button. Generally, including paper shortage, ink and even cardboard paper The fault buttons will not light up, and when the light is turned on, red lights are also used as a warning effect; the network status prompts that the button is as long as the normal network is often bright. The touch function keys will light up during normal operation, but in daily conditions, it is actually “displayed on the screen”. This is also a special hidden design-if it is not operated for a long time When you need to use it, you will light up lightly when you use it.

华为 PixLab X1打印机体验:配网简单+一碰打印,使用更方便

There is a special button at the leftmost end of the printer operating panel- “Huawei Share” button, which uses Huawei mobile phones that support “Huawei Share” The most important part of doctrine!

[Configuration: Xiaobai can it be completed in seconds? .

After understanding the design of the full product and the part of the institution, it has reached our configuration printer link. EMMM, if you are facing a traditional printer, I believe you will never want to repeat the second time after your configuration process. , Especially for computer Xiaobai. However, Huawei PixLab X1 is not the same!

华为 PixLab X1打印机体验:配网简单+一碰打印,使用更方便

(One -click matching network)

I took a closer look at the time I needed to print the first file for the printer for the first time: less than 2 minutes! Although this is the time after the process of installing the Huawei smart life app, only the printer-printing file-completing the printing process, but this time is amazing enough! If it is a traditional printer, you may not have a few times more time.

In fact, the first configuration time of Huawei PixLab X1 is indeed very short and simple. If you have HarMonyOS, you can use a touch-because as long as your device is close to the printer 0.3 meters, it can be found; The time for installing the Huawei Smart Life APP and adding a device and configured the network will not be very long, and the process is equally simple and convenient.

And I use Huawei Matestation X to connect to the printer, which is also close to the connection. It takes less than 1 minute? In Fei Huawei’s own computer, download the Huawei printing client and complete the installation, and then use the USB cable link. The process is also very fast, so I won’t go into details here. Seriously, Xiaobai can complete this configuration process in seconds!

华为 PixLab X1打印机体验:配网简单+一碰打印,使用更方便

[Use: Real zero threshold experience? .

华为 PixLab X1打印机体验:配网简单+一碰打印,使用更方便

The configuration process is so simple, is it so simple to use? Next, we will show you through various scenes!

Scenario 1. The boss of the start -up company needs to be temporarily printed and confidential documents

You are the boss of a start -up company, because there is a business business trip for a long time, and just stepped into the company’s door, Party A told you that there is a cooperative document that you need to sign it and passed it to them immediately. This confidentiality agreement can only be you one. People look at and then sign after signing.

(Touching printing)

The company has just changed the printer-Huawei Pixlab X1. If you replace it with other new products, you may be blind. However, the object is Huawei PixLab X1. Open the cooperation file-let the back of the mobile phone touch the “Huawei Share” of Huawei’s Pixlab X1-click on the mobile phone to start printing-after signature, take a picture and send it to Party A. Hey ~ it is so simple and so convenient. It is easy to print as soon as you touch, and the operation is extremely simplified! Entrepreneurs of the older generation can also easily master ~

Scenario 2, bear child printing synchronous words and abacus exercises by themselves

This semester, the bear children in the family have been in the fourth grade, but because the teachers who have changed the main class are not used to it, they have practiced calligraphy, but now the words become more ugly; the mathematics is okay, and now the oral calculation power has dropped sharply. Although you can buy various questions or posts, you can not target it.

华为 PixLab X1打印机体验:配网简单+一碰打印,使用更方便

As a result, I discovered that Huawei PixLab X1’s “Education Zone” was better solved: including writing posts, abacus exercises, silent writing exercises, etc. Children at different stages can choose text synchronous written posts, abacus exercises suitable for their grades, and abacus exercises and exercises. print it out.

Like our bear children, it is just right to choose the fourth grades of oral calculations and synchronization posts. For a while, let him choose some printing to practice, so that he can improve his learning ability. Do you say it is great? Moreover, this matter does not even need to do it, he can choose it himself.

华为 PixLab X1打印机体验:配网简单+一碰打印,使用更方便

Scenario three: Son registration of football interest classes, parents need to sign the school to bring back to school

In the past two years, the bear children do not like sports. It is said that he has reported to the school’s amateur football interest class for him. After receiving the teacher’s registration form, although I was still outside, I didn’t have to bother my daughter -in -law to ask the print shop to print it. Choose the Huawei Pixlab X1 for remote printing!

I open the registration form that needs to be printed-select “Share”-click “Huawei Print” and print out the registration form cloud. After the daughter-in-law signs it, throw it directly to the bear child to the school to the coach! You do n’t have to be at home, you do n’t need to be next to the printer, you can also realize the various documents required for remote and precise printing. If you ask you not intimate?

[Copy, scanning experience: True · Smart Function? .

In addition to the printing function, Huawei Pixlab X1 is also a copy machine and scanner, providing more convenience and help for daily office. Of course, its experience is not only “zero threshold”, but more importantly it is very smart.

华为 PixLab X1打印机体验:配网简单+一碰打印,使用更方便

When many companies are expanding their employees, one function of the Personnel Department often uses a printer is “ID card copy”. If one or two, the traditional printer with a copy of its own copy function is not stressful, but if there are too many employees in the employee, it may be possible. The staff of the personnel department will be messy, and it will make an error when it is messy-for example, the wrong position or the wrong surface will be copied into a “tracing notice.”

华为 PixLab X1打印机体验:配网简单+一碰打印,使用更方便

And if you have Huawei PixLab X1, you don’t have to worry about this problem! I have tried many times and put the ID card into the scanned area of ​​the printer arbitrarily. The printer can still print out the effect of correcting the layout-it is not affected at all.

华为 PixLab X1打印机体验:配网简单+一碰打印,使用更方便

This is naturally benefited from the AI ​​automatic recognition function of Huawei PixLab X1. No matter how to place it in the scanning area, it can eventually be corrected and printed out. It is really convenient! Moreover, as long as you choose the copy of the ID copy, it knows that you are copying the “certificate”, and you will automatically remind you to continue after the PC computer.

华为 PixLab X1打印机体验:配网简单+一碰打印,使用更方便

(Double -sided copy)

华为 PixLab X1打印机体验:配网简单+一碰打印,使用更方便

The function of “double -sided copying” is also very easy to use. We encountered the same type of problem when using traditional printers for double -sided printing: manual page turning the wrong direction to make the wrong print. But the “double -sided copy” function of Huawei PixLab X1 is too wise! After completing the front printing, the paper spit half of the paper and then recycles, and then continue to print the negative document to complete the automatic double -sided printing effect. Error? That is impossible!

华为 PixLab X1打印机体验:配网简单+一碰打印,使用更方便

[Consumption replacement: drinking boiled water is as simple as! .

Everyone in the old workplace knows that if you have a good relationship with the company’s front desk girl or other clerk, in addition to moving water and office supplies, they are often sent by girls. After changing the printer’s toner, the black memories may be one of your little memories of the company.

华为 PixLab X1打印机体验:配网简单+一碰打印,使用更方便

Isn’t it “black memories” to traditional printers? I think for forgetting, because this matter can be easily done. Therefore, on this basis, Huawei PixLab X1 has designed a drawer -style powder box on the technical technology of drum powder, which will make us simple when replacing the toner cartridge!

(Powder box replacement)

华为 PixLab X1打印机体验:配网简单+一碰打印,使用更方便


华为 PixLab X1打印机体验:配网简单+一碰打印,使用更方便

How simple I have done this process:

Open the front panel-sliding powder box unlock-remove the old powder box and put it on the new powder box-lock charging powder-cover the front panel, the whole process does not even exceed 20 seconds, easy and simple! Although this may make many good memories of our girls in the workplace, but you must have a good opinion of this design!

(Putting paper)

华为 PixLab X1打印机体验:配网简单+一碰打印,使用更方便

It is also very convenient to put paper on the carton. I also made a demonstration for everyone, and I did n’t even need to get it if I did n’t need 10s! Convenient and efficient? Moreover, the printing cost of Huawei Pixlab X1 is very low, and the printing cost of printer is only about 0.06 yuan each. It can be said that the cost performance is very high.

[What is the effect of printing? .

What is the effect of such a easy -to -use printer? Let’s take a look at the actual effect.

华为 PixLab X1打印机体验:配网简单+一碰打印,使用更方便

Judging from the actual printing effect, the quality of the overall printing is easily killed by the quality of the printing shop printing shop nearby, the font is high black, the text is clear and saturated, and the lines are uniform. I feel pleasing to the eye! The start-up enterprise does a contract or signing an agreement or something. Take such a printing document to sign a contract with the partner to see you high-after all, even the printing agreement can be so outstanding, proper cooperation partners ~

The effect of printing is good, what is the effect of copying? I took a copy of something a while ago. As a result, the effect of copying was not satisfied at a glance. Later, I sent it to others. Others said that I was unqualified and needed to copy again. Later, I found several copy shops back and forth to get it. Therefore, this time I saw the effect of Huawei PixLAB X1 copied. I really hate this product before, otherwise I don’t need to take this way ~ Look at the effect of this copy, and the effect of the original font and icon effects. The saturation is almost completely consistent, right? That is to say, the paper is different, otherwise it can be used as a wood for the original version?

Written at the end:

华为 PixLab X1打印机体验:配网简单+一碰打印,使用更方便

The whole experience of Huawei PixLab X1 printer is probably these, serious! Before Huawei did not “admit” the office field, any of them felt that the office market was like this: if it can be used, it is only necessary to use it. However, when Huawei PixLab X1, such as a touch of printing, zero threshold, and even the business tools that support remote printing and independent powder warehouse design, you will make such a emotion: Oh ~ good office supplies can be made like this like this Intersection

华为 PixLab X1打印机体验:配网简单+一碰打印,使用更方便

There are many advantages of Huawei Pixlab X1: its distribution network process is very simple, even the older generation of entrepreneurs can quickly grasp it, and the experience of low thresholds is really good; it has the function of automatic double -sided printing, and it is still independent. The design of the powder warehouse has made many functions that simplify the effect of design, and the replacement of consumables has become very simple. It can be seen that it does make good use into one of the synonym for this product. This is recommended for you looking forward to your efficiency+simple experience ~