The wife was derailed and she had been in bed in person, and Nakamura also exposed her new relationship to get out of her affection.


The Japanese actor Nakamura Muraki was also exposed in love with the swimsuit model Mori Mori Mori. This is also the first time he was exposed for 4 years after divorcing his divorce in Morning Girls, a former Morning Girl Group in 2013, seemed to be in love. Emotional life.


According to relevant sources, Nakamura Yoshimura also met with her new girlfriend Mori Mori Mori Mori Mori Mori Mori, and met the variety show this spring. Nakamura completely seal her feelings after divorce and focused on performing arts. Mori Hiroshi officially started the swimsuit model from Nagoya last year. The two were often witnessed and appeared together in family restaurants and barbecue restaurants to dinner and dating, and their love was quite “civilians.”

Nakamura Chang and the failed marriage of the former Morning Girl group, Yokou Mori, was once a household name. The two got married in 2011, and the height difference between 47.5 cm made them the focus of attention. After getting married, the two often disclosed the sweetness of double photos. However, in 2013, Yokou Maki and male models were private at home. The Japanese media shook out of the fierce material and exposed the repeated derailment of Yaguchi since the marriage, and had hooked up four men. The marriage of the two finally went to the end.