Lotus rhyme, cottage elegant reward


Why do you relieve the heat?

It is the lush tree shade, densely covered;


Why is it summer?

It is a handful of water flowers, flowing through;

Why do you feel poetic?


There is a rush of the cottage,

In the pavilion wind and rain.

Speaking of the summer of the cottage, what do you think of?

Perhaps the green shade in front of the pavilion may be the cicada in the bonsai garden, or the bamboo wind between the small monument pavilion, and the most memorable thing is the pool lotus in the plum garden.

At this time, the Caotang blooming was just right, it was time to smell the lotus.

The lotus often uses the gentleman’s wind to open in the pen of literati, and swaying for thousands of years in the poems. A small boat deep in the depths of the flowers, slowly supporting from the side of the scroll, which supports our romantic imagination of summer leisure life.

To appreciate the lotus, you must enjoy the lotus in the painting, a little bit of the pen and ink, and outline the unique charm of the lotus, which is both clean and elegant. Before entering the cottage, let’s first come to enjoy the lotus paintings of the Dufu Caotang Museum Museum ~


Crazy Modern Chen Banding’s lotus graphic axis was created in 1956. 112, 45.5 cm wide. Set color flowers, single strips, breeze and drizzle, lotus flowers bloom, and fragrant. Drawing questions: “Rainbow red 蕖 Ran Ranxiang. This Du Shaoling wrote the meaning of peace in the first year of the Yuan Dynasty in the Chengdu Yongfu sentence, and the old man of B and half of the old man sweated in a cottage in Beijing.”

The water surface is clear, the creek banks are floating, and the cottage is already in the place of bamboo.

The lotus, accompanied by the hot summer, is a rare comfort in the hot time. To appreciate the lotus in the cottage, it is naturally a wonderful thing.

One place looks like one place.

At the north gate, there is a scene of “Lotus Leaf Heada”. The lotus leaves are overlooking, connecting water and light and sky;

After walking through the Quqiao in front of the pavilion, the flowers and leaves on both sides are long, and with a beautiful appearance, it sets off the elegance of the traditional Chinese gardens.

A moment of taste.


On the sunny days, the reward “The lotus lotus is red”; on the rainy days, the “rainy red red 蕖 Ran Ranxiang”. Looking at the morning light, it seemed to meet with a gentle ladylike cottage; when the Twilight Sihe, the dangli was dark, and if he saw the proud knights, he was lonely waiting for the moonlight.


Those who are highly clean;


On the water threshold, hold a group fan, read a volume of poems, watch the koi two or three tails, the wind comes to smell the lotus, the rain comes to listen to the lotus, keep the lotus, wait for people to come.


It’s enough to appreciate the lotus in the summer.


Caotang lotus is not only in the pond.

As soon as the midsummer arrived, the audience who came to the cottage in the summer was endless, and when they left, they would always take away one or two Caotangwen to make a commemoration of this poetic journey. The lotus rhyme is stunned, and the poetic is difficult. Why not take the “lotus” of the cottage home?


Huanhua Four Seasons


One incense


Huang Siangniang Xiang -Hong Yanyan

The red red in the midsummer is a ripple incense, and it is shouting, as if the lotus pond is placed after the rain, accompanied by the traditional ancient elegance, sleeping with the incense, and making a good dream.

Cottage is the matter


The flowers of Huanhua insert

The pink and blue lotus flowers are placed at the desk, adding a touch of lotus rhyme at the desk.


Caotang lotus notebook/postcard


Su Yayan’s Lotus printing on the paper, in the pen, even the handwriting became handsome. Remote thoughts and records of life, there are cottage lotus witnesses.

Cottage printed group fan -lotus pond model

The small fan led the breeze and rewarded Youhea cool. A breeze, blindly incense, embellish the poetic and paintings of the summer cottage, is a must -have for cooling.


Do you know if you know, in the poem

The lotus is the object of the talents of talents of all ages. “Cai Lianqu” and “Love Lotus Say” … How much do you know about the lotus in poetry? May wish to challenge the Caotang’s “Do you know if you know if you know if you know,”! Scan the QR code below, you can answer the question ~


Wanliqiao west of a cottage hall, Fan Dai lotus is full of fragrance.


When the lotus is opened, you may wish to walk into the cottage, enjoy the lotus to listen to the rain to clear the tea, let the summer sadness, and go away with the dark fragrance.