Zuo Xiaoqing is more temperament after divorce, lamb hair is more tender, and narrow -leg pants with leather boots are thin


Share the most classic fashion wear, so that you can be high -level in the four seasons. Women never lack attraction, only lack the skills of stimulating charm, and will wear it to make you a tasteful elegant woman!



Women of each age are hidden in a variety of aesthetics. 40+ women have strong advantages in fashion driving force. They have the ability, capital, and more vision. When wearing fashion clothing, it will integrate personal temperament into the image, which will show a more comprehensive and diverse charm.

40+ women should adjust their thinking. Most women like to wear black or other dark -colored warmth products. The color is dark and the characteristics are very single. In this way Personal image lacks a sense of change, and the temperament advantage is not clear enough.

In fact, 40+ women should broaden their eye -catching, learn different tide dressing methods, and use age -reducing and fashionable dress to show their image advantages and charm. Zuo Xiaoqing’s dress has distinctive characteristics, and his temperament is very high.

Zuo Xiaoqing mastered the “age -reducing cheats”, and lamb hair with narrow leg pants, seeing how standard figures are. After Zuo Xiaoqing’s divorce, there is even more temperament. The lamb hair is more tender, and the narrow -leg pants with leather boots are thin.

Zuo Xiaoqing’s lamb hair wear

Exquisite design of lamb hair jackets

The fabric of the lamb hair jacket is warm and cute, and the plush on the surface of the fabric is used


The way of presenting is like the hair of the lamb. It has a strong visual attractiveness, and a special visual sense makes it popular with fashionable people.

The warmth and temperament advantage of lamb wool clothing are relatively prominent, and it is very age -reducing. The style of the jacket is still

Large version

It is not only comfortable to wear body, but also makes the upper body look round and cute.



The design highlights the high -level charm in the color. The khaki color is very light, but the temperament is very elegant. It is used on the lamb hair to weakly dispel the smell of lamb hair and enhance the relaxation and generosity of wearing.

The overlapping design

The combination schemes in winter are diverse.


The combination method is fashionable and new. In a loose jacket such as lamb hair jackets, you choose to wear a strong sense of fashion and not to be overwhelmed.

The weaving cardigan is superimposed with a thin and inside form. It is very practical.

Tight T -shirt

As well as


It is suitable for the base to ensure the decent atmosphere,

Knit cardigan

It enhances the warmth of wearing. The matching is not thick and the package is not strong. The overall match is very refreshing.

The combination of narrow -leg pants and boots

Narrow -leg pants are simple and practical pants,


The pants are not tight, the trousers have appropriate elasticity, which can increase the spirituality of wearing, and it is still very comfortable to move.

Narrow -leg pants with elasticity can show the leg shape





Essence The matching of the boots has enhanced the fashionable and neat charm of wearing, so that the overall shape

Sense of age

As a result, boots can also show the slender ankle, allowing the overall matching image to optimize.

The visual effect of wearing

Lamb hair jackets with narrow leg pants make the image more outstanding. Lamb hair jackets are very wide. The hem and narrow leg pants are obvious.

Leg shape

The advantage, the legs look thin and long, wearing age and dynamic.

The styling and color matching are also particularly simple,


Matching, the image color is neat and advanced, the khaki color is light and generous, and the black looks stable and low -key. The color combination can ensure the effective display of the temperament.

Winter dressing can not only keep warm, but also set off and optimize personal temperament if necessary, showing the role and charm of the overall image. In addition to lamb hair, common winter warmth items can also show different temperament, as long as it will be well matched.

Dressing with Zuo Xiaoqing in winter


Simple coat wear

Simple wind coat keeps

Minimalist plan

This kind of coat is omitted by zipper and buttons. The front placket of the coat is designed as a cardigan, and it looks casual and free.

The simplified coat design can avoid the feeling of heavy and complicated dressing, which brings people visually

Easy and pleasant texture

With rich characteristics and personality, it is just right to reduce age.

Suit coat wear


It is the most common coat. The style characteristics are outstanding and can show the capable and generous appearance of the image. Women with strong women or mature women are suitable for wearing suit coats.

But suit coats do not have to match mature clothes,

Simple casual outfit

It can reduce the sense of age of the overall matching. T -shirts, sweaters and other simple styles such as jeans can adjust the temperament of the suit coat to make the overall temperament fresh.

Short down jacket wear

Short down jackets are also suitable for middle -aged women, which is particularly good for age -reducing effects.


Can match

Wide leg pants

Come and wear, this kind of matching, leisure, and also optimize the proportion of the body, show


Long leg

Thin legs

The effects are obvious.


Short down jackets are simple and warm, wear


It is relatively high, and the exquisite design can make the figure look exquisite and cute, thereby reducing the age of image.

There are a variety of styles in winter. 40+women can try different styles of tidal outfits, so that the charm and temperament characteristics of the dressing image can be appeared.

Master the season’s fashion elements and become exquisite tide people! If you do n’t play tall, you just talk about the most grounded drying skills to make you get closer and closer to fashion. Welcome to share fashion insights and understanding!



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