The small lapel dress with work style, age reduction and fashion, showing a stylish temperament


Hello everyone, today I will share with you a group of dress -style dresses!

The main body of this dress -style dress is the main color of khaki color, and the waist combination is not only feminine, but also very cool in temperament. It can also bring a sense of elegance. The tough fabric increases the expensive effect of clothes, showing a charming high -cold temperament, and with a small black lapel design, there is the flavor of European beauty in the medieval century.

I believe most girls are yearning for such clothes. Pure -colored elements are classic and elegant, small black lapels and black buttons look more attractive. Lazy girls do n’t know how to match it. It ’s best to match. Do n’t have to think too much about thinking, it’ s thin and thin, it ’s so beautiful.


Girls who like literary and artistic clothing, I think this is good. The small lapel collar+the contrasting buttons are vibrant and lively. Putting a pair of high heels is youthful and age -reducing. exploded.

Alright, that’s it for today’s sharing!


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