Most of the babies have suffered from “mature skin diseases”. Does your baby’s mats meet the specifications?


I believe that everyone must be shocked to see the title and even feel that I am alarmist, but I explained the following symptoms. You will know that what I say is the fact


Babies are prone to sweating in the summer. Many babies will have rash. Baby babies are scratching their fingers and infected with the wound. It is not easy to get skin symptoms.

In summer, we will give the baby’s sleeping mat and effectively cool down, but the general bamboo mats of bamboo grass are not recommended to use the gaps in the gaps in the grass -made mats. I often have skin diseases when I rest on it

Now there will be a baby -like seat that will be more suitable for babies?


I recommend cotton and linen -made mats

Because the material comfort and breathability of cotton and linen are relatively good on the stroller or the size of the baby bed is also suitable and it is convenient to clean the material. It’s not convenient to clean the mat on the mat in the cold mat.


After watching my sharing, you must re -choose the mats at home for the health of the babies. Every mother must be careful and cautious!