At night, there is a light 20,000 yuan price night light watch which is strong


[Watch Recommended] When choosing a watch, what do you consider? Some people will care about the brand price, and some people will pay attention to the material movement performance. Today, we provide you with a new idea, which is night light. The luminous watch means that the luminous material is applied to the dial block and the pointer, so that the wearer can see the time at night or in the dark, this design is essential for some special-purpose watches, it mainly On the diving table.

Boer (BALL) engineer series DM3308A-S1C-BE watch

Product model: DM3308A-S1C-BE

Domestic public price: ¥ 18250

夜中一点亮 2万元价位夜光腕表哪家强

Watch diameter: 42 mm

夜中一点亮 2万元价位夜光腕表哪家强

Case thickness: 15.2 mm

Shell material: stainless steel, anti-glare arched sapphire crystal glass mirror

Waterproof depth: 300 meters

夜中一点亮 2万元价位夜光腕表哪家强

Wrist Form Review: How can I not mention Port? Most watches in the market are super-luminova luminous materials, while Boer is inlaid on the dial, which can continue to illuminate more than 8 to 10 years, and powerful performance. This Bolkin launched diving meter uses Super-Luminova luminous materials with autologous light-emitting microflights, both harmonious, no matter whether it is available in the day or night. The 42 mm diameter dial is toned in dark blue, and the 3-point clock position has a date week show window. The baton timecase and sword-shaped pointer together constitute a tough aerial aesthetic style, and the second needle shape is more chic, the top weight is symbolic The alphabet pattern “RR” of the railway contains the deep historic bottom of the Polka in it. This table is equipped with the RR1102-C movement certified by the Swiss Observatory. Its anti-magnetic performance reaches 80,000A / m, which can resist most magnetic fields in daily life, 300 meters of waterproof depth, combined with the price of 18250 yuan, is still quite High.

Luminous effect

Longines classic re-enactment series L3.774.1.50.2 Watches

Product model: L3.774.1.50.2

Domestic public price: ¥ 24200

Case thickness: 13.5 mm

Movement Type: Automatic Machinery

夜中一点亮 2万元价位夜光腕表哪家强

Movement Model: L888.3

Shell material: bronze

Wrist Form Reviews: If the Polka is a standard tough-style diving meter, then the design of Longines is a lot of diving meter. The biggest highlight of this watch is that it uses the bronze case to match the green dial, and gives up the popular calendar window, return to the classic, although some watch friends think that there is no calendar window, but this move is also functional The design makes the watch to keep the watch, and the retro breath is strong. The 42 mm dial hits the size of the prototype design, in fact, this is too large at the time, but it is very conventional size at the current eye. The long strip time standard, pointer and diving scale triangulation are coated with luminous coatings, making the watch instantly in the dark environment in the water light, also clearly read. Longines is equipped with a L888.5 automatic string movement. This movement is based on ETA 2892, which is equipped with anti-magnet silicone wire, waterproof depth of 300 meters.

Tiger Daoya TAG Heuer Autavia Series WBE5116.FC8266 Watch

Product model: WBE5116.FC8266

Domestic public price: ¥ 23200

Movement Model: Calibre 5

Shell material: steel, blue ceramic two-way rotary lap

Waterproof depth: 100 meters

Wrist Find Review: Most of our common watches with nightlights are diving meter, but the last one you want to say is Tiri’s pilot watch, which is the brand launched in the 2019 Basel Watch Show. Designual inspiration comes from 1933 to 1957, the instrument disc timer used on the car and the plane. Its overall design style is based on “simple”, and the 6 o’clock position of the gradient blue textured dial has no numeric time standard, but the date display window is replaced to meet the daily needs. The time standard and pointers are coated with Superluminova® fluorescent coatings, even if they are dark adventure journey, they are still able to read time. With a blue dial, a brown leather leather strap is worth mentioning that the strap or form of each watch in the Autavia series interchanges, and there are a variety of styles to choose.

Summary: Although the luminous watch is produced between unintentional, there is more and more attention to the watches with luminous function, and the importance of this performance is also described. The above three of the three-color watch design have its own characteristics, and the use of luminous materials is not the same, and their prices are around 20,000 yuan. If you want to start a night watch, you may wish to consider it.

Watch diameter: 42 mm

Waterproof depth: 300 meters