To tell the truth, the more expensive the solid wood furniture is, the better


“New Chinese style”, “Nordic style”, and “Middle Ages”, which have been popular in previous years, do you remember?

It was once a solid wood furniture by young people, and a small fire was re -fire, standing in front of the public.

Solid wood furniture has already abandoned the bulky and complexity of Qing -style furniture, who doesn’t love lightly and beautiful!


Photo from Fan’er

I simply gave them a class,

Original design of He Taoda brand


But there is one to say, no matter what kind, the family needs

There is still a threshold for buying solid wood furniture,

Compared with other materials furniture, it is


It’s outrageous!

For example, a single solid wood chair is 300 to thousands, and different wood species, shapes, and brands will increase its price.

Slow screenshot of the source twelve times

Responsible, this is really related to the complex market situation in China. Today, I will share with you the crazy interviews and investigations in this week.


· Why is the price difference between solid wood furniture?

What pits should I avoid buying Shimi furniture?

· Is solid wood furniture worth buying?

· How to buy high cost -effective solid wood furniture?

This article will inevitably talk about some brands. There is no wide range of the whole process. Whether it is Xiaobai or the veteran of solid wood furniture, welcome to exchange the comment area!


Why is the price difference between solid wood furniture?

Market factors are too complicated.

Solid wood furniture is not like TV. It is already a category that can be completed by technology and production standardization, which is very mature.

Its production and production cycle is affected by geographical, natural environment, national policy, transportation, standard level, manual processing, design, brand and other factors.

Different items of different woods and different items of the same material can be nearly 10 times worse.

For example, if you want to buy a single chair of a dining table, you choose the imported North American black walnut+original design brand. The double 12 to 3780 yuan.

The picture originated from the official flagship store of Tmall

The imported birch+ordinary manufacturers of the imported birch+a certain treasure, the double 12 to the price of 418 yuan.

The picture originated from a Bao Da Kang Xiaoyou Shandong Texas Factory Store

The same chair, the price is really more than nine times, is there?

It directly involves the pricing of original design brands and factories and factories.


The pricing of a mature item is usually composed of brand value+design added value+processed production value+labor cost+raw material procurement cost.

Except for the cost of raw material procurement, it is a force majeure factor, and we can summarize it as an resistance to resistance.

Market evaluation level, FAS level is the highest and most expensive

Whether from the product or the source, the level certification is an important factor affecting the price of solid wood furniture products.

Currently, except Europe, Russia, Africa,

North American wood

Due to the large wood species, long light time, and sufficient water, it has always been

Occasionally the number one in the total imports of wood markets in my country.


The quality of the wood is divided into the dimension of scabs, size specifications, and loss of loss, etc.


FAS, FAS single -sided, special grade, Pu level 1, Pu 2A and B -level 6 categories.


The wood imported from Tuyuan Network will marked the logo of the North American Forest Farm Company

Picture source knows@图 图 图

Take a chestnut (the latest picture of the latest wood network is not updated, the price of the following wood is reference in 2014).

For example, called wooden nobles

North American black walnut

Under the same place of origin, the levels are different, the specifications are different, and the shore price (2014) also floats between 5000-13000 yuan/m³.

Among them, the FAS level is above 11000-12000 yuan/m³, which is the highest purchase price for common wood.


Screenshot of Tuyuan Wood Network (Price in 2014)

The procurement price of raw materials during the epidemic rises by about 20%

This year, due to the impact of the epidemic, the price of tariff restrictions, shipping, and policies caused the price of raw materials for solid wood furniture.

The price of different woods has generally increased by 10%-25%in the past year, and even increased by 60%.

Picture source: Living Fan’er Interview Screenshot

This also directly leads to the rise in the purchase cost of brands and manufacturers. Of course

The price price price of raw materials is transparent,

This can be found on the wood network.

Some manufacturers claim that the larger the quantity, the

The lower the purchase price is not all unreasonable

, But the purchase price brought by the direct comparison of pumpions rises,

These are nothing.

Affected by the new Chinese, Japanese and Nordic style, North American black walnuts, oak, beylum, red cherry wood, hard maple, birch, white wax and other wood species are the most popular.


according to

The latest purchasing price in 2021

From the end, it is,


Black walnut > White Oak = Hard Maple > Cherry Wood > Red Oak = White waxing wood > Shamo > > > > > > > > 黑 黑 黑 黑 > 松 松 松 黑 黑 黑 (Europe, Russia, domestic).

Picture source Fan’er self -made

In December 2021, the price is for reference only

The processing cycle is long and costs high, and the price cannot be reduced

A chair, the price is 9 times the difference. After the cost of the raw material cost and the level of raw material, the brand, design and processing attributes are left. This part can be completed in China.



As far as the current situation of solid wood furniture in China, the original design furniture talks with the brand and the added value of the design itself is not yet.

Take the brand I interviewed this time

Twelve o’clock slow

Let’s talk about it, the brand barely can maintain its own operation and be in a state of “alive”, which is already very good.

Another person in charge of the brand chose to give up directly, “the cost really can’t hold it anymore.”

The product design is strong, and the more durable is the advantage of this type of brand

, But the unit price is high, the quantity is small, and the cost cannot be reduced. In addition, I feel very obvious when I participated in the exhibition in the industry in the past two years.


The output is small and the design requirements are slightly higher,

The product technology and polishing cycle of this type of brand will also be longer.

2-3 months is a normal cycle,

A longer year.

The advantage is time and team flexible,

Can be directly connected to the manufacturer, strictly control all aspects of wood procurement, design grinding, grinding gear production, and product delivery.

For example, there are no large -area color repair, more accurate teeth, no or small amounts (no more than 10%) in the product.

The product delivery rate is lower and better.

The picture comes from the Internet

What is the material of this brand, what is the material of the solid wood, it is not so important for them.


“Design, forced, and after birth”

They are concerned.

One said that it can be affordable, after all, there are still a few.

What most people can buy, or

Factory department, Amoy brand

For example, Genji Muyu, virgin Harajuku, Vishamu and so on.

This type of brand shipments are large. In the units of 10,000, through the “Xiaomi supply chain management system”, it expands production scale and cooperates with downstream manufacturers.

The level of industrial production is relatively high, and the cost can be better controlled.

The picture originated from the Internet

If you buy it often, you will find that most of the delivery place is Shandong, because Shandong is one of the largest solid wood furniture distribution centers in my country.

Need to explain

These two types of brands have their own advantages and disadvantages. They do not step on, but they are different for consumers. They depend on their personal preferences.

Buy Shimu furniture, what pits to avoid?

It is not clear about one sentence. In short, the most powerful fighting in a book and a sound comment area is the seven o’clock below.

If I didn’t say it, it was welcome to communicate in the comment area at the end of the article.

Pit 1: Put the skin and rush to the wooden

Good guy, open your eyes and talk nonsense!


There are two types of peels, and I will give you artificial skin leather unconcerned. The stuffing inside may also be artificial granular boards and particle boards; conscience uses two similar wood textures to put the wooden skin on the surface of the core.

In accordance with national specifications “GB/T28202-2020 Furniture Industrial Terms”, the definition of solid wood furniture, artificial paste leather is fake marketing. If the wooden leather is used, it also belongs to the solid wood furniture category, which is not deceived.

In order to avoid this ambiguity, when we bought it, I directly asked if it was all solid wood furniture?


Picture source Fan’er screenshot

Because of the new regulations,

If there is no veneer, it belongs to all solid wood furniture


So it should be said rigorous,

The solid wood furniture we often say is actually all solid wood furniture

These are two concepts.

If you feel dumb, you are very concerned about using the skin to enrich the wooden furniture.

Method of counterfeiting

There are two types, the first most routine is



Intersection Look at the whole of this product, or in other models of offline stores, whether there are similar patterns, there are pastes;

The picture originated on the big V @乎 图 cabinet

There are two exactly the same pattern, the iron must be pasted

The second is the side seam, bottom plate, back plate, side plate,


There are black or white edges at the seam

Or the pattern is horizontal,

Also sticking.

Artificial paste

Really solid wood, each cut surface can be connected!

Picture, a screenshot of Fan’er from the Yishan Gong

Pit 2: Merchants say that plywood is also solid wood furniture

This is the concept of confusion!


According to the national specifications of “GB/T28202-2020 Furniture Industrial Terms”, plywood PLYWOOD (PW) is a type of artificial board furniture. Artificial board furniture and solid wood furniture are completely two concepts.

One is watermelon and the other is an apple. Except for the wooden characters, it is not a species at all.

Picture, Source Fan’er Screenshot

Pit 3: The concept of confusion of wood species on the label

The following two are the following:

Shamifang is not beylum

Torrent, mostly produced in Europe, or red cricket, is a kind of wood for the family. It is closer to oak in person. We can see small wood -like rays similar to oak on it.

Figure Living Fan’er Baidu Screenshot

Tochigi is the common name of China, which is essentially the other of the Elite. It was also the middle and upper and middle wood in the Ming and Qing dynasties.

The picture comes from the Internet

Rubber wood is not oak

Most of the rubber wood in the market is a finger -connecting board, that is, rubber wood integrated materials, with moderate hardness, narrowing, moisture resistance, and not easy to deform. It is a common material for furniture DIY. The purchase price is relatively low, mostly 2000 yuan/m³.

The picture comes from the Internet

Oaks are mostly produced in North America,

It is a common white oak and red oak on the market.

The texture is rough, the structure is thick, and the color is elegant and beautiful, but it is not suitable for large -scale use and easy to deform.

The purchase price is mostly 9000-12000 yuan/m³.

The red rubber is not red, but the wood yellow is pink,

White oak is not white, but light yellow, which causes the color difference between red rubber and white oak.


Pit 4: Black walnut wood is also produced in Africa, Southeast Asia?


keep in mind,

North American black walnut


This combination noun.

In addition,

African black walnuts, African red walnuts, Southeast Asian black walnuts are all named guys

The purchase price is not even one -third of North American black walnuts!

Figure from the Internet




The name with golden silk

In addition to Jinsi Nanmu,

The name is Nanmu in the name, except for the golden silk nanmu,

The name is teak, except Myanmar teak,

The name with sandalwood in the name, except for the national standard mahogany,

There are also all names with gold,

It’s all counterfeit goods, don’t listen to the merchant blindly.

Pit 5: Some people always say that the water curved willow bells are the same tree species!



Produced in Northeast China and Russia

, The price of a finished saw price of 2.5cm thick is 3800-4200/m³.

White wax

, The common market is produced in the United States

(China has also been prohibited from cutting away before), FAS-level finished sawcard, the price is 6000-6800/m³,

About 60%more expensive than water song willow

Ashwat wood processing, paint, and polishing performance are very good. It is resistant to corrosion. It is the main material of American high -end furniture. It also often makes simple -style furniture materials.

Both the price, none of these two!

Picture, derived from the Internet Left Water Floral, right white waxing wood


How to distinguish these two?

Most of the colored paint is the water -colored willow, and the white wax wood usually shows the real body.

Pit 6: Merchants blowing wood wax oil is particularly good, others don’t work

Everyone knows that the solid wood furniture is bought home, everyone knows,

Waxing moisture -proof sun protection is the most basic nursing knowledge.



Environmental protection perspective, color texture


Wood wax oil better


It is also suitable for most wood.

Waterproof and moisture -proof, durable angle


Water -based paint is better than wood wax oil.

However, the water -based paint fish dragon on the market is mixed and difficult to distinguish. When buying, you can ask them to get a certification certificate.

In order to facilitate post -maintenance, my suggestion is

Waxing when you do not often come into contact with water

After all, wood such as wardrobe, hanger, bookcase, bookshelf, sofa, bed and the like. Common woodwax brands include Ou Shimu, Livos.

The picture comes from Mu Mo Xiaohongshu

Waxing is best before the rain in the south, before the north drought

I have to come once,

It’s best to wipe a wave in two to three months

Xiaobai can ask the first purchase of solid wood furniture, “How to charge it if you send it or not, how can you charge it if you don’t send it?”


Some brands ranging from 150-300 yuan at a time, watching furniture and wood.


Usually it is not a large area of ​​waxing. It is recommended to get started.

The simplest is beeswax.


Those who are easy to encounter water can be used to use water paint

For example, dining tables, corner cabinets, etc. Although the color restoration is not high, it is waterproof and moisture.

Don’t think about closed paint,

Buying Shimu furniture is not as good as buying board furniture with closed paint.

Pit 7: Merchants promote solid wood furniture without formaldehyde

Of course, solid wood furniture has formaldehyde

Although the production of solid wood furniture will be used in the production of the tenon.


However, the real tenon craftsmanship is difficult to produce due to technical difficulties, high production costs, and few apprentices. Few people now have handmade tenon craftsmanship (unless it is a real mahogany furniture) to create solid wood furniture.

Difficulty of tenon

Tyranium combined glue is the choice of common solid wood furniture

This is also good for the cracking and deformation of solid wood furniture in the later period.

There will be formaldehyde with glue, but compared to plate -type customized furniture, solid wood furniture is still very environmentally friendly. This is not an order of magnitude.

Left, fingering the tenon tool, the common fingers in the right Shimu furniture are semi -industrial products



Brand selection of tenon+hardware combination to fix solid wood furniture

Don’t like to ask in advance or check it in advance.

Compared to the large mass production of tenon, hardware is a choice of good cost reduction, and the hardware brand recognizes Heidi Poetry and Belong.

Is it worth buying solid wood furniture?

It’s not worth buying,


First depend on your own


Compared with before, the purchase threshold of solid wood furniture has indeed decreased due to several large Amoy brands, such as

Genji Muyu, Visha logs


, Original element,

The first two are from a company

but if

To buy good -looking and practical solid wood furniture

, The budget is still higher, for example, what we mentioned


Original design brand

, Slowly, Twelve, Idsled Room, Squeaks, Brahma, Su Yuan, etc.


Figure, screenshot of the official website of Su Yuan

However, no matter which brand is

I dare not guarantee that solid wood furniture does not crack and does not deform

Photo from Fan’er

Photo from Fan’er

Photo from Fan’er


The picture comes from the Internet

The picture originated from the Internet






The picture comes from the Internet


This is the physiological characteristics of solid wood furniture.

Solid wood furniture vs board furniture

Everyone often uses solid wood furniture and plate furniture for comparison.



Environmental protection


Pure solid wood furniture must be better than plate furniture and plate -type custom furniture.

Of course if it is imported


The environmental protection is not bad.



Duration and cost -effectiveness


Board furniture victory

The standardization of industry is not blowing.


In addition, board furniture is often used to make all -house customization, which is more uniform and simpler in terms of style and shape.

Solid wood furniture can also be customized, but the requirements for crafts

, Especially with design and shape texture, the price is at least 3 times more expensive than the board customization.

Figure from the Internet

The left -panel -style bookshelf right -engraved solid wood furniture


I lurked in the user group for a while when I was doing an investigation.


In addition to the existing finished furniture, his family can make customization, such as TV background walls, bookshelves, wardrobes, etc. The surface treatment process is also very beautiful, but the price is not beautiful, and 100,000 is normal.

This really depends on personal budget and choice.

How to buy high -cost solid wood furniture?

This is really a problem. After turning the information, I summarized the following points in combination with this year’s market situation:

Recognize the common six woods

Choose North American Black Passion, pursue quality,

The appearance is not selected, the pattern is delicate, the gloss is rich, the physical properties are also very good, and the truth is expensive;

However, pay attention to the dark brown black walnut wood for a long time to expose to the sun, and it is easy to turn yellow.

Like the simplicity and simplicity of Japanese -style

You can choose white rubber or white wax, or mountain hair.

In terms of price, mountain hair 白> white wax> white rubber.

The mountain hair is more delicate to oak, less defects, less color difference, and not easy to crack, but love is changed, and when you buy it, you can carefully look at the crafts.

Photo from Fan Er from the picture source



At first glance, white rubber and white wax are not much different, the texture is rough, and it can be touched directly, but the white wax is whiter. The white oak is difficult to buy this year. The import price is 70%!

Picture, live in Fan’er self -taking

White wax



Red rubber is generally used instead of white rubber on the market


It can also be matched with Japanese style.

Figure Yuanyuan’s Muyu Shibao Store

Red rubber chair

Like retro style

You can choose cherry wood (red cherry)

It is very delicate to the touch, the performance is very stable, and it is not easy to deform.


After buying it home for 1 month, it is said that the oxidation will become a bit red

Don’t buy it if you care about this.

Red cherry

Don’t blindly pursue “mountain pattern, water wave pattern”

This is my personal opinion, not to say that mountain -shaped patterns and water ripples are not good.

I think there is

Within the range of cost performance

Buy the so -called “beautiful texture”, irrational.

The left is a mountain -shaped line to the right is the water ripple

It is better to identify woods such as Shandong and Henan in the place of delivery

After decades of development and adjustment,

Our country

The main solid wood furniture origin base

Mainly in Weifang, Texas, Henan, Jiangsu and Zhejiang in Qingdao, Shandong, Guangdong and Zhejiang, Guangdong and Chengdu and surroundings.

Where the wood is stored has a lot to do with its growth environment, it will be better preserved for furniture for the environment that is suitable for it.

The main wood on the market is distinguished by cork and hardwood, and the cork is fast -moving wood, such as pine trees;

For decades long, hardwood is naturally more durable.

Such as the common North American imported wood such as walnut, oak, beylum.

After drying, transport back to the country,

Most of them are industrial bases in the north

, Mainly in Shandong, the south is too humid and it is not easy to save.



When you buy it, you can recognize the delivery address of Shandong and Henan.



Do not stare at the FAS level certification when buying wood

FAS is one of the highest -level certifications of North American wood. It is not that it is useless, but it is not very useful for us. It is more a gimmick promoted by merchants.

Fas’s authentication is mainly for manufacturers

If manufacturers and brands are producing a piece of furniture, there is a word called


Attrition rate.

It is the less discarded part of a large plate, the better.

Although FAS comprehensive loss rate is the lowest, during processing

The manufacturer will expose the beautiful parts by default,

Such as the front of the cabinet door, the surface of the dining table, etc.

The unsightly places are used as the side, back or bottom.

I can’t see it, and it is not easy to identify. FAS certification has little to do with good -looking relationships!

Where to buy?

Buy online in a certain treasure to recognize the “Taobao God Store List”.

According to the rules, this god store list is recommended to the list based on the repurchase rate. Every month, it may be changed every quarter.

Can’t buy advertisements to invest money and brush the list

I don’t know how to buy it, I can use this god store list

Choose a brand

If you are not at ease online, you can go

Take a look offline

Whether it is an original design brand or a Amoy brand,


Most of them have opened offline stores in first -tier cities such as Beishangguang.

If you need this piece, leave a message in the comment area “

Request address

“, Like 300, I am arranging a period ~


If you like the solid wood furniture of this issue, don’t forget to move a small hand to like it



Figure from the Internet

Figure from the Internet

Figure from the Internet

Picture, live in Fan’er self -taking

Picture, live in Fan’er self -taking