The machine can take it!Kiko Kostadinov X ASICS new online plan release


After many cooperation with the Japanese sports brand Asics Kiko Kostadinov and Japanese sports brand ASICS has won the high appreciation and attention of the fans at home and abroad, Kiko said that Kiko said to launch a new link with ASICS.The shoe shoe shown in the figure, using ASICS classic footwear GEL-KORIK as a joint substrate, this launched shoes will be present in front of the world in four different colors.These include silver white, gray black two cold tones and two warm colors of red-blue with lemon green and coral red card.In addition, the Kiko Korik launched in this period is configured with Flytefoam under the foot-in-law, which provides unprecedented comfort.The current sales news about this Lianxing shoes is still in an unknown state, and interested friends also ask patiently waiting for our follow-up reports.

机能百搭首选它!Kiko Kostadinov x ASICS全新联乘策划释出

Source: IG