“So stinky!” Parents reported that the textbook had odor! The latest response of the Education Bureau, the cause of the “textbook stink” is initially identified


Recently, many parents in Guangzhou have reflected the taste of new English textbooks in the third and fourth grades of elementary schools.

Due to the unpleasant taste, parents hang the textbooks in the ventilation place at home to dry


Bookstore staff: The book is too anxious to have a good smell of dissemination. Some media interviews confirmed that the four grades of English books in elementary school textbooks this year found that there is indeed a pungent taste, especially the fastest CD of the last page is the strongest.

According to the staff of the Bookstore of the Yuexiu Book Center, the textbooks were printed in the first two days before the start of the school before it was too late to disperse the taste, so when it was sent to the children’s hands, they could still be smelled.

Publishing houses and printing plants responded to the reporters who contacted the reporter’s publisher. The staff of the publisher of the textbook replied that many parents have received feedback. “Some problems may occur when there is a problem over there.” It is recommended that reporters contact the printing factory for replacement.


Mr. Huang, a staff member of Guangzhou Suicai Printing Co., Ltd., who is printing the textbook odor, said that the number of textbooks involved in this time has received many schools and parents. Free replacement of Mr. Huang: It can be said that the materials we use are all in line with environmental protection requirements, because the specific reason is now investigating, including the Education Bureau and the Education Institute. Come over. The Guangzhou Education Bureau responded: In response, the Guangzhou Education Bureau responded on the evening of September 3 that some parents had learned the relevant situation of some parents reflected in the third and fourth grades of English textbooks in elementary schools. This set of textbooks were reviewed by the Ministry of Education for approval The national curriculum standard primary school English textbooks are used for primary school students in Guangzhou. The procurement and distribution of textbooks is organized by the provincial Xinhua Bookstore, and the textbook is printed by the Education Science Press directly under the Ministry of Education.

The Guangzhou Education Bureau learned about the relevant situation for the first time, and immediately contacted the publisher (Education Science Press) and publishers (Guangzhou Xinhua Bookstore) of the textbooks immediately. On the afternoon of September 4, the relevant responsible comrades of the Education Science Press were interviewed, and the publisher was instructed to properly handle the follow -up related matters.


The cause of “textbook odor” is initially found


According to the relevant person in charge of the Education Science Press, after receiving the notice from the Guangzhou Education Bureau, the publisher immediately sent staff to Guangzhou to verify the relevant situation and make an emergency treatment. This set of textbooks are printed by Guangzhou Suicai Printing Co., Ltd. and have green printing qualifications. The ink used by this batch of textbooks meet environmental protection standards.


Publishing House will extract the same batch of textbooks in Guangzhou Suicai Limit Co., Ltd. in the first time (third grade: August 1st edition in August 2012, 10th printing in June 2021; 4th grade: July 2013, 1st 2013 Version, 9th printing in June 2021) was sent to an authoritative quality supervision and testing agency for testing. The test conclusion was “all project detection results meet the standards HJ2503-2011. Requirements for printing). According to preliminary judgments, the reason for the texture of the textbook is caused by the printing and packaging of the textbook. The operation errors during the printing process, the oil seal is too heavy, resulting in excessive taste.


Publishing houses and printing plants promise to replace all batch of English textbooks in primary school third and fourth grades first, and then recycle. On September 4, some schools have begun to be replaced, and all schools will be replaced on September 7 to minimize the impact on teachers and students. At the same time, the publisher urgently contacts the original digital textbooks of the Guangdong Jiao Cloud Platform to facilitate teachers and students to prepare lessons and previews.

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