Dior Dior Vibe Limited Shop Landing in Sanya, Louis Vuitton 2022 Spring and Summer Men’s Limited Space Open is a good thing


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迪奥DIOR VIBE限时店登陆三亚,路易威登2022春夏男装限时空间开启丨是日美好事物

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Dior Dior Vibe Limited Boutique

Since January 2022, Dior is officially started by the flash shop launched by Dior Vibe series. Dior Vibe Limited Boutique In Sanya, Beijing, Chengdu, Hong Kong, Seoul, Taipei, Bangkok, London, Beverly Hill, SOHO district, and Tokyo to the public.

迪奥DIOR VIBE限时店登陆三亚,路易威登2022春夏男装限时空间开启丨是日美好事物

Dior Sana Dior Vibe Limited Shop, design using minimalism wood elements, unique space seems to step into the world that belongs to exercise and dance. The Dior Vibe series debuts from Dior’s 20022 early spring series, which is designed by Women’s Creative Director Maria Jiaya Jiasia, and the sports style is perfect with elegant charm.

The series uses high-performance technology fabrics and unique tailoring, through the former satellite (tips, tight, jacket, etc.). Brand classic prints also add more vitality for this series.

迪奥DIOR VIBE限时店登陆三亚,路易威登2022春夏男装限时空间开启丨是日美好事物

Dior Vibe Series Handbags have Bowling and HOBOs to choose from: Bowling handbags are lightweight, and the inspiration in the bottom of the rubber is borrowed from the design of sneakers; and the Hobo handbag is created with classic black or white leather vine. Two shoulder straps, creating unlimited possibilities with the heart.

In addition, Dior and Fitness Equipment and Digital Technology Brand TECHNOGYM Dior And Technogym Limited Sports Equipment will also be presented in the flash shop.

迪奥DIOR VIBE限时店登陆三亚,路易威登2022春夏男装限时空间开启丨是日美好事物

Louis Vuitton 2022 spring and summer men’s clothing limited time space

迪奥DIOR VIBE限时店登陆三亚,路易威登2022春夏男装限时空间开启丨是日美好事物

Louis Vuitton will hold 2022 spring and summer men’s clothing limited time space activities in Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, presenting this series of clothing, leather goods, accessories, shoes and other products, limited time space activities will be open to the public from January 14, 2022.

Limited time space site design inspiration stems from the birch forest of the 2022 spring and summer men’s show, as an ancient metaphor of human survival ancient metaphor is also a symbol of the men’s series. It is enlarged into outdoor giant sculptures in the show, and the rich shape created by Virgil Abloh has echoed each other, running throughout the birch forest and board scene. Men’s Art Director Virgil Abloh integrates “Dress” and “Street” in this season, and will naturally reflect in the cultural or sub-cultural expression, short skirts and Scottish short skirts naturally in their clothing. In shape.

迪奥DIOR VIBE限时店登陆三亚,路易威登2022春夏男装限时空间开启丨是日美好事物

Mosted men’s zipper windbreaker coats, LV Runner Tatic Sneakers and Vertical Box Trunk handbags will be released in this sale, which is expected. At the same time, the 2022 spring and summer men’s series will also be sold in Louis Vuitton store.

迪奥DIOR VIBE限时店登陆三亚,路易威登2022春夏男装限时空间开启丨是日美好事物

Limited space information

迪奥DIOR VIBE限时店登陆三亚,路易威登2022春夏男装限时空间开启丨是日美好事物

Opening hours:

January 14th to 20th, 2022

迪奥DIOR VIBE限时店登陆三亚,路易威登2022春夏男装限时空间开启丨是日美好事物

Shanghai 10: 00-20: 00

Beijing 11: 00-22: 00

Hangzhou 10: 00-22: 00


No. 1018, Yuyuan Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai

4th Floor, Building 15, Sanlitutu, Sanlitu, No. 11 Sanlitun North Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

1-2, Building 5, Tianmu, Tianmushan Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou

“Lai Tiger Birth Year” Spring Festival Special Project

It is said that this year is getting more and more faded, if you want to feel a more rich year, you can’t go shopping for the “Lai Tiger’s Birthday” event in Lahu Juyi Changzhi District.

迪奥DIOR VIBE限时店登陆三亚,路易威登2022春夏男装限时空间开启丨是日美好事物

寅 年, labelhood Lauri Tiger is the title of “Lai Tiger Ben”, on January 10th, Labelhiod Box and New Year’s Eve and joint new products, add a lot of renewed Festive atmosphere.

The tradition of “Lai Hui Family Famous” in the Spring Festival of 2021, this year’s Lahu will still restore the family blessing scene in the company’s buyer shop, invites consumers to join the family. , Shoot the Year of the Tiger New Year, the family is recorded.

The newly opened Lahu men’s clothing is located on the 6th of Julu Road, No. 6, Laihu × Converse New Year, special planning CONVERSE water tiger limited series. Located in the 184 Fu Min Road, the “Fuhu” by the giant inflatable device, became a good place in the neighborhood.

The flash activity space opened on January 10, became a limited time “New Year Store”, sent Spring Festival, Fuji, Red Packet, Sticker and other Chinese New Year objects, bringing a strong retro taste for the neighborhood.

迪奥DIOR VIBE限时店登陆三亚,路易威登2022春夏男装限时空间开启丨是日美好事物

In addition, Labelhood Laurio also jointly destructor brand The Flocks, M Essential, Samuel Guì Yang, with Creative Studio Continew Studio, launched the “Lai Tiger Ben Late” exclusive Spring Festival limited series, in Chinese fashion and handmade, show the Year of the Tiger Year Xinyi.