Xiaokang said medicine: It is dry in winter, can it be improved by taking Banlangen granules?


In winter, because the weather becomes dry, for some reason, people’s desire to drink water will decline. Often when it feels thirsty, I think of drinking water. After a period of time People will have dry -mouth drying and become more eager to drink water, but drinking water often does not relieve the symptoms of oral and pharyngeal dryness. How is this going?


In fact, because of the dry climate and diet, people also become easier to get angry in winter, which occurs. Generally speaking, drinking more water for more than a few days can be improved, but for some people with heavy heat, it may need to be used for conditioning. We know that Banlangen granules are a type of proprietary Chinese medicine for clearing heat and detoxifying. Can it be used to improve this situation? Here, a well -off -well -off and related information have a detailed understanding of everyone.

1. Basic information of Banlangen granules

General name: Banlangen Granules

Commodity name: Yunfeng



Banlangen granules have the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, cooling blood and throat. It is suitable for throat swelling and pain, oral and pharyngeal dryness caused by the flourishing of the lung and stomach;

The lung and stomach are hot and strong. Most of them are heating evil or yin -shaped yin deficiency, making human functional activity hyperthyroidism and then manifestation of symptoms. It is generally believed that lung and stomach heat are the evils of the external sensation; the cold evil turns the heat into the inside; In addition to drying and drying, there may also be manifestations such as rash and urine yellow stool.

Second, the pharmacological effect of Banlangen granules

The main component of Banlangen granules is Banlangen.

Banlangen, the section of the medicine is the dry roots of the Cross Flower Plants. Banlangen is a two -year -old herbaceous plant. It is warm but cold -resistant. It has the effects of clearing heat and detoxifying, preventing colds, and throat. Clinically, it is mainly used to treat diseases such as warm poisonous hair spots, tongue purple, and rotten throat. Modern studies have shown that Banlangen also has the effects of anti -pathogenic microorganism, lowering blood pressure, and inhibitory platelet condensation.

Third, the appropriate/contraindication crowd of Banlangen granules

1. Suitable


People with hot lungs and stomachs;

Patients with acute tonsillitis;

Cold patients.

2. Taboo crowd

Allergic to any ingredients in Banlangen particles;

People who are taking nourishing Chinese medicine.


Fourth, common medication questions answers

Can pregnant women take Banlangen granules? what should I be aware of?

At present, there is no study that it has impact on the pregnant woman or the fetus, so it can be taken, but the medication should be taken under the guidance of a doctor. During the medication, you should avoid smoke, spicy, fishy, ​​cold food. If the symptoms have not improved after 3 days of medicine, they should be treated in time.

5. Well -off warm reminder

For those who are dry and dry, we must pay attention to the supplement of water in daily life, and exercise appropriately to promote the metabolism of the body’s detoxification to improve the body’s immunity.